Deathstroke 2
Real Name
Slade Wilson
Current Alias
Deathstroke the Terminator
Nathaniel Wilson (father, deceased), Adeline (wife), Grant Wilson (son)

First Appearance
Deathstroke Vol 2 1


Early Days

Slade lived with his father, Nathaniel, who was a criminal that had to constantly move place to place after becoming indebted mob bosses everywhere. Nathaniel would beat his son, as he was the only thing he had power over. Eventually, Nathaniel owed a man named Rossi ten thousand dollars and made a deal with him to take Slade instead.


Slade trained his son, Grant, along with Alex. Cristoph believed Grant had potential but was unsure about Alex. However, Alex showed Cristoph that he could take a phone and make it self-destruct, impressing him, and then insisted he wanted to be called Peabody. Slade gave his son a mask and told him he would be expecting perfection. Deathstroke always criticized his son's performance. Grant became Ravager, and one of Deathstroke's enemies captured him and killed him before Deathstroke could save him.

Deathstroke Legacy


Soon after completing a job taking down Elsey Kopnek and his soldiers in Moscow, Slade met with Cristoph to take another job. Cristoph convinced Slade to take a job with a team of three youngsters to take down Jeffrey Bode who was supposed to be delivering nuclear secrets to Iran. The team decided to take the him out from the air and Deathstroke jumped onto Bode's plane and ripped the door off. Inside, he found soldiers modified with Clayface DNA that he just threw out of the plane and then Bode told him the mission was manufactured so he could give Deathstroke a briefcase. Deathstroke then armed an explosive and used a grapple shot by one of the boys to return to his plane as Bode's exploded. Afterwards, Cristoph suggested that the team could work together in the future; however, Slade said they were merely competition and killed the three youngsters. Slade met with Mikel, who wanted to pay for the contents of the briefcase. Slade told him it didn't contain nuclear secrets and that he was played. Mikel warned that all those in the bar had been payed to protect him but Deathstroke just saw it as a challenge and killed all of the assassins. Mikel had escaped into a car but Deathstroke had planted an explosive in the road and he detonated it, flipping the car. As Mikel called for help, Deathstroke threw a grenade into the car's window, almost killing Mikel. A plane arrived with a man dressed in a metal suit, calling himself Road Rage. Deathstroke launched Road Rage toward Mikel and into a plane, resulting in Mikel getting sliced by a propeller. Deathstroke faced a media camera and challenged anyone to come after him. Later, Deathstroke was was attaked by an assassin who he stabbed through the gut with his sword. While Slade trained against a robot, Cristoph expressed his worries of Slade advertising himself and the attention it attracted. Peabody arrived and Deathstroke asked him to look into the briefcase he received from Bode. Deathstroke took a job to kill Elmer Burnham and charged his fortress in the Colorado Rockies on a motorcycle. Deathstroke challenged Burnham to come out before he killed all his men. Instead, Deathstroke was attacked by an assassin called Legacy wearing the same costume as the one he killed earlier. Deathstroke easily defeated Legacy and found Burnham already dead. On his next job, Slade got arrested and was taken to a maximum security prison in New Mexico. However, this was a set up to get close to Warden Templeton, Deathstroke's next target. Slade took a paper clip out of his mouth, escaped the handcuffs, and killed the guards. The warden warned that the prison was on lock down and Slade put a grenade in the warden's mouth and escaped through a hole caused by the explosion. Afterwards, Slade noticed he had a tremor in his hand and that it was throwing off his accuracy. Slade met with Peabody, who told him the contents of the briefcase, the Ravenger mask belonging to his dead son, was genuine and had fresh blood, suggesting his son was alive. Peabody mentioned that as soon as he started a search on Nth metal, his firewall was breached by the Blackhawks, one of them being Lazlo. Slade set up a fake meeting with Lazlo, codenamed "Attila", and attacked him out of the sky. Lazlo explained that the Blackhawks were alerted by the search for illicit technology. When Slade returned, he found Cristoph murdered by the knife that came along with Ravager's mask and then had him cremated. Peabody suggested that there must have been a tracking device for the killer to find Cristoph and Slade smashed the knife's handle to find it. Peabody had missed the device since it only sent out signals every six hours and was then able to track the signal to a local address. Deathstroke went to the address and only found a laptop, realizing it was a trap. Deathstroke was then attacked by a new Legacy with superpowers. Legacy threw an entire submarine at Deathstroke and he barely survived. Deathstroke demanded to know where his son was but Legacy told him he was being payed by the parents of April, one of the youngsters he killed. Legacy thrust a sword into Deathstroke's shoulder and this gave Deathstroke the ability to plant a bomb on Legacy's chest. Deathstroke ran into the wrecked nuclear submarine and used the tech to create an EMP bomb that shut down Legacy's suit. Peabody rescued Deathstroke from the wreckage and Slade was sure that Grant was the one behind everything. Deathstroke found Grant, who was wearing a new Legacy suit, and Grant fought to prove he was better. Grant nearly beat the worn out Deathstroke, but April's parents shut the suit down and offered Deathstroke a way out of continually fighting new Legacy's if he killed his son. However, he merely stabbed April's father through the skull and was shot by the mother before killing her and collapsing. Deathstroke awoke in a bed under the care of a nurse after being saved by Peabody two days later. Deathstroke took a job to kill a man called Kill Switch and found him very inept. Kill Switch threatened to detonate a bomb that would kill both of them and Deathstroke dared him to do it, calling his bluff. Deathstroke pushed the button himself but surviving the explosion. Slade visited his father, on life support, and taunted that though he had recently considered quitting he wouldn't because he was better than his father.

Lobo Hunt

Deathstroke Lobo Hunt

While visiting his dead wife's grave, Deathstroke was attacked by a group of aliens and while being held in the air by a telekinetic, Deathstroke detonated hidden bombs in the fake headstones. Afterwards, a man called Maxim congratulated him and revealed the attack was a test and then introduced him to the group, calling themselves the Omegas. Deathstroke was offered a job, with the Omegas as backup, to take down the recently escaped Lobo. Deathstroke went to the prison Lobo escaped from to gather intel and was attacked by a Khund Warrior named Karlak. The Omegas attacked the Khund, since he had been a slaver, and then Karlak attacked Deathstroke, intending to sell his suit made of Nth metal to get off Earth. However, Deathstroke short circuited Karlak's armor, including his life support, and Karlak then attacked Kalista, who was worth more than the armor. In order to protect Kalista, Zealot stabbed Karlak through the stomach and before he died, Karlak warned that Lobo had probably reached the Starpoint already and it was too late. Zealot was able to pilot a ship to the Starpoint and upon entering, they were attacked by Lobo, who planned to use the ship to blow up Earth. Deathstroke fought Lobo and found himself completely outclassed and was barely able to escape death and ran off, letting the Omegas fight. Deathstroke took Lobo's bike and rammed it into Lobo, taking him high into the sky. Deathstroke placed a detonator on the bike as Lobo punched him off. As the bike exploded with Lobo, Deathstroke used a jetpack to return to the ground safely. Deathstroke learned that Primus had let Lobo get free so that he would lead the Omegas to the Starpoint, which they would use to leave Earth, except for Zealot. Deathstroke told Primus he would have to take responsibility for freeing Lobo and when Maxim arrived to congratulate him, Deathstroke punched Maxim and warned that he would be watching the Company, with Zealot as his eyes and ears. Before he left, Deathstroke kissed Zealot and told her she was special and he wanted to see her more.


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