Quote1 Batman: The world's afraid of us.

Green Lantern: You say that like it's a good thing.

Batman: It's necessary.
-- Batman and Green Lantern

Appearing in "Justice League: Part One"

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  • Gotham City Police Department


Synopsis for "Justice League: Part One"

In Gotham, Batman is being pursued by the police choppers while he is chasing a strange creature. Batman throws two smoke bombs to blind the helicopters. Then, Batman fires his grappling hook at the creature, which hooks its leg, and tackles it. He tries to interrogate the being when it bursts into flame and attacks Batman. Then Green Lantern arrives and slams a fire truck construct into the creature. However, because of Green Lantern's brightness, the police spot them and continue to fire on them. Green Lantern uses his powers to create shields to protect them when the creature gets up and destroys the helicopters. The creature transforms to an insect-like form and Batman and Green Lantern pursue it. Batman tells Green Lantern that this city is his and that Green Lantern should return to Coast City. Green Lantern explains that he is assigned to the entire space sector and that he was alerted to the presence of an unauthorized extraterrestrial presence in Gotham. Batman says that the creature was spotted trying to plant some kind of bomb downtown and that it spewed fire from its mouth when the police confronted it. Green Lantern says he'll take care of the fire and sends out fire truck constructs around the city to put out the fires. When Green Lantern asks what Batman's powers are he reveals that he has none and that he is just a guy dressed in a costume with extraordinary skills. Batman sees the creature attaching a cube to a sewer wall and after shouting "For Darkseid!", it explodes. Green Lantern protects them in a green safe and they find the box and Green Lantern's ring is unable to identify it. Since the box is alien, they decide to ask Superman about it.

Meanwhile, at a football game, several college scouts are impressed as they watch a wide receiver dominate on the field. They want to talk to the receiver, Vic Stone, after the game but the coach holds them off while Vic calls his father. Vic is upset that his father broke his promise yet again and didn't show up to the game. The crowd is in awe as Green Lantern flies over in a green jet construct. A kid asks Vic what his father tells him about super-humans, since his father studies them, and Vic replies that his father doesn't talk to him about them.

Green Lantern and Batman land in Metropolis and Batman is angry that Green Lantern wasn't more subtle. Green Lantern's ring has led them to Superman and Green Lantern places a box construct around Batman saying that he can handle Superman. However, Superman flies into Green Lantern, shattering his construct, and then confronts Batman asking what he can do.


Pandora Justice League
  • In a scene while Vic Stone is playing football, Pandora makes a cameo appearance in the audience. She appeared first in Flashpoint #5 and makes an appearance in every #1 issue of the New 52.
  • At the end of this issue is the Justice League Sketchbook that contains concept art for the Justice League.


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