Red Robin

Tim Drake New 52
Real Name
Timothy Jackson "Tim" Drake
Current Alias
Red Robin
Robin, Tim Wayne
Jack Drake (father, deceased), Janet Drake (mother, deceased), Bruce Wayne (adoptive father), Damian Wayne (adoptive brother), Dick Grayson (adoptive brother), Jason Todd (adoptive brother)
Base Of Operations
Manhattan, New York
Marital Status
Adventurer, Detective
High School Student & Various other sources

Place of Birth
Gotham City
First Appearance
Teen Titans #1



In a hideout in a Lex Towers penthouse, Tim Drake watches the news coverage and worries about the apparent pattern in the disappearances of several of these teen heroes. Thinking back on his own tenure as Robin, he wonders what his mentor Batman was thinking when he brought a teen into crime fighting. Suddenly, Tim senses someone behind him, and turns to find a man in dark glasses and a team of gunmen waiting. Tim, as Red Robin, has been expecting them to come for him. The man suggests that he has been authorized to give Tim clemency if he agrees to use his talents for his employers. In response, Tim warns that he has rigged the building to explode, and when they realize he's not bluffing, everyone struggles to escape. Leaping off his balcony, Red Robin opens his wings, and flies away as the building explodes. In Malibu, Cassandra Sandsmark drives a stolen car down the Pacific Coast highway. A police officer pulls her over, and she turns on the waterworks, pretending that she's just joyriding in her mother's car. Suddenly, the policeman grips her by the throat and lifts her to her feet. Fortunately, Red Robin appears, knocking the cop unconscious. He states that he knows that she is the person the media are calling Wonder Girl, and informs her that an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is after metahuman teens like her. Cassie denies having any powers, but when a chopper shows up and begins opening fire with machine guns, she is forced to reveal her invulnerability. Angrily, Cassandra transforms, leaping onto the chopper, and smashing it to pieces until it crashes into the ocean. As she crawls back up, she reminds Red Robin that she doesn't want to be called Wonder Girl, and he renews his efforts to get her to join him. In Hollywood, Tim Drake wonders why N.O.W.H.E.R.E. seems to have given up on capturing, corrupting, or killing Cassie Sandsmark after their failed attempt to catch her the day before. He wonders why they haven't figured out her name and address yet, if he managed to do it. Cassie is unimpressed with what she perceives as Tim's attempts to impress her, but allows him to spend the night on her couch anyway. Tim is impressed by the collection of apparently stolen artifacts in Cassie's house, disbelieving that she might have stolen them all herself. Cassie comments that they might get along better if she knew his real name. Unfortunately, Tim can't allow her to know it lest she make connections between his identity and those of his mentors. Before leaving him to sleep on the couch, Cassie remarks that Tim is a good guy, thanking him for saving her. Tim is disappointed, thinking he's blown his chance at actually getting somewhere with her. The next morning, Tim checks the news on his laptop, finding a story about sightings a man-sized insect. After viewing footage of a witness's statements, Tim tracks her down at a clothing store. She introduces herself as Claudia, and he spares little time in revealing that he knows she is covering for the being called "Skitter." Claudia admits that the creature is her sister Celine, and that something has happened to her. Unfortunately, Claudia has already told some government agents about her sister. In the sewers under the George C. Page Museum, a thug in the employ of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is searching for Skitter. He is suddenly surprised by Red Robin, who admits that he only spoke aloud because he felt bad about kicking someone in the back of the head without warning the day before. Before long, Tim is surprised by the fact that the thug is accompanied by his brother, and they seem to be able to teleport through each others' bodies. As it turns out, there is a third brother who has already discovered Celine's location, and the two fighting with Red Robin teleport away. Tim follows, not unexpectedly finding that Skitter has completely subdued all three brothers. He cannot mask his horror at the sight of her, and she seems predisposed to attack him, spewing corrosive goo at him. Fortunately, Cassie shows up, having followed him, and throws a punch that knocks Skitter unconscious. Cassie states that they are now even, and makes for to leave, but Tim warns that with each metahuman teen that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. captures, they get stronger, and the danger to people like he and Cassie increases. Cassie pretends that she doesn't care, telling him to lose her number as she walks away. Tim senses that he is beginning to develop feelings for her, and is disappointed that she has left him alone. He wonders how he will get Celine out of the sewers safely. Tim Drake then gets onto a cargo train passing through the Badlands with Celine (in a cocoon state), when a mexican metahuman Miguel Barragan jumps in. Red Robin suspects that Miguel has been working for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. against his own kind, but he claims to have no idea about the accusation. When Miguel realizes who he's fighting, he drops his guard, and hugs Red Robin, exclaiming that he had actually come all the way from Mexico just to meet him, having been reading Red Robin's blog about the danger posed to metahuman teens. Miguel puts on his costume and introduces himself as Bunker. Suddenly, the train stops, and they pop their heads out the door to see what's going on. The people of a nearby town are approaching them with vacant stares indicative of mind control. Red Robin leaves Bunker to protect the cocoon in the car while he investigates the source of the mind control. Flying up high, Red Robin finds a rusty radio tower with a new looking box attached to it. This must be the source, given how out of place it is. As he prepares to blow it up, a large metal hand shoves his head against the metal bars of the tower. A large humanoid creature made of scrap metal introduces itself as Detritus, explaining that it had once been cybernetic scrap meant for recycling until it suddenly gained spontaneous intelligence. It is now his mission to wipe out humanity. Rather than fight Red Robin, Detritus simply replaces his memories of their encounter, and returns him to Bunker, allowing him to continue unimpeded. Moments later, Red Robin returns to the train, trying to remember the creature's name. When Bunker asks him what happened, Red Robin is unable to say what he was trying to remember, and instead, woodenly announces that he disabled the mind control device, and that they can be on their way. As they prepare to leave, Miguel reveals that the thing that was in the cocoon has hatched. It is Celine, who is now human rather than her insectoid form known as Skitter, and she has no idea where she is.

Meeting Superboy

On New Years Eve, they are back at Tim's apartment. Tim reassures Celine that he will not rest until she is cured, but they must stay alive in order for that to happen. They are interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, and when Miguel answers it, he is surprised to find Kid Flash and Solstice standing on the street outside - particularly surprising, given that the penthouse is on the thirtieth floor. Tim brushes off the strangeness, rushing to treat their guests for hypothermia, given that they have just come from Antarctica. Tim wonders whether Bart ought to be up and about already. The speedster remarks that his abilities provide him with super-fast healing. Unfortunately, Bart has no recollection of how he came by his abilities. He appeared at a home for wayward boys six months ago without any memory prior to that. Regardless, Tim invites Bart to join him in going after N.O.W.H.E.R.E., and he eagerly agrees. Celine calls everyone into the living room to see something on TV, and seeing Cassie fighting with Superboy on national television, they are left with a choice. Tim warns that if they go out to help her now, as a team, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. will target them for death. He leaves it up to them to decide whether they want that for themselves. Naturally, everyone agrees to face the new threat. Through all of their fighting, Superboy finally manages to get the upper hand on Cassie, and demands to know where he can find Red Robin. He doesn't have to look far, because Red Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans have assembled nearby. Boldly, Red Robin leads his newly dubbed team, the Teen Titans against the superpowered being known as Superboy. Unfortunately, they are unprepared for his tactile telekinesis, and they're all sent flying. After Superboy defeats most of the Titans, Red Robin takes his turn to attack Superboy, hoping that he can distract his enemy long enough with words and carefully planned attacks that he can talk him out of working for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and prevent him from using his mentally controlled powers. The plan works, and eventually, Red Robin stands over a defeated Superboy, warning that he will stop at nothing to ensure that all of the kidnapped metas are freed. And though he is not a meta himself, he would never abandon that duty out of selfishness. Unfortunately, the speech does little to change Superboy's mind, and he unleashes an TTK blast which fires all of Red Robin's suit's synaptic relays at once, taking him out. After having fought with Superboy in Times Square, the recently formed Teen Titans find themselves trapped in the bright glow of a police flood-light. Red Robin tries to explain that they are the good guys, but Detective Jocelyn Lure refuses to let them go, given the amount of property damage they caused in two of New York City's most prominent landmarks. Red Robin tries to plead self-defence, but the team is surprised when an unexpected ally begins attacking the detective and her men. Skitter has returned, and she traps the NYPD in her webbing. As she raises the detective up into the air, she finds the woman's gun to her head. Before the situation can escalate, Red Robin throws a Batarang that both knocks the gun aside and smacks Detective Lure in the face. Noticing Kid Flash is vibrating uncontrollably, he and the Titans take him to STAR Labs, Red Robin admits that he had tried to take Bart to the Flash, but the Justice League had been busy. He had come to Virgil knowing that his youth would give him a different perspective with regard to the possibility or impossibility of saving Kid Flash. Virgil presents Kid Flash with a new uniform (as opposed to the makeshift one he had stolen from Red Robin); one that can keep his molecules aligned. Virgil presents Red Robin with a text book on Quantum Speed Theory and its Effects on Human Physiology, but Bart grabs it and reads it in a matter of seconds, and then puts on his new suit. The team is impressed (particularly Solstice), and Bart is eager to get a rematch with Superboy. Red Robin insists that they go back home, and prepare for war. Back at the penthouse, Red Robin used a blue-print provided by Danny to plant out a way to rescue Superboy from the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. facility in the Arctic. Despite this, the rest of the Teen Titans were reluctant to go on a suicide mission to save someone who had just tried to kill them. Red Robin explained that their purpose is to help the teen meta-humans being targeted by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., no matter what.

Harvest & The Culling

After using Danny's pan-dimensional doorway, the team was separated. Red Robin hacks into the records of the complex, and tries to download them. He is interrupted by Solstice, who wonders why he isn't helping them save Superboy when it was his idea. He tries to dismiss her, but she angrily refuses to be patronized. Red Robin explains that he has come for information about the kids kidnapped by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Solstice realizes from this that he knew in advance about people like herself who were trapped at the facility. His profession that he required proof brings Solstice to tears, as she finds his failure to acknowledge her humanity and that of the other kidnapped kids distressing. Red Robin is unapologetic. Having beaten back most of N.O.W.H.E.R.E's forces, the team rendezvous at Danny's doorway, but Red Robin and Solstice have not arrived. Red Robin appears, demanding that they leave immediately, and promising to wait for Solstice himself. The others refuse to leave them behind, but their hesitation allows a new threat to attack. They face the one who created N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Harvest. After encountering Harvest, the Teen Titans encounter Omen, a Metahuman who was seduced by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s promises of power. She has taken Red Robin captive and tortured him by housing him within a bubble of air in a chamber full of water, and morphing his body to take the shape of what she thinks he fears most: becoming what he pretends to be. Having learned what she wants to know from Red Robin, she returns him to his original form. Free of his bubble, he is surprised to find that he can still breathe. Omen taunts his efforts to determine a way to use his surroundings against her, and he responds that he will not believe that she is behaving this way of her own choice. Harvest must have captured and corrupted her somehow, and Red Robin intends to help her. Omen tosses him away, claiming that she is there because she believes in what Harvest is doing. Later, Red Robin finds himself strapped to a table with Harvest standing over him. He realizes that the reason he was sent away from Omen was because she can only mess with one person at a time. Harvest responds that Red Robin's intuitiveness and his desire to protect the others are the reason he went after him in the first place. Red Robin doesn't struggle, but he does wonder why he seems to be being fitted with some kind of ceremonial breastplate. He soon escapes, and swims through the womb and demands that Omen release Bunker. She refuses, explaining that the whole team is doomed, proving that he is a poorer leader than he claims to be. Red Robin protests that he is not a leader, but he will stop at nothing to stop Harvest. Omen responds that they are all weak, and that is why they will all die. Angrily, Tim slices her chest with his wings, killing her. Moments later, Red Robin finds that he is strapped to the table again, and Omen is standing over him. Apparently all of this - including the womb - was an illusion of hers. Harvest explains that despite what he may claim, Red Robin is the leader of the so-called Teen Titans, and if he can be pushed to kill, then so can all of the others. Turning to a minion named Leash, Harvest orders that his New Ravagers be taken to the colony. Red Robin wakes to find a sharpened spear aimed at his neck, and the girl holding it warns that one false move will see it slice his throat. She introduces herself as Artemis, and her companions as Thunder and Lightning. They distrust him, as he wears the strange armour that Harvest forced him into. Leaping up, he disarms Artemis in a deft movement, and explains that if he had wanted them dead, he could have done it by now. Thunder and Lightning are impressed enough to trust him, and they invite him to join them in facing something called the Culling. Artemis explains that the Culling is when Harvest pits all of the teen Metahumans that he's gathered against one another in a battle royale. Those left standing are inducted into Harvest's team of Ravagers, and those left are dead. Unfortunately, the group runs into an imposing looking thug who calls himself Fist Point. He demands that they pay a toll for crossing over his turf, or die. Fortunately, Artemis manages to knock him off his feet, and she warns that his skirmishes are just playing into Harvest's hands, adding that the next time this happens, one of them will end up dead. Red Robin's surprise leads Artemis to comment that he sounds like the other new arrivals, pointing to the remainder of the Teen Titans. The Titans wonder where they are but Red Robin suggests that perhaps this place is exactly where they should be, to save all of the trapped metahumans from Harvest. Later on, the Titans run into several members of the Legion of Superheroes (from the 31st Century) and they fight various metahumans under mental control. While fighting, Red Robin watches as Artemis, despite the nudge from Leash's mental manipulation, avoids killing anybody. Unfortunately, she is unique in that respect, and it isn't long before Fist Point appears, and kills her. After angrily knocking the boy out, Red Robin cradles the dead girl in his arms and cries out that he and his friends are going to come for Harvest, one way or another. With Artemis' death uniting them further, the Titans and the Legion join forces finally to save the other colonists and stop Harvest.

The Mysterious Island

The Titans, with the help of the Legion and many more metahumans, defeat Harvest and escape the Culling. Kid Flash has awakened after escaping The Culling in a strange place: an island seemingly populated by prehistoric creatures. One of those creatures has decided that he might be nice to eat. Speeding to escape it, Bart manages to wrap his bird-like pursuer in vines. Grabbing Red Robin as he runs, Bart tries to explain what happened, though Tim reacts to the revelation that they are on an island of dinosaurs with disbelief. Clearly brooding about something, Tim decides to go off scouting on his own, leaving Bart, Solstice, and Bunker behind. Persistently, Miguel follows him, realizing that Tim needs someone to talk to. Tim tries to shake him off, but he slams into a wall of Miguel's creation. Miguel warns that Tim's indecisiveness about his leadership needs to resolve itself. The other Teen Titans rallied behind his banner, and he is responsible for them. He doesn't have the luxury of falling apart or walking away. Tim realizes his fault, but before he can explain, he is whisked away, and Miguel soon follows. The pair of them have been grabbed out of mid-air by Superboy and Wonder Girl, who are extremely happy to see them both. Later, Tim, Miguel, Cassie, and Kon-El bathe in a waterfall. Tim explains to Miguel that as he is responsible for the Teen Titans, he feels that the team has completed its mission, and that it is time to disband. Miguel tries to convince Tim that their experience with Harvest only served to prove that the world needs the Teen Titans noe more than ever. Tim, however, feels guilty about what happened to Danny the Street, for losing Celine, for letting Artemis get killed. Miguel points out that were it not for Tim's efforts, there would be many more teens dead. They are interrupted by Superboy, who asks to speak to Tim privately. Superboy thanks Tim for leading the Teen Titans in trying to rescue him, knowing full well that he would not have done the same for them. That said, he wants to know why Tim decided to do that. Tim offers a challenge: if Superboy can't figure out why he was rescued within the next six months, Tim will explain it all to him. During that time, the team finds a heavily damaged Danny The Street, Red Robin reads that it is a final message from Danny offering to make one last effort to get them all home. Tim tries to refuse, but Cassie reminds him that it's not his place to deny Danny his pride. Moments later, the Titans find themselves in an alley in New York...

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit


Peak Human Conditioning - Through continuous intense training, Tim possesses peak level strength, stamina, speed, reflexes and agility for a teenager. However, Tim is not fully grown, so should he remain in peak condition as an adult, these levels will likely be even higher.

Master Acrobat

Martial Arts Master - Tim has mastered multiple martial arts but his most preferred type of combat is Bo Staff Fighting. He has incorporated aspects of various fighting styles into his own to create a unique style.

Genius-Level Intellect - Tim's naturally high intellect allows him to excel in computer science and more importantly as a skilled detective. Furthermore, Tim apparently has a firm grasp of assorted scientific techniques including biology, engineering and genetics, which he has been shown to use in his attempts at re-cloning Superboy. Batman states that Tim could potentially be smarter and better than himself. Batman has trained him in many disciplines, such as martial arts, forensic science, criminology, acrobatics, stealth, disguise, and escapology.

Master Detective - Tim's ability to deduce the secret identities of superheroes on his own has been used to underscore his skill. Among the identities used in this way are the Batman.

Master Tactician and Strategist - Tim is a brilliant and experienced strategist with impressive leadership skills



The weaknesses of an average human male.




Red Robin Costume: It has a domino mask similar to his Robin costumes, and has new wings rather than a cape, made of Inertrite. It is basically a dark red jumpsuit with a yellow utility belt and black highlights on the jumpsuit. The shirt portion of the suit appears to be jacket-like. The suit does also use the bo staff as a weapon.


Various types


Bo Staff, various Batman items (batarang)


In this universe, Tim Drake was never Robin.