Quote1 So who's in charge here? I vote me. Quote2
-- Aquaman

Appearing in "Justice League: Part Three"

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  • Washington D.C.
  • S.T.A.R. Labs
  • Metropolis

Synopsis for "Justice League: Part Three"

In Washington D.C., a man is watching TV reports on Wonder Woman. People are protesting her presence because she is pagan and it is also reported that she has caused over a hundred million dollars in property damage. Colonel Trevor arrives asking for Diana, who was supposed to wait for him but she has left after seeing a report of a winged monster in downtown D.C. He asks why the guards didn't stop her but the guard points out the large hole in the wall and asks if he's kidding.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is wandering around downtown D.C. asking if anyone has seen a harpy. A little girl eating ice cream admires her and Diana asks what she is eating and then trys ice cream and loves it. Steve Trevor arrives and tells her to come back to the Pentagon but Wonder Woman says she is here to fight darkness and doesn't want people telling her what to do. Trevor spots one of the winged monsters and then a huge swarm of them teleport. They attack and Wonder Woman is eager to fight.

At S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit, the monsters are attacking the scientists and carrying them off, including Professor Ivo. Dr. Stone is devastated that his son, [[Victor Stone |Victor]], is on the verge of dying and refuses to accept Victor's death after witnessing his wife's death.

At an abandoned Daily Planet printing press in Metropolis, the monsters are also causing destruction. They are being fought off by Superman, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Batman. Flash notes that radio broadcasts are reporting similar attacks across the world and that they are being blamed. Green Lantern is having a hard time concentrating and the Flash is surprised to find out Batman has no actual powers. Batman says they need to regroup as there are too many enemies to just barrel through. However Superman is doing it his own way and picks up a truck to smash through a bunch of them.

In Detroit, Dr. Stone directs some scientists into a secure room called the Red Room. Since security is down, they are able to force their way in and lock the door manually behind them.

Green Lantern is impressed by Superman's power and copies him by forming a truck construct with his ring. Superman notes that the monsters are abducting people rather than hurting them and Batman wonders what their motive is. Wonder Woman appears on the scene with her sword swinging impressing the other heroes.

In the Red Room, still has vitals but the energy is eating him from the inside and that he's going into cardiac arrest. Silas is determined to save his son's life and injects his son with experimental nanites and tells Dr. Morrow to activate them.

Wonder Woman explains that she followed the monsters from Washington D.C. and saw that they needed help. Green Lantern notes that they seem to be retreating but Batman says they are just assembling. The monsters begin circling above the water and a column of water shoots into the air. Green Lantern uses his ring to protect civilians from the resulting effects of the water. A gigantic mysterious object rises from the water and the heroes wonder what it could be. Aquaman emerges from the ocean and asks if they have a leader and suggests he should be chosen.


  • At the end of the issue is a part of a fictional book titled The Secret History of Atlantis and it contains a section about the author, David Graves, and a short forward.
  • At the end of this issue is the Justice League Sketchbook which contains concept art of Green Lantern


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