The New 52
The New 52


August 2011

The New 52 was an event where DC Comics cancelled all of their ongoing series and rebooted their entire comic book line with 52 titles, each starting with issue #1. It combined the DC Universe with both the WildStorm and Vertigo imprints. The first issue that was released during the event was Justice League #1 in September 2011. These series started with 52 series, now referred to as the First Wave. These were followed up by the cancellation of 6 titles and replaced by a Second Wave, another cancellation of 4 titles replaced by the Third Wave, and a cancellation of 6 more titles replaced by the Forth Wave. The New 52 titles are broken up into seven different families.


Superman FamilyEdit

Batman FamilyEdit

First Wave

Second WaveEdit

Third WaveEdit

Green Lantern FamilyEdit

Justice League FamilyEdit

Young Justice FamilyEdit

The Edge FamilyEdit

First WaveEdit

Second WaveEdit

  • G.I. Combat

Third WaveEdit

  • Team 7

Fourth WaveEdit

  • Threshold

Later TitlesEdit

  • The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires
  • The Movement

The Dark FamilyEdit