El Diablo

El Diablo
Real Name
Lazarus Lane
Current Alias
El Diablo
Marital Status
Bank Teller

First Appearance
All-Star Western Vol 3 2



Lazarus Lane was a bank teller who after surviving a bank robbery was struck by lightning and then lay in a coma. He was resurrected from the dead and joined with a vengeful demon by Indian magic wielded by an Indian shaman, called Wise Owl, and became the western vigilante El Diablo.

Black River

Lazarus arrived at a town that was overrun by zombies under an Indian curse from Black River. He was close to being killed when he was saved by the Sheriff of the town. The sheriff and some other men have captured an Indian called Two Crows since he knows of Black River. Two Crows says that the only way the curse can be stopped is for a demon to kill the cursed. Lazarus says he will take care of them if they knock him unconscious. As the cursed dead begin to break in, one of the men knocks Lazarus unconsious and El Diablo rises. El Diablo attack the undead and is shot with an arrow by Black River. Though he is able to get rid of the undead, El Diablo is forced to return to his host before Lazarus dies from the injuries caused by Black River. Black River gets away and Lazarus releases Two Crows.


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