Lois Lane

Lois Lane
Real Name
Lois Lane
Herald of Brainiac
Samuel Lane (father)
Team Affiliations
Notable Enemies
Marital Status

Unusual Features
Green Skin and Pink Eyeballs and Sclera
First Appearance
Action Comics Vol 1 1


History of character is unknown.



===Daily Planet Reporter===
Lois Lane was a reporter for the Daily Planet who worked alongside photographer Jimmy Olsen and rival of Clark Kent. She was the reporter that gave Metropolis' hero the name Superman.

While she and Jimmy were following a  lead on the subway, Clark warned them to get off, since the train was sabotaged. She didn't belive him since Clark worked for a rival paper and she thought he was trying to get the scoop for himself. However, the criminal they were tailing, Gus "Guns" Grundig, pulled a gun on them. The train sped up and would have crashed if Superman hadn't arrived and saved the train, also allowing the passengers to stop Grundig.

When Superman was captured, she used her position as daughter of General Sam Lane to try and gain access to the base where Superman was being held. She tried to convince him that Superman was good but he wouldn't admit that they had Superman and assured her that even if they did, he would be safe. However, she was able to get in when she took a key card from John Corben, who had unreciprocated feelings for Lois. But when she got in she found that Superman was already escaping.

===Superman and the Men of Steel===
Lois and Jimmy went to the Factory for Tomorrow to interview Mr. Tide and there they met Clark Kent. While they were there, the factory was taken over by the Collector of Worlds, who prepared to collect artifacts and destroy Earth. Clark ran out and Lois hotwired a car to get her and Jimmy away. They are stopped by John Corben, who was now joined to the Metal-Zero suit and desired to beat Superman and gain Lois's affection. However, Corben was under the control of the Collector and had to be stopped by John Henry Irons.

When the Collector took part of Metropolis for his collection, Lois and Jimmy were trapped within the bubble.

===Planet Global Network===
When the Daily Planet was bought by Morgan Edge, Lois was appointed as head of TV and digital division of the Planet Global Network. This change puts her into a heated argument with Clark, who believes that Edge has little concern for integrity and that TV is a "dog and pony show." Lois believes that print is a dying business and insists that she took the job because of her integrity as a journalist, believing the Daily Planet will live on through digital news as an alternative to scandal mongering papers. Clark doesn't reveal his feelings for Lois, who starts up a relationship with Jonathan Carroll.