Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex
Real Name
Jonah Hex
Current Alias
Jonah Hex
Woodson Hex (father), Ginny Hex (mother)
Base Of Operations
19th Century Gotham City
Bounty Hunter

Unusual Features
Mark of the Demon
First Appearance
All-Star Western Vol 3 1



Jonah Hex was born on November 1st in the 19th century. His father, Woodson, took to drinking and beat him and his mother. When he was still a boy his mother ran off with a Mr. Dazzleby and left him with his father. Jonah's dad sold him to the Apache, who raised him as their own. However, Noh-Tante didn't like him and one day while they were out at war with Kiowa, Noh-Tante betrayed him and left him for dead. He was found nearly dead by some white men and taken in. During the Civil war, Jonah Hex fought as a Confederate soldier and led many bloody campaigns. Once, on a mission to capture Fort Donelson he was captured by Colonel Akerman. Colonel Akerman tortured him by tying Hex to a raft and whipping him nearly to death and giving him many scars. He was sent down the river where he was found and nursed to health. Hex returned to his old tribe where he confronted Noh-Tante, wanting to kill him. They fought with one rule, they could only use tomahawks. However, Noh-Tante cheated by giving Hex a faulty tomahawk and so Hex killed him with a hidden knife. The law required that Hex should die for using the knife but since he had once saved the chief he was banished from the tribe and given the Mark of the Demon on his face. Hex had trained a woman named Tallulah Black to kill the men that scarred her and he was also intimate with her.

Guns and Gotham

All-Star Western Guns and Gotham

In the 1880's, Jonah Hex arrived in Gotham and was hired by Gotham city's Detective Lofton to solve a case involving the deaths of five prostitutes. He was joined by Amadeus Arkham who was interested in the mind of the criminal. Hex goes to a bar and questions a prostitute, Belle, after a huge bar fight who informed him that she had heard that the killer wore a silver ring in the shape of a skull. However, the next day they found Belle dead with a warning for Hex to leave Gotham. They began searching all of underground Gotham for any information. They attended a charity event at Mayor Cobblepot's house and found that many of those attending, the most powerful men in Gotham, were wearing the skull ring. Arkham discovered the men were part of a religion of crime and then they were attacked at Arkham's house. Hex defeated the men and questioned one to discover that the leaders were trying to make Gotham the center for their religion and revealed their headquarters as Blackgate Isle. They went to the island where Mr. Cromwell was being held captive and Hex was almost killed by a huge man when Arkham saved him by shooting the man in the head. After freeing Cromwell, the police were able to bust the criminal cartel and close the case. However, soon after while they were talking over the case Hex, Arkham, Lofton and Cromwell were attacked by followers of the religion and Lofton and Cromwell were killed. Hex took down these men and then parts ways with Arkham.

Hex had gone to Gotham to collect the bounty on the Trapp family, who had gone there to get away from Jonah. They saw the newspaper about the cartel bust and that Hex was in Gotham but they believed they were safe in the huge city. However, Hex found them and then killed the three of them.

A man named Thurston Moody then hired Hex to find his missing son. Hex first went to St. Jude's orphanage to see if they had picked up a wandering boy and met Arkham once again. Hex wanted to question some of the children and learned that boys have been going missing for years and one had been found in awful shape. Hex deduced that the boy had probably been underground for some time and Arkham went with him to check out the sewers. There they found hundreds of children and Hex began taking down the men quietly while Arkham worked on leading the children out. However, Arkham was discovered by a huge man and Hex was forced to reveal himself. Before Hex could help he was attacked and they were both taken by the men and thrown down a waterfall. Hex was able to save them by catching onto a rock but they couldn't find any way off. Suddenly they were surrounded by an Indian tribe and attacked. Hex defeated them and used their torches to find their way into a cave and then attacked by a giant bat. After defeating the bat the natives were helpful and showed them out of the cave and they saw they had been beneath Wayne Manor. They met Alan and Catherine Wayne and preceeded to alert the authorities who then went with Hex to rescue the children. Hex attacked the giant man and tortured him into revealing that Thurston Moody was the one behind the kidnappings. Hex returned to the orphanage and revealed that the Moody boy was taken by them as a way to get the kidnappings noticed. They returned the boy to his mother who thinks that Moody had probably escaped to New Orleans.

The War of Lords and Owls

All-Star Western The War of Lords and Owls

Hex arrived in New Orleans in search of Thurston Moody and had sent a telegram ahead, informing his friends Nighthawk and Cinnamon of his arrival. Nighthawk and Cinnamon want Jonah's help stopping a group called the August 7 as he is good at finding people. At first Hex refused but after getting his nose broken by Nighthawk he reluctantly agreed to help. Hex gained access to a steamship with a fighting arena by showing he was sympathetic to slavers and that he was a Confederate soldier. After watching a woman named Z.C. Branke kill a huge black man Hex did the same gaining the approval of Hiram Coy. He then fought Z.C. and held his own, prompting Coy to stop the fight and ask Z.C. to make him a part of the August 7. To gain approval he was asked to sink a ship full of people waiting to unload. Hex revealed this information to Nighthawk and Cinnamon who tried to stop him from going through with it. However, he pointed a gun at Cinnamon's head and took Nighthawk's talisman and then headed to the dock. When Hex arrived at the dock to get the explosives the man revealed that he had captured Arkham, who had talked about Hex's plans. They were then put on a boat full of explosives where Hex breaks his bonds with the talisman he stole. Nighthawk and Cinnamon were able to stop the August 7 and after Hex returned the talisman then asked for information on the whereabouts of Thurston Moody.

When Hex found Moody, he was being killed by a woman dressed as an owl. After Hex shot at her, the strange woman slit Moody's throat and escaped. When Hex arrived in Gotham 3 weeks later, he found that an old friend, Tallulah Black, had been thrown out a window. Arkham treated Tallulah and Hex informed him that she was after Bennet, the man who had taken her family's land. Hex went to Alan Wayne and informed him of this information and waited until Tallulah recovered before going after Bennet. They ambushed Bennet in his carriage and took out his bodyguards and discovered Bennet was a follower of the crime bible. However, before Tallulah can kill Bennet, the woman dressed as an owl arrives and takes Bennet, killing him herself. Later, the police arrested Hex, Arkham, and Tallulah for his murder and took them to Slaughter Swamp. The followers of the crime bible were going to torture them with steam as Tallulah escaped. Also, Hex had informed Alan Wayne of his suspicions that Bennet was a part of the crime religion and he arrived to help Tallulah. The followers of the crime bible were arrested and hanged while Hex intended to leave Gotham.

The Black Diamond Probability

A man named Reginald Forsythe asked Jonah and Dr. Arkham to recover a formula for a Dr. Jekyll. Later, Jonah and Arkham, joined by Tallulah, investigated a murder at a church with the victim's faces painted with clown smiles in blood. They went to the Haly Circus to investigate and Jonah and Tallulah saved Yanmei Tsen from the Golden Dragons, though she disappeared before they could talk to her. After talking to Mr. Haly, they found out some of the circus members had been missing, including Jingles the clown. Suddenly, Jingles returned covered in blood with a meat cleaver and Jonah shot him in the head. Then, Gunther the animal trainer returned and released tigers but one turned on him and mauled him. Jonah and Tallulah took down two of the tigers, but one escaped. Jonah asked Mr. Haly if they had a snake-oil saleman and he agreed to take them to McKee. McKee got the formula from his nephew, who had visited Scotland, and gave it to Hex and told him that most of it had been sold to the Golden Dragons. They went to Chinatown, which was in chaos, and again saved Yanmei. Together with Yanmei, they cleared the streets and Yanmei asked for their help finding her mother and Tallulah agreed to help her and left the group. Jonah went to find Reginald to collect his money and found Hyde and a crazed Arkham, who he knocked out. Hyde picked Jonah up and threw him out a window and sending him crashing through a roof and into a pub. Jonah broke his leg from the fall but still drug himself back up the stairs and when he found Hyde strangling Arkham he smashed a chair over Hyde's head so Arkham could escape. Jonah then managed to push Hyde out the window, but Hyde then ran off. Jonah then found Arkham at a bar trying to solicit sex and then when Arkham dropped his pants, the police tackled Arkham and threw him into the asylum. Hex was confined in a wheelchair and Arkham's house while being cared for by nurse Constance Chambers for a month. After Constance left, Arkham became annoyed by the screams of Arkham's mother, Elizabeth, and went upstairs to kill her. Elizabeth welcomed him in as Edward Rochester, believing herself to be a part of the book Jane Eyre. The next day, Jonah took her out of the house and then he as Constance arrived they were interrupted by Mr. Hyde. Hyde had come looking for Arkham but instead was content to take down Hex. Constance saved Jonah by throwing him his gun and then Jonah shot Hyde in the chest. Hyde reverted to Dr. Jekyll and Jonah told Constance to remove the bullets so that he could collect his money. Afterwards, Jonah took the doctor's elixir and then threw it into the ocean along with the Black Diamond.

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit


Jonah Hex has no powers but he has an unmatched reputation as a gunfighter.


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