Grifter 2
Real Name
Cole Cash
Current Alias
Max Cash (brother, deceased)
Team Affiliations
Formerly Team 7
Notable Enemies
Daemonites, Helspont
Base Of Operations
New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status
Conman, Soldier

Abilities and Weaknesses
Telepathy, Telekinesis
First Appearance
Grifter Vol 3 1


Most Wanted

Grifter Most Wanted

Posing as Mr. Argent, Cole Cash completed a scam on Mr. Valdez and then called Gretchen Reese and told her that he was headed to the airport and would meet her in San Juan. However, before he could make it to the airport, Cole was attacked in an alley. Cole woke up tied to a table with an alien creature in a tank next to him. Cole broke free and when he left the warehouse, he ran into a possessed man and killed him. Believing he was only out for 17 minutes, Cole rushed to the airport and got on a plane to San Juan to meet Gretchen Reese. When Cole sat down, he could hear the thoughts of a possessed woman next to him and when he got up and began panicking, she attacked Cole with a metal spike and he deflected the attack and killed her. People began to panic and so Cole pretended he had a bomb and threatened an attendant to open the door. However, the attendant was also possessed and attacked Cole on his way out of the plane. Cole broke the man's neck and then they fell into the Ocean. 2 hours later, Cole called Gretchen and asked where she was and she told him that it had been 17 days since they were supposed to meet and that she had returned when he didn't show up.

Gretchen Reese met Cole Cash at a diner and Cole tried to explain the voices he was hearing and the aliens he had seen. A possessed cop arrived and Cole confronted him, but the alien didn't want to reveal itself. Cole attacked the cop and ended up starting an explosion to kill it and a confused Gretchen pointed a gun at Cole and told him not to follow her. Cole left the burning diner and knocked out a cop and took his car, covering his face with a handkerchief mask. While Cole was driving down the road, one of his tires was shot and the police car flipped. Cole kicked out the windshield and began shooting, recognizing his brother Max. Cole emptied his clip and jammed Max's gun with a bullet and then ran off.

Max Cash again made contact with Cole, arriving in helocopter and they argued about Cole leaving the military. Cole and Max were attacked by a Daemonite in human form and Max began shooting at him, but was attacked and the bullets hit the helocopter. Cole tried to save Max from the falling helocopter but was grabbed by the Daemonite and had to watch as his brother died in the crash. In anger, Cole shot the Daemonite in the head and killed it. Cole then went after Tsavo, who had been commanding the Daemonite and broke through his car window and held his gun to the Daemonite's head. Looking at Tsavo's GPS, Cole learned that he had come from Q-Core and so he decided to check it out. Grifter drove to Seattle and crashed the car through Q-Core Headquarters. He had a machine gun in one hand and his other was holding a handgun taped to Tsavo's head and he demanded to talk to Oliver Queen. Grifter could hear that their was another Daemonite in the building and he tried to find it, but Green Arrow arrived and shot an arrow that severed the connection to Tsavo. Grifter ran off and was followed by Green Arrow. Grifter stole a car and when he got stuck behind traffic, he shot through the windshield and jumped on the hood and began shooting at Green Arrow. Green Arrow shot Grifter's mask off and Grifter dived for it before he could get a good look. They both held their weapons pointed at each other and Grifter tried to explain he was after the Daemonites. However, Green Arrow didn't believe his story and pushed Grifter's gun aside and used an arrow to shock him and then let the police surround him. However, Grifter was saved when a stranger shot smoke grenades into the area so that he could escape. A girl,named Sofia on a bike told Grifter to get on and she drove off into safety. Sofia took Grifter to a secret workshop and told him that she wanted to help him hunt the Daemonites and then revealed her arsenal of weapons. Sofia told Cole that the only thing preventing her from going after the Daemonites was money and he told her that he could take care of that. Cole went out to find a mark to rip off and suddenly everyone froze around him except for some Daemonites that revealed themselves and attacked. Grifter took out as many Daemonites as he could and Tsavo stopped the attack and told Grifter to come quietly. However, Grifter refused and punched Tsavo and then Carver arrived with her ship. Sofia shot down the Daemonites holding Grifter, but was still unable to stop him from being taken onto the Daemonite ship. On the ship, Cole saw that the Daemonites also had Gretchen and the Daemonites prepared to summon the Black Curate.

Carver prepared to sacrifice Cole and welcome the Black Curate. The portal for the Black Curate was opened and Cole broke free of his bonds and ran to Gretchen Reese, telling her to believe in him and then he gave her a knife before the Daemonites grabbed him again. The Black Curate arrived and after an explosion, Cole got free and grabbed a gun and began attacking the Daemonites as Gretchen used the knife to escape and help. The Black Curate grabbed Carver and killed her in anger and told the Daemonites to kill Cole and Gretchen. However, Sofia arrived and blew them up with a grenade. The portal began to close and one of the Daemonites grabbed Gretchen and took her into the portal. Cole and Sofia were forced to escape and jumped out of the ship and parachuted down to the snow. Cole cringed as he heard something calling for help in his head and something crashed down to Earth.

Grifter travelled across the world in search of the source of the voice he'd been hearing in his head and tracked it to Nepal, in the Himalayas. However, shortly after he found a piece of the Eye of the Storm, Midnighter arrived and was surprised that Grifter knew about the Daemonites. Midnighter told Grifter he could not leave alive knowing the secret and so they began battling each other. The piece of ship told Grifter something escaped it and that it would transfer its data before it died and so Grifter came into contact and the data was directly transferred to him, giving him knowledge of Stormwatch. Grifter tried to escape Midnighter and cracked the ice so that he would fall in. However, Midnighter avoided the ice and pushed Grifter in and then destroyed the piece of the Eye before teleporting back to the rest of Stormwatch. Cole survived and escaped with newfound knowledge of the Daemonites.

Cole Cash and Sofia Cordón were leaving on a flight from Paris when a Daemonite showed itself and blew the plane up. Cole survived, but he was unable to save Sofia. Max, possessed by Myev, showed up in the wreckage with other Daemonites and attacked Cole. Cole fought them up the Eiffel Tower, trying to avoid killing his possessed brother. Cole lured Myev near an elevator and tried to reach Max. Max was able to get through to him, so Cole pulled Myev into the elevator away from the others and tried to figure out how to kill Myev without killing Max. However, Max told him that he was already gone and only a piece had survived and that Cole would have to kill both of them. Reluctantly Cole killed Myev and escaped, no longer caring about his own life but ready to take as many Daemonites down as he could.

New Found Power

Grifter New Found Power

In the Swiss Alps, Grifter was running from an elite class of Daemonites and was saved by a girl weilding swords. The Daemonites persisted and Grifter saved the girl, who introduced herself as Niko. Niko took Grifter to a safehouse and explained that she was a part of a group of resistance fighters and told Grifter that he was The Chosen, prophesied to lead a resistance against the Daemonites. They were going to meet the others at a rendezvous point, but they arrived at the safehouse and revealed that the meeting point was full of Daemonites and Deathblow introduced himself.

The Daemonite resistance was headed toward their fifth safehouse in a week when their truck was attacked and blown up. Grifter provided cover fire as Deathblow went to rescue Buck and his path was blocked by a Daemonite. Grifter shot the Daemonite and they all hid behind a rock, pinned down. Grifter began shooting at the Daemonites and revealed that he had telekinetic abilities and threw the Daemonites in the air then hit them with the truck. Grifter, Deathblow, Niko, and Buck made it to the safehouse and weren't there long before a being called Synge broke in and began attacking the group. The team's attacks did little against Synge and then Niko rode a motorbike into Synge, nearly taking out Grifter and Deathblow at the same time. However, Synge wasn't finished and Grifter was forced to use the extend of his telekinesis to pull up an entire forest and bury Synge in it. However, after the battle Niko revealed herself to be a traitor and shot both Grifter and Deathblow and took them to Helspont.

Grifter and Deathblow were brought before Helspont and Helspont proposed that they should unite against the Daemonites and Grifter refused. Grifter revealed that he had known Niko was a traitor and that his goal was to be brought to Helspont and then used his powers to attack Helspont and free himself and Deathblow. Grifter and Deathblow grabbed guns and Grifter threw Synge aside so that he could face Helspont. Meanwhile, Deathblow prepared to blow the ship up and get them to safety. Grifter fought Helspont until Deathblow told him he was ready and they both escaped in an escape pod as the ship blew up. However, they didn't realize that the ship repaired itself and Helspont remained unharmed.


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