This is an approximate chronology of the New 52 DC Universe (DCnU) of the early 2000s.


  • NOTE: Mr. Triple X went into a coma (as referenced in Action Comics 0). [Occurs 7 years before Action Comics 0]



  • Action Comics 17 (Backup Story) - While saying goodbye to Clark on his Senior Prom night, Pa Kent suddenly saw Superman from the future in front of him. Superman explained that where he was, time was righting itself and he was happy to see Pa living again. He told Pa that he was happy and was helping as many people as he could.
  • Flashback: On Clark Kent's Senior Prom night, he danced with Lana Lang. The Kents got into a serious accident and Clark was informed at the dance by the police. The accident was caused by Vyndktvx using Mr. Kent's handkerchief to cause his fall (as seen in Action Comics 15 and 17). The Legion of Super-Heroes arrived too late to stop their death and witnessed Martha Kent die. Clark arrived at the scene of the accident and then went to the hospital. Jonathan Kent told Clark he knew he would die and that he wanted to die at home. Clark took his father back to their farm and Mr. Kent told Clark that he wanted him to use his powers for good before he died (as seen in Action Comics 17).
  • NOTE: The Kents pass away (as referenced in Action Comics 6).


  • Action Comics 6 (Backup Story) - After graduation, Clark Kent gave the Kent farm to Mr. Fry since his parents had died and he would be leaving Smallville. Before he left he said his goodbyes to his best friends, Lana Lang and Pete Ross.

  • Flashback: Adam Blake’s mother died and his father sent him away, believing he was the reason she died. Adam was taken by the Oort-kind (as seen in Action Comics 12). [Adam is around 18 years old]

  • Action Comics 0 (Backup story) - Erik Drekken was trying to continue the research done by Professor Emery Zackro, who theorized the existence of neosapiens, but Prof. Zackro refused to help since his career had been ruined. Erik went to the Blake farm, where Zackro had done his research, but was thrown off the property. On his drive back, Erik saw a UFO and almost hit a young man in the road and broke through the guard rail. He was saved by the man’s telekinetic abilities and learned that this was Adam, the boy Zackro studied. However, Adam refused to let Erik do further research on him since he was leaving with the Oort-kind to help save worlds that were destined to meet their doom. Erik became determined to get Zackro’s data and recreate the radiation from the comet to further the evolution of the human race.


  • NOTE: Cole Cash begins traveling around the country as a grifter (as referenced in Grifter 1). [Took place a decade before Grifter 1]

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