Quote1 In the ancient stories of our kind... there is mention of a great warrior, a warrior king, who, during the Green's darkest hour, will beat back the forces of darkness and cause the Deadlands to blossom. A leader. The greatest protector the Green has known. It is our belief that the dark hour is upon the world, Dr. Holland. And that the leader spoken of in the ancient stories, is you. Quote2
-- Swamp Thing (Calbraith A.H. Rodgers)

Appearing in "When It Comes A'Knockin'"

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  • Louisianna

Synopsis for "When It Comes A'Knockin'"

Through a connection, the Swamp Thing shows Alec Holland his story. He was Calbraith A.H. Rodgers, a 22 year old pilot in the Royal Airforce. On May 3, 1942 he was shot down over a swamp in Germany. He had known what was coming, as he had a connection to the Green his whole life. He had become a pilot to escape the pull of the Green. When he went down and was about to die, the Green came for him and made him the Swamp Thing, protector of the Green. He served the Green until he took his place among the Parliament of Trees and hadn't moved until this day.

Swamp Thing has come to Alec to deliver a message, but Alec wants to be left alone and wants nothing more to do with the Green. He offers Alec a deal, that if he still wants to be left alone after he hears Swamp Thing's message, he will never be bothered by the Green again. Alec agrees to this and takes Swamp Thing's hand.

The Swamp Thing shows Alec the creature called Sethe, a force of rot and decay. Sethe is the enemy that Swamp Thing was born to defend the Green against. The monster is gathering his army and only a Swamp Thing can fight him. He warns Alec that the monster is most likely aware of Alec and has probably sent envoys to kill him. Swamp Thing explains that the reason Alec has been targeted is for his connection to the Green. The Parliament believes that Alec is destined to be a great leader, the one to defeat the dark being. Alec insists that he has already been Swamp Thing and that he was no hero. Swamp Thing explains that those memories were not his, that since he had died he was unable to become Swamp Thing because his body was destroyed and the Green couldn't connect with him. The Parliament decided to try to replicate Alec's consciousness instead of trying to find someone new, since he had so much promise. Alec notices that Swamp Thing is weakening, and Swamp Thing explains that upon leaving the Parliament means death to his kind. He tells Alec he must make his own decision whether to become the next Swamp Thing. As he dies, Swamp Thing makes a last request, that Alec stay away from the white-haired woman he sees in his dreams.

Alec returns to his hotel room and Ms. Channar, the proprietress, reminds him that his next week's payment will be due if he decides to stay longer. After he leaves, flies swarm in and surround Ms. Channer. While Alec is changing, Ms. Channar knocks at his door and when he answers it she is possessed and tries to kill him using an axe. He runs out and finds the other people all possessed and he jumps out a window. Ms. Channar is about to strike when a woman on a motorcylce shoots her with a shotgun and tells Alec to get on. Once they outrun their pursuers, Alec demands her to stop and asks who she is. She pulls off her helmet and reveals that she is Abigail Arcane and then points the gun at Alec.


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