Kon-El (Superboy)
Real Name
Current Alias
Superman (genetic template)
Base Of Operations
Manhattan, New York
Marital Status

Created by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. as their ultimate weapon
Place of Birth
First Appearance
Superboy Vol 6 1



Superboy Incubation

Superboy was cloned from a mix of Superman and a human host's DNA. The doctors had been working on Superboy for 3 and a half months and finding no brain activity, all but Dr. Caitlyn Fairchild considered the project a failure and began to terminate him. However, Superboy broke out of his chamber and destroyed the lab, along with all those in it. Dr. Fairchild survived and went to Superboy to comfort him. Colonel Maudlin arrived with a team to contain Superboy, but he merely used his telekinesis to raise them in the air and dismantled their armor and weapons. Dr. Fairchild then grabbed Superboy and used some power to knock him unconscious. For a month, Superboy was put through scenarios in virtual reality. In this virtual reality, he went to hight school in Kansas and met a Rose Wilson, who was immediately enamored with him. He would walk right past a burning building with a screaming woman without giving it a second thought and this concerned Dr. Caitlyn Fairchild. Zaniel Templar arrived to take Superboy on a mission, unconcerned with him being unready since he wanted Superboy to deal with his Teen Titans "problem." Superboy was to work with the real Rose Wilson to secure PEN 51, an alien criminal holding facility belonging to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. that had been breached (which Zaniel was behind in the first place). Superboy found that three inmates, looking like shark men, were the only living beings left and they immediately attacked the pair. Superboy became overwhelmed and was knocked unconscious while Rose killed one of the shark men that attacked her. Superboy's tactile telekinesis kicked in and everything around him began collapsing in on itself and Rose was forced to escape as everything exploded around her. Superboy created a huge hole all the way to molten lava and learned that for his powers to work, he had to will it as he burned his hand on a molten rock but landed in lava unharmed. With this knowledge, Superboy was able to fly out of the hole and out to freedom. Superboy broke through the ground, interrupting a couple of lovers and the boyfriend hit him with a tire iron, causing a lot of pain since he didn't see it coming. Afterwards, the boyfriend hid while Superboy offered to take the girl home, but his speed caused her to get sick and made her angry. Suddenly, Superboy was attacked by a strange being who thought he had come to take her back to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. She detects that Superboy is both Kryptonian as well as human, surprising him and revealing that everyone had been lying to him. However, after telling him this, the being screamed and melted leaving Superboy unsure if he had been the cause of her death. Superboy returned to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to confront Dr. Fairchild and she revealed herself to have superhuman strength when she pinned him against the wall. She revealed that she was one of 13 like her and that she had been hiding among N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and also she is imperveous to his telekinesis. However, Superboy made the ceiling fall on top of her, knocking her unconscious. Centerhall arrived and took her away and told Superboy that he had no idea who his human donor was, but told him that he was free to go or come back at any time.

A week later, carolers sang to Superboy and he used his telekinesis to throw them aside, annoyed. Also, while puzzling over people's choice of faith, he burned down a Christmas tree. Two teenaged metahumans sat at a restaurant, where the female used her powers to burn all but the band. The teens hurled one of the band members out of a window for fun and were disappointed when he was caught by Superboy. The male stretched his hand and wrapped it around Superboy and the female tried to use her pyro powers against him but had them turned against her. Superboy turned them over to Centerhall and decided to join N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to take down Wonder Girl and the Teen Titans. After undergoing testing, Superboy headed to bed. Centerhall and a man named Batus were transporting Dr. Fairchild to The Colony when a disguised Superboy crashed it and rescued her and then gave her over to a mysterious helper. Suspicious that Superboy was involved, Zaniel barged into his room but found that he was still there.

In New York, Cassie Sandsmark was running from Superboy, who was going to capture her for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Cassie attacked Superboy in the middle of Times Square. The Teen Titans arrived to help Cassie but weren't prepared for Superboy's tactile telekinesis and were all thrown back. Kid Flash rushed forward and rapidly punched Superboy and then Superboy used his telekinesis to force Kid Flash faster than his body could handle. In order to save Kid Flash, Cassie kicked him and Solstice went after him to catch him. Bunker went after Superboy and Superboy told the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents there were more teens than they warned him about, though Templar didn't feel it was necesary to send backup and Superboy was able to defeat Bunker. Red Robin took his turn and distracted him with psychology by telling him how N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was controlling him and that he could change. This tactic worked and he defeated Superboy but not for long as Superboy used his powers to make the synaptic relays in Red Robin's suit all fire at once, taking him down. Cassie used her indestructible lasso to wrap it around Superboy and he then dragged her in front of a subway train and left her unconscious. Solstice confronted Superboy and warned him that if he stood by and let N.O.W.H.E.R.E. continue its actions, the blood would be on his hands. He then knocked her unconscious. Superboy then left the Teen Titans and knocked the agent's van into the water and warned he would be back for their leader.

After kicking the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. truck in the river, Superboy flew off to sit on top of a bridge with newfound feelings of regret and guilt. Supergirl arrived, currious about finding another being with the symbol of the House of El, though Superboy didn't understand her Kryptonese. When Supergirl made contact, Superboy saw clones fighting on Krypton and he gained an understanding of Kryptonese. However, after revealing that he was a clone, Supergirl became distressed calling him Kon-El and then she began to fight him. Superboy was confused and Supergirl explained that the clones on Krypton became mindless killing machines and that would also be his fate. She explained that Kon-El ment abomination of the House of El and then she flew off. Superboy decided to go after Templar and upon arriving at the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. base and ripping the door off, he was confronted by Rose Wilson. Superboy punched her aside and kept on going, defeating Centerhall and his men. Suddenly, a street appeared before Superboy with signs warning him not to continue and then it disappeared. Superboy found the lab where he was created and found out that he was the second clone they had created. Superboy was surprised when Rose came out of nowhere and kicked him and shot him. However, this didn't kill him and Rose told him that it was her plan to make him overconfident and then she threw her sword which went through his stomach and out his back.


Teen Titans The Culling

Superboy awoke chained up in a lab and unable to use his powers. Considering Superboy a failure and a liability, Templar gave Centerhall the go ahead to dissect him and learn what they could from his insides. Kid Flash arrived and freed Superboy just in time to stop Centerhall from dismantling him. The Teen Titans and Superboy were about to escape through Danny the Street when Harvest, creator of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., arrived. After being caught, Superboy was forced to fight a metahuman named Grunge that had the power to assume the properties of things that he touched, though after help from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. he no longer needed to touch things. Superboy was unable to use his telekinesis on Grunge and the fight seemed hopeless until he notice that Grunge had been given implants that made it possible to use his powers without touching different objects and so he used his telekinesis to rip them out and defeat Grunge, also losing consciousness. Harvest then sent Superboy to The Colony with the Teen Titans.

Solstice convinced Superboy to join the Teen Titans and he was worried about being accepted. The Titans found themselves faced with the Legionnaires and both teams thought the other to be enemies and began attacking each other. When Leash brought other teens to The Crucible, he manipulated them into wanting to kill and so the Titans and Legionnaires realized they were on the same side and decided to prevent the others from killing each other. The teens able to stop the killing and Harvest then sent his Ravagers to kill the rest. Superboy identified Warblade and rammed into him separating him from the rest. Superboy dived with Warblade into the lava and it failed to hurt him. Dawnstar saved Superboy by grabbing Warblade and then dropping him from up high. Warblade knocked Dawnstar to the ground by flinging icy rocks at her and was about to slash her throat when Superboy grabbed him and crashed into rocks. Superboy was stopped from further attacking Warblade by Hunter Bryce, who was angry at Superboy for ruining his life. Warblade then killed Hunter, showing Superboy how easy it was, and then Dawnstar knocked him out with a rock. The teens were finally able to defeat the Ravagers and then Harvest arrived. Tellus connected the teens telepathically so that they could form a plan. Dawnstar, Chameleon Girl, Gates and Bunker were tasked with taking the other teens to safety and finding a way out. Chameleon Girl decided to attack Harvest and was defeated, and Harvest revealed that he knew her real name. Timber Wolf, Wildfire, and Kid Flash were also unsuccessful in attacking. Red Robin suggested telepathically that they attack from all sides and Harvest revealed that he could hear their conversation and also that he had been behind the Legionnaires coming to that time. Wildfire decided to attack Harvest and took off his suit so that all his energy blasted Harvest. However, this didn't work and Harvest forced Wildfire back into his containment suit. They all formed a new plan and the Titans all attacked Harvest so that the Legionnaires could go after the central energy supply. Harvest told them all that letting the children escape was part of his plan as it would make the public panic and cause the existence of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to become necessary. As the complex began falling down on them Harvest escaped and the Titans all grouped together so that Superboy could form wall of stone around them and Wonder Girl used her lasso to drag them all downwards, away from the blast.




Containment Suit: Superboy wears a special suit designed to help him control his TTK powers. The suit also repairs itself on its own and holds together any wounds Superboy receives until his body repairs them on its own.


He seems to have feelings for Cassandra Sandsmark, as he tried to kiss her