Doctor Thirteen

Terrence Thirteen
Real Name
Terrence Thirteen
Current Alias
Doctor Thirteen
Base Of Operations
Gotham City

Created by
First Appearance
All-Star Western Vol 3 11


The Haunted Highwayman

In 1881, the outskirts of Gotham were haunted by the Haunted Highwayman. The police went to Dr. Terrence Thirteen, who was convinced that the Highwayman is no ghost. He conferred with Dr. Arkham and then they set a trap for the Highwayman and surrounded him. He responded by blasting fire at the doctor and escaping. However, the doctor recognized the phosphorescent material the ghost was using and went to the university and asked the headmaster who might have access to those materials. They are pointed to Jonathan Rood and they confront him and he panicked and shot a police and accidentally shot his wife when the doctor stopped him. He explained that he had been fired while trying to cure his wife and had needed money. As Rood was hanged he cursed Dr. Thirteen until the end of time.


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