Real Name
Katherine Manser
Current Alias
Mother (deceased), Sheriff Manser (father, deceased)
Base Of Operations
New Orleans, Louisianna
Marital Status

First Appearance
All-Star Western Vol 3 6



Kate's father, Sheriff Manser, was killed by the Robertson gang and her mother had died the winter before. Kate was sent to an orphanage where she had to learn to fight for herself and where the girls teased her by calling her Cinnamon. For years she would fight back and then get locked away by the Sisters. Finally, she stole a horse from the stables and rode off. However, she had no plan and very little supplies and after two weeks her horse died and she was on the brink of death herself. She was saved by a man named Ichi, who took her in and taught her many ways to fight. She trained with him in the desert for three years and then one morning she woke up and Ichi was gone. She began fighting criminals, calling herself Cinnamon.

Nighthawk and Cinnamon

Cinnamon became partners and fell in love with Nighthawk. While taking on the Robertson's Gang, they were taken down and thrown in a mine shaft. The entrance to the mine was dynamited shut and they were left to starve with nothing but a lamp. While wandering the mine, they found the tomb of two Mayans with mystical amulets. The amulets gave them the ability to climb out of the mine and escape. Later, they took on Robertson's Gang in a flooded graveyard full of alligators. They defeated the men and threaten one with getting eaten by alligators until he agreed to talk. Robertson is in a carnival parade and Nighthawk and Cinnamon kissed as they waited for the news to reach the gangster. After Robertson arrived back at his place his house exploded and his men ran off in fear. They are going to keep him alive but when Robertson makes a move to get Nighthawk, Cinnamon killed him.

August 7

Nighthawk and Cinnamon were going after a group called the August 7 when Hex arrived in search of the leader of a child labor ring he busted. They request Jonah's help stopping the August 7 as he is good at finding people. At first Hex refused but after getting his nose broken by Nighthawk he reluctantly agreed to help. While Hex attempted to infiltrate the August 7, Nighthawk and Cinnamon attempted to find more information. Hex revealed that he was given an offer and that he could join after sinking a ship at the docks. Nighthawk and Cinnamon tried to stop him from going through with it; however, he pointed a gun at Cinnamon's head and took Nighthawk's talisman and then headed to the dock. When Hex arrived at the dock to get the explosives the man revealed that he had captured Arkham, who had talked about Hex's plans. They were then put on a boat full of explosives where Hex breaks his bonds with the talisman he stole. Nighthawk and Cinnamon were able to stop the August 7 and after Hex returned the talisman.


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