• Elementalgirl13

    The new DCU is here! (obviously) There are many, many new, reimagined, and back from the dead characters. Barry Allen is no longer married to Iris Allen, and, in fact is dating Patty Spivot, a previously deceased character. Barbara Gordon is back in action as Batgirl, a development that was very welcome in my book, as she was my favorite of the, what is it, five, other Batgirls? Supergirl has just arrived on Earth, and has 'no love for humanity' (?) Superboy has been cloned by N.O.W.H.E.R.E, which is looking like the Dark Side Club mixed with Cadmus. What do you think? What new chararacters do you like or dislike? What directions do you hope DCnU will take? What characters do you miss from the old DCU?

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