Teen Titans

Teen Titans 2
Official Team Name
Teen Titans
Team Aliases
Base of Operations
Manhattan, New York
Team Leader(s)
Former Members
Danny the Street
N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Harvest
A group of teen heroes came together to help rescue imprisoned metahuman teenagers.
Place of Formation
Manhattan, New York


It's Our Right to Fight

Teen Titans It's Our Right to Fight

Kid Flash made his debut trying to help out with a fire and after hearing that the fire marshal was trapped on a balcony and being unexperienced, he rushed in and caused an explosion and was left unconscious. Tim Drake was worried about teen metahumans disappearing and suddenly Templar broke into his penthouse with other members of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and told him he would get clemency as long as he joined them. However, Tim was ready for them and had rigged the penthouse to explode and he escaped by leaping off the balcony and opening his wings to escape to safety. Cassie Sandsmark had stolen a car and was pulled over by a cop, who didn't buy her sob story and lifted her up by her throat. Red Robin arrived and knocked the cop unconscious, and then revealed that he knew Cassie was Wonder Girl and that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was after her. Cassie was forced to reveal herself when a chopper began firing at them and she took it down. Kid Flash was taken by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. after the fire accident and he talked to his cell mate Danny. Cassie took Red Robin to her house and let him sleep on her couch.

Red Robin was watching a witness's account on the attack of an insect-human creature called Skitter and decided to visit her. He told the witness, Claudia Patterson, that he had figured out she was covering for her twin sister Celine, who was Skitter. Red Robin wants to help her but she has already told some government agents, who are really agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Red Robin went to the sewers where he took out one of the thugs and was surprised when the thug's brother teleported out of his brother's body. However, a third brother had found Skitter and both of the others teleported away. Skitter subdued the brothers and would have defeated Red Robin if Cassie hadn't arrived to save him and knock Skitter unconscious. Cassie decided to leave even after Red Robin's warnings.

In the Badlands, Miguel Barrigan snuck onto a train and found a giant coccoon on the ceiling along with an old hobo in the car. In a Los Angeles hospital, Cassie Sandsmark disguised herself as a nurse to see Maurice Boviere, one of three brothers that made up Thrice. The other brothers were in Seattle and San Diego so that they could not teleport through each other. Cassie threatened that he would be hurt if he didn't reveal everything he knew about N.O.W.H.E.R.E. On the train, the hobo had figured out Miguel was running away and so he revealed that he was really the metahuman Bunker. The hobo revealed himself to be Red Robin in disguise and attacked, believing Bunker was an agent working for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. However, Bunker stopped his attack when he realized the stranger was Red Robin and told him that he had come to America to join forces with him. The train stopped, and they found a village full of people under mind control. Red Robin left Bunker to protect the coccoon to investigate a radio tower, where he found the source. Before he could blow the box, Detritus, a humanoid scrap pile, introduced himself and explained his mission was to wipe out humanity. Rather than fight, Detritus erased Red Robin's memories of their encounter and returned him to the train so that he could continue on his journey. While Red Robin was gone, the coccoon had hatched and Celine Patterson had emerged in her human form.

Kid Flash decided to finally make his escape and hit a guard with his ball and chain. He went to free Danny but found his cell empty. He was going to leave when he saw Solstice, screaming for help, and he decided to free her. Kid Flash wrapped Solstice in a fire hose, took out the guards and used his super-speed to solve the four-digit security code and opened the door to escape. Outside, Bart figured out they were in Antarctica and he lost traction in the snow and fell off a cliff. Luckily, Solstice could fly but she crashed into the snow after losing concentration due to Bart's rapid-speed thoughts and questions. Suddenly, they found themselves in a street. In New York, Cassie Sandsmark was running from Superboy, who was going to capture her for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In Red Robin's penthouse, the teen metahumans were talking when the doorbell rang and when they answered it they found Kid Flash and Solstice in a street and let them in. This was confusing since they were on the thirtieth floor, though Red Robin brushed it off. Cassie attacked Superboy in the middle of Times Square. Celine Patterson saw the fight on TV and told the others and Red Robin warned that if they went out as a team, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. would target them for death. However, despite this, the teens decided to fight and they all went out to stop Superboy and help Cassie as the Teen Titans. However, they weren't prepared for Superboy's tactile telekinesis and were all thrown back. Kid Flash rushed forward and rapidly punched Superboy and then Superboy used his telekinesis to force Kid Flash faster than his body could handle. In order to save Kid Flash, Cassie kicked him and Solstice went after him to catch him and had to cut a ship in half to save the passengers and Kid Flash. Bunker went after Superboy and Superboy told the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents there were more teens than they warned him about, though Templar didn't feel it was necesary to send backup and Superboy was able to defeat Bunker. Red Robin took his turn and distracted him with psychology by telling him how N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was controlling him and that he could change. This tactic worked and he defeated Superboy but not for long as Superboy used his powers to make the synaptic relays in Red Robin's suit all fire at once, taking him down. Cassie used her indestructible lasso to wrap it around Superboy and he then dragged her in front of a subway train and left her unconscious. Solstice confronted Superboy and warned him that if he stood by and let N.O.W.H.E.R.E. continue its actions, the blood would be on his hands. He then knocked her unconscious. Superboy then left the Teen Titans and knocked the agent's van into the water and warned he would be back.

After their defeat at Superboy's hands, the Teen Titans woke in a flood of police light. Red Robin tried to explain that they were the good guys, but Detective Jocelyn Lure wouldn't hear it. However, Skitter arrived and trapped all the police in her webbing and when she turned her attention to the Teen Titans, Bunker stepped forward and was able to get through to her. Kid Flash was in danger from his attack of Superboy and so Red Robin went to S.T.A.R. Labs to ask Virgil Hawkins for help. Grymm, a villain incarcerated in the Lab, sensed the presence of the Teen Titans and realized he could use his mind-control on Skitter. Cassie Sandsmark was talking to Bunker about leaving and he tried to convince her to stay, also revealing that he was gay, then he noticed that Skitter was gone. Virgil performed tests on Kid Flash and had an idea to adjust and contain Bart's speed with some of the advanced technology available in the facility. Cassie and Bunker found Skitter under Grymm's control and when Cassie tried to lasso him, he merely sent her anger back at her and then incapacitated the heroes' bodies with a toxin. However, since Bunker's powers are psionic and used them to knock Grymm unconscious and then they all returned to the others. Virgil gave Kid Flash a new uniform that would keep his molecules aligned and then the team returned home to prepare for war.

Red Robin was having Kid Flash test out his speed and a street appeared out of nowhere. Red Robin explained that it was Danny the Street, who was warning them that Superboy was in trouble. Red Robin tried to convince the Teen Titans to help Superboy and when they refused he decided to go alone. Wonder Girl decided to go after him and was followed by the others. However, those that had gone in at different times were all separated by Danny's powers and sent to different spots. Kid Flash freed Superboy just in time to stop Centerhall from dismantling him. Wonder Girl hid and knocked out Rose Wilson and was then faced by Zaniel Templar, who attacked with his monstrous abilities. Red Robin hacked into the complex's records and began downloading them and was confronted by Solstice who wondered why he wasn't helping the others. Wonder Girl explained that she had nothing to do with Wonder Woman and that her lariat drains peoples lives and used it on Templar to defeat him. Red Robin explained that he was getting information about the kids that were kidnapped and Solstice was upset that he hadn't acted earlier when he had known about them. The Teen Titans were about to escape through Danny when Harvest, creator of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., arrived.

The Culling

Teen Titans The Culling

Harvest had Omen torture the Teen Titans, starting with Red Robin and morphing his body into a bird. The others began fighting among themselves and Solstice warned that they must work together and that the only way past Omen was death. Omen returned Red Robin to his original form and he tried to convincer her to fight against Harvest, but she believed in what Harvest was doing. Omen began working on Cassie and discovered that her powers came from her invisible armor and that she was afraid of the armor controlling her, that she had only taken the armor to save someone she loved. Red Robin found himself strapped to a table and realized that Omen could only attack one person at a time, Harvest appeared and told him that he had gone after him because of his intuitiveness and Red Robin was given a new suit. Omen attacked Skitter next and separated the insect persona from Celine, who warned that the Earth's fate depended on her being reunited with Skitter. Cassie found herself strapped to a table beside Skitter, to weak to break her bonds. Red Robin had gotten free and told Cassie she must stay there and he left to go after Omen. Omen attacked Kid Flash and Omen was surprised to find that someone had woven a tapestry over Bart's mind and then took off his suit to learn more. Kid Flash severed the link and ran off with Bunker and Solstice and was faced by Harvest's army who shot Bunker and Solstice and then he awoke to find himself strapped to a table next to Cassie, who had broken her bonds and then freed Bart. Red Robin went after Omen and demanded that she release Bunker and she told him that they would fail and Red Robin replied that he would stop at nothing to defeat Harvest and used his wings to kill Omen. Red Robin again woke on the table with the others and realized that everything was an illusion. Harvest told him that if he could push Red Robin, their leader, to kill that the others would follow and then had Leash take the Teen Titans to the Colony.

Red Robin woke up with a spear at his throat by a girl calling herself Artemis and she introduced her friends Thunder and Lightening. Red Robin jumped up and disarmed Artemis and explained that he had no intentions to kill them and that if he did they would have been dead already. Artemis explained that they were being prepared for The Culling, where Harvest would pit all of the metahumans against each other in The Crucible. The teens came across Fist Point who tried to demand a toll for crossing his turf and so Artemis knocked him down and warned him not to cross her again. Red Robin reunited with the rest of the Teen Titans and Solstice convinced Superboy to join them. Leash arrived and grabbed the Titans, except for replacing Skitter with Lightning, and took them to The Crucible. The Titans found themselves faced with the Legion of Super-Heroes and both teams thought the other to be enemies and began attacking each other. When Leash brought other teens to The Crucible, he manipulated them into wanting to kill and so the Titans and Legionnaires realized they were on the same side and decided to prevent the others from killing each other. Red Robin noticed that even under the influence of Leash's powers Artemis wasn't trying to kill; however, Fist Point arrived and killed Artemis to Red Robin's dismay. The teens were finally able to stop the killing and Harvest then sent his Ravagers to kill the rest. Superboy identified Warblade and rammed into him separating him from the rest and Tyroc sent Dawnstar after them. Rose Wilson attacked Red Robin and Tyroc warned him so that he could evade her blade. Red Robin knocked Rose aside and Wildfire nearly dropped Ridge on top of them. Rose warned Red Robin to join them or die and when he refused she stabbed her sword down but Kid Flash whisked him away and Timber Wolf attacked Rose. Red Robin then sent Kid Flash to collect the other kids and search for Skitter since she was missing. Kid Flash was searching for Skitter and was having no luck when he was attacked by Timber Wolf, who wondered how he got to this time period and blamed him for causing many deaths. Tellus stopped Timber Wolf and apologized for his actions and told Bart to worry about the future and not the past. The teens were finally able to defeat the Ravagers and then Harvest arrived. Tellus connected the teens telepathically so that they could form a plan. Dawnstar, Chameleon Girl, Gates and Bunker were tasked with taking the other teens to safety and finding a way out. Chameleon Girl decided to attack Harvest and was defeated, and Harvest revealed that he knew her real name. Timber Wolf, Wildfire, and Kid Flash were also unsuccessful in attacking. Red Robin suggested telepathically that they attack from all sides and Harvest revealed that he could hear their conversation. Thunder and Lightning found Caitlin Fairchild, who had come bace for the teens, and then Rose attacked Caitlin. Bunker and Gates realized that they were missing and went back for them and Gates discovered a Time Bubble. Gates then teleported the teens away from Caitlin and Rose as Ridge arrived and knocked out Rose and joined with Caitlin. Harvest told the Titans and Legionnaires that he had come from the future to form the Ravagers and save the future. Wildfire decided to attack Harvest and took off his suit so that all his energy blasted Harvest. However, this didn't work and Harvest forced Wildfire back into his containment suit. They all formed a new plan and the Titans all attacked Harvest so that the Legionnaires could go after the central energy supply and sabotage it. Bunker and Dawnstar continued to look for a way out and noticed that Skitter was still missing and now Gates was as well. Caitlin and Ridge joined the teens and they escaped in capsules as Rose and Warblade followed. Harvest told them all that letting the children escape was part of his plan as it would make the public panic and cause the existence of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to become necessary. As the complex began falling down on them Harvest escaped and the Titans all grouped together so that Superboy could form wall of stone around them and Wonder Girl used her lasso to drag them all downwards, away from the blast.

The Mysterious Island

Kid Flash has awakened after escaping The Culling in a strange place: an island seemingly populated by prehistoric creatures. One of those creatures has decided that he might be nice to eat. Speeding to escape it, Bart manages to wrap his bird-like pursuer in vines. Grabbing Red Robin as he runs, Bart tries to explain what happened, though Tim reacts to the revelation that they are on an island of dinosaurs with disbelief. Elsewhere, Superboy and Wonder Girl find their way to a trap door which opens out into the daylight of Dinosaur Island, where the bird-like dinosaur that Bart encountered earlier is struggling to be free of its bonds. Cassie senses that the creature is more scared than savage, and she sets it free, smiling for the first time that Kon-El has ever seen. Clearly brooding about something, Tim decides to go off scouting on his own, leaving Bart, Solstice, and Bunker behind. Persistently, Miguel follows him, realizing that Tim needs someone to talk to. Tim tries to shake him off, but he slams into a wall of Miguel's creation. Miguel warns that Tim's indecisiveness about his leadership needs to resolve itself. The other Teen Titans rallied behind his banner, and he is responsible for them. He doesn't have the luxury of falling apart or walking away. Tim realizes his fault, but before he can explain, he is whisked away, and Miguel soon follows. The pair of them have been grabbed out of mid-air by Superboy and Cassie, who are extremely happy to see them both. Later, Tim, Miguel, Cassie, and Kon-El bathe in a waterfall together. Cassie and Kon-El are concerned about whether they ought to tell the others what they know about the island. They had arrived at night, thinking themselves the only survivors of The Culling, and then a trap door led them to the same beach, only upside-down and in the middle of the day. Elsewhere, Bart and Kiran race around together happily, and they begin to think about what it means to be free. Kiran had been trapped in N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s facility, where they corrupted her power from a blessing to a curse, but Bart disagrees. Despite the bad things that she was made to do, all of Harvest's corruption only extended to the surface. Inside, Kiran is more centred than anyone Bart has ever met. He, meanwhile, has begun to wonder if he really is from the future. He was recognized by the kids from the future in the Crucible. Through all their shared experiences, a romance has bloomed, and Bart and Kiran share a kiss. Meanwhile, Tim explains to Miguel that as he is responsible for the Teen Titans, he feels that the team has completed its mission, and that it is time to disband. Miguel tries to convince Tim that their experience with Harvest only served to prove that the world needs the Teen Titans noe more than ever. Tim, however, feels guilty about what happened to Danny the Street, for losing Celine, for letting Artemis get killed. Miguel points out that were it not for Tim's efforts, there would be many more teens dead. They are interrupted by Kon-El, who asks to speak to Tim privately. Kon-El thanks Tim for leading the Teen Titans in trying to rescue him, knowing full well that he would not have done the same for them. That said, he wants to know why Tim decided to do that. Tim offers a challenge: if Kon-El can't figure out why he was rescued within the next six months, Tim will explain it all to him. Relaxing in the water, Miguel asks God for a sign that things will be okay. Instead, a large creature leaps on him and sends him underwater. At the bottom of the pool, he discovers some bricks, and realizes that these are the remains of Danny the Street. After some effort, the Teen Titans manage to collect together all of the bricks. They spot a bottle floating nearby with a note in it, and Red Robin reads that it is a final message from Danny offering to make one last effort to get them all home. Tim tries to refuse, but Cassie reminds him that it's not his place to deny Danny his pride. Moments later, the Titans find themselves in an alley in New York. Elsewhere, Amanda Waller attends the autopsy of a 14 year old girl whose powers got her killed. Waller inwardly debates the ethics of dealing with super-powered teens in her usual way, and eventually decides to activate Operation: Meta Dead Stop.


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Transportation: None known.
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