Quote1 Superman: Why should I come with you?

Batman: Because you're like us.

Superman: No one's like me.

Batman: That's not what the rest of the world thinks, Superman.
-- Superman and Batman

Appearing in "Justice League: Part Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Director Singh


  • Central City
  • Metropolis
  • S.T.A.R. Lab

Synopsis for "Justice League: Part Two"

At a crime lab in Central City, Barry Allen) argues with Director Singh about leaving a case before it gets cold. However, the captain has ordered everyone to work on the Flash case until they find out who he is.

Batman has tried everything against Superman, including tear gas, sonic grenades, and tasers; but it has no effect on Superman and leaves his belt empty. Superman slams Batman against a wall and says that he was attacked by someone with one of the boxes that Batman has from his earlier battle. Superman demands to know who he is and what the boxes are for. Green Lantern gets up and knocks Superman away from Batman with his ring and wraps him with chain constructs. However, Superman easily breaks through them and attacks while Green Lantern protects himself and batman with his ring. Batman tells Green Lantern that they need to talk to them and that he's too strong and fast to stop.

Green Lantern says he knows someone faster and calls Barry Allen. He asks Barry, who is the Flash, to help him against Superman. The Flash is surprised to find out Batman is real and thinks Green Lantern crazy for fighting Superman. At first he refuses to help since the last time he and Green Lantern were seen together it was a disaster. However, as Superman smashes through Green Lantern's shield construct, Lantern yells that they're going to die and the Flash arrives. The Flash runs around Superman, saying he has never been touched and that Superman shouldn't bother trying. However, Superman flicks the Flash and sends him hurtling across the city.

Batman confronts Superman and tells him that they are not working with the fire-breathing monsters and that they were also attacked. He explains that they came to ask if he knew anything about them since they are alien. The Flash arrives and sees that the fighting has stopped and begins cleaning up the city. The military arrives and Batman tells everyone to follow him, he is concerned that there are more of the alien boxes out there.

At S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit, scientist analyze the box from Superman's battle with the aliens earlier that morning. They have detected that a signal is broadcasting from the box and that similar broadcasts are coming from New England, Washington D.C., Central City and Coast City, which are all places of super-human activity. Dr. Silas Stone is informed that his son, Victor Stone, has arrived and is very upset. Victor is mad that his dad broke his promise and didn't show up to his football game. He tells his dad that scouts were there and offered him full-time scholarships. His dad tells him he doesn't need scholarships since he can pay and that he shouldn't be spending time playing games. He believes that with the arrival of super-humans that football is obsolete. When Victor asks if he will ever come to a game his dad replies no.

Meanwhile, the four heroes hide in an abandoned printing press, since Superman has no base of operations. Green Lantern suggests to Flash that they ditch the other two since they don't know what the box is. Flash asks Green Lantern if his ring can tell him, but the ring doesn't know and he suggests Flash disassemble it quickly but he refuses in case it contains something radioactive or toxic. Superman says he can't see through it so he can't tell. Flash suggests taking it to his crime lab but it starts acting up. The box in S.T.A.R. Labs does the same thing at the same time. Suddenly the boxes teleport swarms of the alien monsters in both places. Victor is caught in the teleport and his body is torn apart.


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