General Sam Lane

General Lane
Real Name
Samuel Lane
Current Alias
General Sam Lane
Lois Lane (daughter)

First Appearance
Adventures of Superman #424


United States General

Samuel "Sam" Lane is a General in the United States Military and father of Lois Lane. He became concerned with Superman's growing powers and hired Lex Luthor as a consultant to capture him. He did not seem to care how he did it until his daughter was put in danger, even thought Superman was captured.

While Superman was being tortured in a government facility, General Lane conducted tests on Superman's cape, which proved to be indestructible. He was interrupted when a soldier informed him that his daughter has come to visit. Lois tried to convince him that Superman was good but he wouldn't admit that they had Superman and assured her that even if they did, he would be safe.

When the Collector of Worlds attacked and took a section of Metropolis for the Collection, Lois was trapped inside and General Lane turned to Superman for help.


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