Robin Damian
Real Name
Damian Wayne
Current Alias
Bruce Wayne (father), Talia al Ghul (mother), Thomas Wayne (paternal grandfather, deceased), Martha Wayne (paternal grandmother, deceased), Ra's al Ghul (maternal grandfather)
Team Affiliations
Batman Incorporated; formerly League of Assassins
Base Of Operations
Gotham City
Marital Status

Abilities and Weaknesses
Martial Arts
First Appearance
Batman and Robin (Volume 2) 1


Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. He was scientifically engineered by Talia to become an assassin. Damian was brought up in the League of Assassins and was trained by his mother, beginning his training at three years of age. When Damian was 5, he asked who his father was and Talia said she would tell him when he could defeat her on their yearly matches on his birthday. He finally succeeded on his tenth birthday and learned he was the son of Batman. He was later taken in by Batman and became the fourth Robin.

Born to Kill

Batman and Robin Born to Kill

On the anniversary of his parents death, Bruce Wayne told Damian about his parents death and had decided that he would now put the past behind him. Alfred alerted them about a situation at Gotham University and Batman and Robin found men collecting irradiated fuel rods. Robin lept into action, followed by Batman, and Robin (against orders) took off after some men that escaped. The men steal the Gyro and after Robin's actions caused the men to shoot and ignite the irradiated fuel. Batman blasted a hole in a ceiling and the water from a pool filled the reactor, containing the situation and afterwards Batman chastised Robin for not thinking of the consequences of his actions. Another night, Batman and Robin intercepted a weapons shipment and Batman was proud of Robin's restraint. Bruce bought a Great Dane for Damian, but Damian showed little interest in the dog. Batman had been on alert after a meeting with a man named Morgan and he had Robin stay home on nightly rounds. However, on the third night of this, Robin decided to go out on his own and he took down some thugs with brutality. A man calling himself NoBody tells Robin to finish them off and tells him that Batman is holding him back. NoBody killed the thugs and revealed he knew Damian's name. Damian attacked but was immobilized; then Batman arrived and attacked NoBody, who was Morgan. Morgan used ultrasonic waves to incapacitate Batman, who ended up hit by a car. Batman and Robin come to, strapped to a truck, and are forced to watch a film highlighting the insanity they have to fight over and over again. NoBody believes criminals should be killed so they can't commit more crimes, and when Batman refuses to see his ways, NoBody prepares to kill them. Batman had activated a tracking device and Alfred used a remote Batplane to open fire on NoBody, allowing Batman and Robin to escape. In the Batcave, Bruce told Damian that Morgan is the son of Henri Ducard, one of the six men that trained him. While visiting the Wayne's graves, Damian named his dog Titus and NoBody told Damian he would teach him his ways and Damian agreed. Damian and NoBody attacked an embassy involved in human trafficking and NoBody told Damian to prove himself by shooting the ambassador. However, when Damian pulled the trigger he found it wasn't loaded and NoBody explained that it was all a test. They took the ambassador to a safe-house for questioning and he told Damian that Bruce once came close to killing him. When NoBody began dunking the ambassador in acid, Damian activated his G.P.S. and attacked, revealing that he was playing NoBody all along. NoBody began beating Robin and Batman barely arrived in time to save him. Batman beat NoBody in rage and nearly decided to kill him by dunking him in acid and when NoBody threatened that he would return to kill them, Damian killed him. Damian collapsed and Batman took him to the Batcave to heal. When Damian recovered, Batman explained why he didn't kill and Damian decided to make amends. Needing time to recover, Bruce and Damian took time to have some father and son time.

Night of the Owls

While looking for something in the sewers, Robin received the call from Alfred about the attack of the Talons and Alfred assigned Robin the task of protecting Major General Benjamin Burrows, who was located in the Gotham Barrens. Using a jetpack he arrived at Burrows’ outpost just in time to witness a Talon killing the soldiers. Bullets did nothing to stop the Talon so Robin took Burrows on his jetpack. However, the Talon jumped and grabbed Robin’s jetpack, causing them to crash and break Burrows’ leg. They met the ground troops and Robin gave orders and had the soldiers form a formation around the General and fire off rounds at the Talon. As they ran out of ammo they charged with bayonets and the Talon still got through. The Talon told Burrows he was the last heir of a plot of land wanted by the Court and sole survivor of the Wilkin’s line that he had been sent to kill during the Revolutionary War. Robin shot a grappling hook through the Talon’s head and out his eye and then hung him from a tree. The Talon, still alive, threatened Burrows’ death and Robin chopped his head off with the Talon’s sword.


Bruce Wayne gathered with Alfred, Damian, Tim and Dick for a family portrait sitting but it ended with an argument between Tim and Damian about who was the better Robin. That night, Damian gathered all the past Robins and warned that he would defeat each of them and take something personal to prove he was the best Robin. Later that night, Tim returned to the Batcave to inform Batman; however, Damian anticipated this and showed Tim footage from Artemis’ murder and Tim’s vengeance on the killer. They fought and Damian pushed Tim into admitting that he thought about killing the man, showing that the two were not completely different. The next night, when Jason Todd returned to his safe house, he found a crowbar left by Damian that reminded him of being beat to a pulp by Joker. Damian taunted him that while Jason was good at getting hit, he was good at doing the hitting. They fought and Damian stole Jason’s Red Hood. A man calling himself Terminus had men brand people all over Gotham with the Bat symbol and Batman and Robin were summoned by Commissioner Gordon to help. Terminus then detonated explosives that blew Bat symbols on many of Gotham’s buildings. Robin took on Terminus’ followers as Batman went after Terminus himself. He was joined by Nightwing, Red Robin, and Red Hood and they made short work of the goons. Batman saved Gotham from a warhead that was shot toward Gotham as Terminus’ timer ran out. Terminus watched his plan get defeated as he died. After the battle, Nightwing gave Damian one of his escrima sticks and told him he didn’t need to try so hard to prove himself as he was already wearing the R.

Death of the Family

When Joker finally showed up after a year of absence, Damian was skeptical of his threat though Batman warned him not to underestimate the Joker. He tried to help Batman in his investigation by doing research on the Joker.

During a total solar eclipse, Batman and Robin launched into the atmosphere to check on a cloaked satellite linked to the Batcave. Batman taught Robin how to place safeguards for the satellite in case something ever happened to him. During reentry, they saw that the Batsignal was lit and Batman sent Robin back with the Batplane while he went to see Jim Gordon. After returning to the Batcave, Robin went to the sewers to continue searching for something. Robin was attacked by a frog-man bounty hunter. After tasing the bounty hunter, Robin received a call from Batman asking where he was. Batman told Robin about the supposed zombie attack and told him to return to the Batcave. Robin ignored Batman and when he got onto the street he found a crowd running from people eating others. Robin slowed them down by running his motorcycle into a water truck and dousing them but they soon overcame him. Robin, pretending to be unconscious and ignoring calls from Batman to keep his cover, was carried off by the cannibals and brought to the leaders of a club called the Saturnian Club. Robin used explosives as a distraction and got the other conscious civilians to follow him into an elevator. The Saturnians tried to follow so Robin was forced to cut the cable and blast a hole into the bottom, using a cushion to stop the fall. Robin directed everyone into an abandoned train and as the Saturnians began breaking in, Batman arrived to help and they took down the Saturnians. They found a set of Joker teeth with a message warning that something big was coming to swallow Batman and Robin. Back at the Batcave, Batman told Robin he was worried that Robin only cared about himself and Robin told Batman it wasn’t true and gave him a pearl from his mother’s necklace that he had found while searching through the sewers. The gesture meant a lot to Batman and he hugged Robin and told him he was proud of him.

After Batman later confronted the Joker at the reservoir, Robin was at his side when he awoke in the Batcave. Batgirl, Red Robin, and Nightwing were there and Robin was angry that Red Hood also showed up though Nightwing invited him. They confronted Batman about Joker saying he knew all their identities and that they had learned that Joker had kidnapped Alfred. Batman insisted that Joker didn't know their identities and that he had taken Alfred because of Bruce Wayne's connection to Batman, Incorporated. Batman also explained that the calling card that Joker said Batman had was from an early encounter when he found a Joker card in the Batcave, though he explained that it would have been impossible for Joker to have followed him there since he would have had to hold his breath underwater for too long. Batman told them that it was his fight with the Joker and that he wanted them to stay in the Batcave.

Damian decided he had to do something to help and found hyena urine and decided to check out the Gotham Zoo. Robin found the hyenas eating a body and saw that it was the guard and when he opened the cage, they attacked and bit him. Robin realized too late that the bite contained venom and he fell through the roof of an aviary and into the side of a giant egg. Joker was there, hanging upside down, and taunted that he had already bested Nightwing and also admitted to be behind the Saturnian Club. Robin demanded to know where Alfred was and Joker showed him a video of him burning Alfred's eyes with ammonia and Robin said he would kill Joker for doing that. Joker said that Batman's allies eclipsed Batman and then he dumped worms and insects on Robin, a Robin's favorite food. Next he showed Robin a venom infested Batman and told him that he would have to kill Batman or be killed. Robin used a batarang to activate a switch and opened an escape route. Robin made it to the polar bear moat and was knocked into the water by Batman. Robin tried to beat Batman and knock sense into him and being unsuccessful he decided to let Batman kill him rather than killing his own father. However, this was not in Joker's plan and so he killed Batman with a failsafe. In tears, Robin grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed Joker in the foot, who merely laughed and showed him that it was merely an imposter Batman. Robin collapsed in defeat, exhausted from fighting and the venom finally getting to him.

Later, Robin and some of Batman's other allies were placed around a table with their heads covered. Joker also captured Batman and tied him to the seat at the head of the table. Batman's allies are covered with gas and if Batman got up he would ignite them with flints under his seat. Joker brought out Alfred, who had been jokerized, and had him pull a rope that lifted the bags off everyone's heads, revealing Batman's allies with bandages wrapped around their faces. Then alfred lifted the covers off the plates and revealed their faces sitting in front of them. After taunting Batman, Joker pulled out a match but Batman then broke his shackles and got up, lighting the table on fire. Batman used an explosive to blast a hole in the cave wall and let water flow in and put out the fire. Joker escaped and Batman uncovered Robin's face; finding it uninjured, Batman went after Joker when Nightwing assured that everyone could take care of themselves. However, when Batman left a bomb inside the two-headed lion cub exploded with Joker gas. Everyone was affected and began fighting each other until Alfred overcame the toxin and convinced them to stop fighting. After Batman defeated Joker he was able to completely cure all of his allies. Batman later tried to arrange a meeting with his allies but they all made excuses to not attend.

Demon Star

Batman Incorporated Demon Star

Batman and Robin tracked a shipment of Lone Star meat to a slaughterhouse and were attacked by men with goat masks. Robin was nearly shot by a sniper, but was saved by Batman and instead the leader of the gang was killed. Batman and Robin confiscated the only living cow for testing and then went after one of the trucks. Robin attacked a group of mutants while Batman found a sniper, known as Goatboy, that was gunning for Robin. Batman convinced the sniper to report to Leviathan that he had killed Robin to get Leviathan off his trail. Alfred, revealed that after taking samples from Robin's new pet cow, he found that a hormone that would allow those that ate it to be mind-controlled by Leviathan. Stuck at the Batcave while Batman was captured, Damian used gas to knock Alfred unconscious and then left as Redbird and took out the guards at the Grimm Brother's wake. Redbird grappled to the top of the building and joined Wingman in the battle to rescue Batman and take down Leviathan. Batman, disguised at Matches Malone, then initiated phase 2 and Nightwing, Knight, and Red Robin crashed through the windows as Squire cut the wires to the electricity so they could finish taking out the men. Matches changed into his Batsuit and asked Leviathan how many more men they could afford to lose. In response, she sent in a wave of Man-Bats and Batwing used a sonic cannon to take them all out at once. Batman demanded that Talia put an end to the war and she replied that Wingman should reveal his identity to Damian. Wingman took off his helmet and revealed that he was Jason Todd and Robin became angry. Batman then told Robin he would have to return to his mother because if he didn't, Damian would destroy Gotham. Batman told Damian he had seen the future and that Talia wanted Damian to become Robin so that he would eventually become the new Batman. In this future, Damian would cause events that would lead to all of Gotham going crazy and bring a nuclear strike down on the city. Batman was captured again and Damian decided he needed to go back and help instead of sitting in the Batcave, and Alfred handed him his Robin suit in agreement. Robin used a jetpack and headed towards Wayne Enterprises, passing Nightwing on his way. Robin went to Wayne Enterprises and helped Red Robin and was later joined by Nightwing and they took out the thugs. However, Heretic was more than a match for them and easily threw Nightwing aside. Damian fought Heretic and demanded that his mother called everything off, but he was overpowered and Heretic thrust a sword through Robin, killing him.


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