Origins and Early HistoryEdit

Helena Wayne is the daughter of Bruce Wayne. She became Robin after a lifetime of training and worked alongside her father fighting crime in Gotham City. Over the years she developed a friendship with Supergirl, as they often fought alongside their famous family.

Arrival on New-EarthEdit

During the battle of Metropolis she was transported to New-Earth along with Supergirl through an interdimensional portal after the explosion that won the war against Apokolyps. They ended up on a shore where Helena saved Kara's life. They were forced to make new lives and moved on from their former aliases.


After embezziling money from Bruce Wayne, she created her own identity as the Huntress using half, while the other half went to Karen, she decided to use the money to purchase a company. She used this company to try to recreate the rift that sent them to New-Earth so they could go back home.

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