Quote1 I know that my father, he was telling the truth. Because plants can scream... For me, they're screaming all the time. Quote2
-- Alec Holland

Appearing in "Raise Dem Bones"

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Synopsis for "Raise Dem Bones"

In Metropolis, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Perry White watch as birds die in mid-air. In the Batcave, bats die as Batman watches on. Also, Aquaman is surrounded by dead fish in the ocean.

In Louisiana, Alec Holland is working as a contruction worker. His coworker, Paul, thanks him for suggesting that he wrap his hurt knee in cabbage. He wonders how Alec knew this would work, but Holland can't reveal his connection to plants.

In Northwestern Arizona, a strong wind carries the bones of a mammoth away from an excavation site in a tornado.

Alec had been a botanist and was working on a bio-restorative formula that helped plants grow anywhere. However, when there was an explosion in the laboratory he was killed and his life changed. Six weeks ago, he woke up alive in a swamp with memories of being a monster. While he is pondering over these events, Superman arrives and asks Alec what he knows of the strange natural disturbances that occured two days ago. Alec says he already knows of these situations and doesn't think there is anything to worry about. Superman also admits he has come to check on Alec to see how he is adjusting to normal life. Alec explains that he isn't his old self and that he has odd memories and feelings. He explains that he made a new batch of the formula he had worked on before but after having vision of the world covered in green he destroyed it. He tells Superman that he appreciates him coming down but that truthfully he doesn't want to be found.

In Arizona, three paleontologists find that the bones they had discovered are all missing. Gil believes they were stolen by other scientists that knew about the find. Suddenly, the reanimated bones come over the hill covered in flies. A fly goes in Gil's ear and he twists his neck around backwards and then pursues the other two. They try to escape in their jeep but the flies overcome them and the same thing happens and they are all possessed.

Alec has a nightmare of the incident when his formula exploded and he died in the swamp and reemerged as the Swamp Thing. When he wakes up, his room is covered in plants. He runs out of his house, grabbing a canister of his formula and is about to throw it into the swamp when he is told to stop by the Swamp Thing.


Pandora Swamp Thing
  • In a scene with Alec Holland and Paul working construction, the mysterious Pandora makes a cameo appearance. She appeared first in Flashpoint #5 and makes an appearance in every #1 issue of the New 52.


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