Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey
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Birds of Prey
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Gotham City
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Trouble in Mind

Birds of Prey Trouble in Mind

Ev and Dinah were being followed by reporter Charlie Keen and Dinah asked Barbara Gordon to join the Birds of Prey and she instead offered Katana as a possible recruit. Later, Starling drove a car through the wall of a church to save Charlie and Black Canary snuck up on a sniper wearing an invisibility suit and took him down. However, Canary didn't see the many other hidden thugs and had a cord pulled around her neck and she was able to cut it and use her Canary cry to incapacitate the thugs for a short period. Canary jumped on top of the car along with one of the attackers, who kissed her after proclaiming "I'm the one who just killed you" and was then knocked off. Canary climbed into the car and told Charlie that she believed he was a pawn to draw the Birds of Prey into the open. At the airport, Charlie got a call and then exploded and when security showed up and Ev distracted him while Dinah gathered evidence. Ev then stole a cart and picked up Dinah and then crashed through a window to escape. In a secret meeting place, Ev revealed that a source identified 2 chemicals from Charlie's bloodstream as explosive and found another unknown chemical. Katana showed herself and Dinah Dinah revealed she had invited Katana to join the Birds of Prey. Dinah met the contact, Dr. Trevor Cahill, who identified the unknown compound as a drug used for treatment of strokes but still in clinical trials. Also, 4 out of the 5 facilities that make the drug had recently been broken into. Later, the Birds of Prey went to the remaining facility and were surrounded by the thugs and Katana began killing them and Starling subdued one. Outside, they were greeted by Poison Ivy and Canary revealed she had invited her to join the team as well. The others didn't like the idea and attacked and Ivy held them off with vines and Starling dropped an explosive device at Ivy's feet. Ivy asked to let her prove herself and seduced the captured thug into revealing the location of a safe house, but then he started reciting a nursery rhyme and blew up with Ivy taking the brunt of the explosion and saving them. Ivy went to recover in the forest and the others went to the safe house and the only thing there were two names on scraps of paper that could indicate other human bombs. The Birds of Prey boarded a train to Metropolis that both targets were on. Dinah and Ev drugged the targets while Tatsu searched for soldiers and Pamela stopped the train. However, when Tatsu found soldiers, Pamela was tasered and Dinah heard a voice in her head telling her to call of the mission since she had been implanted with a bomb. As the voice began to recite a nursery rhyme, Dinah tried to call off the mission unsuccessfully and then tried to jump out of the train but instead Ev knocked her out. Katana lured the soldiers onto the roof of the train and then killed them and as Ev ran to help Pamela, Ivy managed to stop the train. Ivy interrogated an attacker and learned the targets weren't ever bombs but victims of Choke, who was using mind-control to control his men, known as Cleaners. Later, Dinah was taken to Dr. Cahill, who deactivated the drug. The Birds of Prey along with Batgirl went to investigate one of Choke's hiding places and found an empty room before realizing the Cleaners were blending into the walls and surrounding them. Suddenly, they all heard Choke's voice and told them all they wouldn't remember anything and then they woke up on the streets with no recollection of the event. Confused, Canary told them to meet at the RH Kane building in 24 hours and they all went separate ways. Ev did target practice and then met with June, who had told her she didn't want to see Ev again. Dinah went to see Barbara, who didn't remember being with them the previous night and then later went to train in a dojo and was surprised when Katana joined her. Poison Ivy meditated in a forest and then a man met her and delivered a briefcase. Dinah recognized the face of a man named Eric Beetner in a paper and then later the Birds of Prey met and Canary explained that the Cleaners were sleeper agents. However, Starling had her memory tampered and went to the wrong place, a bridge, and was forced to jump off it to avoid the men who had been pursuing her for years. The Birds of Prey began finding Choke's Cleaners and deactivated the drug. One, Brendon Hill, decided to go back as a mole but then his coworkers began to chant nursery rhymes and the Birds of Prey rushed in to save him. Starling and Batgirl cornered Trevor Cahill in the basement, believing he was Choke. Trevor started quoting a nursery rhyme and commanded Starling to shoot Batgirl and Batgirl had to dodge. Canary used her Canary cry to knock the Cleaners out and Batgirl warned her that Cahill was Choke and they both captured him and Canary ignored Batgirl when she tried to warn her about Starling, causing Batgirl to leave. Later, they confronted Trevor and when Ivy tried to seduce him, Trevor began reciting a nursery rhyme and caused her body to reject the Green. Starling pointed her gun at Trevor and he forced her to point the gun at Katana until Canary knocked her out, realizing her mistake. Katana then cut Trevor's head off and explained that her husband within the sword would ask questions. Later, Canary broke into Trevor's apartment to look for evidence and angrily began smashing things. Batgirl arrived and they reconciled and later Katana called and reported that Trevor wasn't Choke.


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