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Justice League Origin

When Darkseid and his Parademons attacked Earth in search of Darkseid's daughter, the super-humans ended up working together to fight them. These superheroes included Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They were able to defeat Darkseid when they sent him back to his world and closed the Boom Tubes, disabling their Mother Boxes. In the aftermath, they were called heroes by those who had once been afraid of them and those who had wanted to hunt the super-humans down. The President of the United States gave them praise and when another problem came up he asked for their help, and they officially formed the Justice League.

Early Days

In the early days of the Justice League, the League was mostly inactive as the members were busy with their own lives and issues. Also, the Justice League stayed out of most world issues as they wanted to stay within the law and not charge into other countries uninvited. This frustrated Superman as he wanted to work on solving the world's problems and didn't like the Justice League remaining passive.

The Villain's Journey

When there was an infestation of some purple creatures in Baltimore, the Justice League teleported to the scene and killed the creatures. Afterwards, they went after the source, Samuel Street, who had been infected by the Spore virus while delivering it to A.R.G.U.S. and was attacked by an intruder, who stole the Orb of Ra. They found Samuel at his ex-wife's house and defeated him. Later, Steve Trevor called Wonder Woman on the satellite with video chat but was interrupted by several of the other members' complaints and so they ended the call.

Once, the Justice League took down Amazo and discussed teleporting him to the Red Room but were worried about putting strain on the boom tubes, which were overdue to malfunction and could've teleported them to Apokolips. Green Arrow showed up and claimed credit for helping, showing the League an arrow he had shot into Amazo. Green Arrow suggested that he was the best candidate for joining the League but they didn't agree and teleported away. A week later, Batman informed the Justice League that the Court of Owls were targeting some government agents and Cyborg hitched a ride on their plane and then the Justice League took out the Talons. Green Arrow showed up and took out one of the Talons and then blew a hole in the plane and so they again ignored his plea for membership. A week later, while the League was facing some cultists, Green Arrow used gas to knock them out and get the League's attention. The League left Trevor to take care of Arrow and returned to the Watchtower. Superman and Flash thought that it would be a good idea to bring someone onto the team but the others were in disagreement.

Justice League The Villain's Journey

While Batman was reading a letter he had gotten from the Flash during Flashpoint, Alfred informed him that Arkham Asylum had been broken into and disabled the lock of the Key's cell. Batman sent a text to Clark Kent asking for help and Superman helped Batman keep the prisoners under control until Cyborg arrived to help them find the Key. Meanwhile in Central City, the Flash and Green Lantern worked together to take down Weapons Master and Flash insisted on being the "bap cop" in the interrogation. However, Flash is bad at acting the bad cop so Wonder Woman showed up and used her lasso and he told them he was working for Graves. Batman, Superman and Cyborg found the Key who also revealed he was working for Graves. Aquaman was rescuing survivors of a shipwreck when he was summoned by Cyborg. At the Watchtower, the League discussed the problem of Graves torturing their enemies and learning their weaknesses. An alarm sounded after Graves used a passcode he got from Trevor, set up as a defense in case he were ever tortured. Wonder Woman attacked him and demanded to know where Trevor was, but he incapacitated her with some sort of demons he controlled that made the victim feel misery. The rest of the League attacked with the same results. Batman was the first to recover and he helped the others to recover and Cyborg reported that Graves teleported to Steve Trevor's sister, Tracy's, house. When the League teleported there, Graves disappeared and Tracy was in histerics and demanded that the League save Trevor. Wonder Woman tried to go after Graves herself but Green Lantern projected a bubble around her, which she broke through and knocked Green Lantern into a car. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern began fighting and Superman tried to intervene and Wonder Woman sent him flying. Cyborg noted that Graves was broadcasting the fight across the world and Batman told him to teleport them away. They teleported to Grave's cabin and after searching his journels they decided to go to Mount Sumeru to find him. Cyborg was able to see the entrance to the Valley of Souls as only those walking the line between life and death could see it. Upon entering, they were all greeted by souls of loved ones that had died and they each tried to bind to the heroes and take control of them. However, when Steve entered they all realized the souls were not who they appeared to be since Wonder Woman was seeing the soul of Steve. After realizing this, the heroes broke free from the spirits' control and then attacked Graves to free him from what he thought were the souls of his family with success. Later, Wonder Woman visited Steve in an A.R.G.U.S. medical facility and told him that he would no longer be the League's liason. Back in the Watchtower, Aquaman thought he should take leadership over the League with resistance from Batman. After discussing their mistake with the deaths of Graves family, Green Lantern decided to leave the League and be their scapegoat. Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman shared a private moment and kissed under the moonlight.

The Secet of the Cheetah

Five days after sharing a kiss with Superman, Wonder Woman fought the Cheetah and tried to convince Barbara to let her save her from the curse of the Cheetah. Cheetah said she didn't need saved and beat Wonder Woman into unconsciousness while some of her fellow League members arrived to help. Meanwhile, Batman and Aquaman snuck into the medical center where Trevor was and asked him for information on the Cheetah. At the watchtower, Superman convinced Wonder Woman to let them help her find the Cheetah. Cyborg did a search to find the last known location of the dagger and then the Justice League regrouped. The League went to the Congo and were attacked by the Cheetah. Cheetah bit Superman and infected him so that he turned on his teammates and then members of a secret tribe showed up and were able to stop Superman and Cheetah with a horn. As Cheetah ran off, Cyborg copied the noise to keep Superman at bay. Flash went after Cheetah and was scractched in his heel and Wonder Woman caught up with him. The tribe leader healed Superman and Flash and Wonder Woman worked together to draw Cheetah east, where Wonder Woman kicked her into the water so Aquaman could capture her. The tribe leader explained to the others that the Cheetah was a hunter that worked alongside their tribe until Barbara corrupted it. The League put Cheetah in custody and Batman and Cyborg did research on her and found out that Barbara was a known criminal who went under many previous identities, changing everything Wonder Woman had thought about her. Later, Superman took Wonder Woman to Smallville to show her where he had grown up and they shared another kiss.

Throne of Atlantis

While on their date in Smallville, Superman showed Wonder Woman how he blended in as Clark Kent. Meanwhile in the Watchtower, Vic's father informed Vic that a missile test had gone wrong and been blown into the ocean but Vic couldn't investigate since he couldn't get a lock on the carrier and he didn't want to get environmental upgrades since it would result in him losing his only human lung. Batman was taking down some kidnappers in a boat chase and Aquaman stopped one of them from shooting him. Aquaman expressed concern that the fish were swimming away from the entire Northeastern seashore, from Boston to Gotham, and that they weren't responding to his telepathic command. Meanwhile, Clark had Diana try on a disguise and she was impressed that it worked but then a huge wave hit Metropolis and Superman and Wonder Woman stopped a carrier from causing more damage. However, there were still people on the streets that drowned and then Vulko jumped out of the water and saved Lois Lane. The next wave headed toward Gotham City and Aquaman realized that it was part of the Atlantean War Plans. Gotham was mostly evacuated and Aquaman saved Jim Gordon and Mera also helped to push back some of the water but they weren't able to save everyone. Batman and Aquaman were in the Batplane when the Atlanteans shot it down, though they were both fine. Wonder Woman and Superman took Vulko to the Watchtower and Cyborg reported that Flash was busy with his own problems. Batman and Aquaman arrived and Cyborg detected the Atlantean Army off the shores of Boston so Aquaman went to talk to his brother while Cyborg went after Dr. Shin. Orm came ashore looking for Arthur, believing he was king over the land, and Aquaman confronted him and explained that he wasn’t their king and that the attack was a mistake. Aquaman tried to convince Orm to send the Atlantean Army back but he wouldn’t listen and then Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman arrived in a boom tube to step in. Aquaman demanded more time and grabbed Batman’s throat, which prompted him to through potassium which reacted with the water and caused a small explosion. Aquaman then fought off Superman and Wonder Woman and Orm electrocuted Batman. Aquaman told Orm to quit and that Atlantean law didn’t apply to the surface and Wonder Woman grabbed Orm in a chokehold but he easily threw her off and commanded the Atlanteans to attack. Meanwhile, Cyborg retrieved Dr. Shin and fought off assassins then teleported back to the Watchtower. Wonder Woman and Superman fought Orm and were both incapacitated and were sent to the bottom of the ocean with Batman and Aquaman. Cyborg went to his father to get the environmental upgrades so he could go after the other League members and then broadcasted a cry for help and recruited Element Woman, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Shazam, Hawkman, Vixen, Zatanna, Goldrush, Black Canary, and Firestorm. Aquaman and the other members were trapped in pods at the bottom of the ocean, though Aquaman was able to free himself and he then checked on Batman, who had put on a breathing mask but couldn’t leave the pod because of the pressure. Aquaman went into the trench with Batman’s pod and was attacked by one of the Trench, which he easily killed. The reinforcements fought off the Atlanteans while Orm ordered detonators to be placed around Boston to sink it. Cyborg completed the upgrades and met with Mera and got a lock on Batman’s signal. While exploring the trench, Aquaman found hieroglyphs that showed the Trench creatures following a king with the Scepter and found Superman and Wonder Woman in their pods, paralyzed by the Trench creatures. Cyborg and Mera arrived and helped Aquaman fight off the Trench and release Superman and Wonder Woman and then they all returned to the surface. The Trench arrived in Boston and attacked both the humans and Atlanteans as Cyborg recovered archived footage from the carrier that attacked and discovered that Vulko had sent the missiles to Atlantis. The League returned to the Watchtower but Vulko had left after attacking Dr. Shin, who told the League that Vulko had the Scepter and was controlling the Trench. The Justice League teleported to the battle in Boston and Aquaman attacked Orm and tried to convince him that Vulko was behind the attack on Atlantis but he wouldn’t listen and commanded the bombs to be detonated. However, Atom had disabled one bomb and Superman and Wonder Woman threw the other into the sky before it detonated. Aquaman threw a car at Orm and then smashed his crown and demanded that he yield the throne. Orm yielded and Aquaman commanded the Atlantean Army to surrender and then Vulko also surrendered, revealing that his plot was to put Arthur back in power. Aquaman used the Scepter to send the Trench back and took Vulko to Atlantis to be tried for his crimes while leaving Orm to be imprisoned on the surface.


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