Real Name
Kalel (birth name), Calvin Ellis (legal name)
Current Alias
Jorel (father, deceased), Lara (mother, deceased), adoptive father, adoptive mother
Base Of Operations
White House
Marital Status
President of the United States

First Appearance
Action Comics Vol 2 9



Superman was born on Krypton to parents Jorel and Lara. Before Krypton was destroyed, his parents sent him into space inside of a prototype rocket. The rocket landed on Earth and was adopted and raised by poor parents.

The Curse of Superman

After defeating his long-time enemy, Lex Luthor, he discovers a device that activates and spits out three beings from another universe. One of them, Jimmy Olsen, dies and another, Clark, is on the verge of dying. The woman explains that they are running from a monster. This monster is the Superman from their universe, who they created from a machine that made thoughts reality. This "Superman" followed them across universes and killed each Superman they came across. Clark speaks and says it is the curse of Superman, that each universe has a Superman that is what they want it to be and that theirs created a monster. At that instant, the Superman monster comes through the device and attacks Superman. With the help of Lex Luthor, Superman defeats the monster. The Justice League arrives too late to help and the woman reveals that she is Lois Lane.


Qurac, the world's leading sponser of terrorism, has been building nuclear devices and threatened the United States. Superman handles this by destroying all but one of their five underground Firestorm labs with the help of Wonder Woman.


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