Quote1 This is bigger than I am. And it's bigger than you are. Get out of your own way. Focus on what's important here: everyone else. So far it's been batter up, but we need to stop playing baseball and start playing football. We need to be a team. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Justice League: Part Five"

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  • Metropolis

Synopsis for "Justice League: Part Five"

Flash is the first to recover from Darkseid's arrival and he watches in horror as Darkseid destroys a couple jets with beams from his eyes. Superman emerges from the rubble and attacks Darkseid but Flash stops him as the beams start to shoot from Darkseid's eyes again. The two heroes race away as the beams split up and follow them. Flash is able to avoid the beam by vibrating through one of Darkseid's demons and thus destroying it when the beam hits its new target. However, Superman is hit by the beam chasing him and knocked unconscious then carried away by one of the demons.

As the other heroes recover, Flash arrives and tells them that Superman was carried away. Green Lantern retaliates and attacks Darkseid with his constructs but they are completely ineffective and break on impact. When Darkseid retaliates, he sends Green Lantern flying but he doesn't give up and keeps coming back for more. Darkseid grabs him, breaking through the construct surrounding Green Lantern and crushing his arm then throws him and marches away. Batman tells Green Lantern to stop and points out that his arm is broken; however, Green Lantern uses his constructs to form a cast and wants to go after Darkseid. Batman tells him if he continues like this he will die and asks what Green Lantern is trying to prove. He takes off his mask and shows Lantern that he is Bruce Wayne and how his parents were murdered in front of him and that ever since he has dedicated his life to fighting crime. He explains that what they are facing is bigger than he is and that they need to start working as a team. He tells Lantern to regroup with the others and keep them busy until he returns. When Green Lantern asks where he's going, Bruce replies that he's going to get Superman and then allows himself to be carried away by one of the flying demons.

Green Lantern joins the others and tells them they need to work as a team. He wants to follow Darkseid out of sight until they are within striking distance, then he'll act as a lure like Aquaman had wanted and get Darkseid's attention. He tells Cyborg that he can stay behind if he doesn't want to join him, but Vic decides to join the battle. They all follow Green Lantern and head toward Darkseid.

Batman forces the demon that carries him to crash when they arrive at another portal. When he steps through he finds himself in a strange new world that resembles hell.


  • At the end of this issue is the Justice League Sketchbook that features Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg.


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