Batwoman 2
Real Name
Katherine Kane
Current Alias
Jacob Kane (father), Gabi Kane (mother, deceased), Elizabeth Kane (twin-sister, deceased), Bette Kane (cousin)
Base Of Operations
Gotham City
Marital Status

First Appearance
Batwoman (Volume 2) 1



Kate grew up along with her sister, Beth, and would defend her from bullies while Beth kept her from going to far. Kate, Beth, and their mother were kidnapped by terrorists and Kate was the only one to survive. Jacob, her father, continued to raise Kate until she made it into West Point. However, Kate found a girlfriend, Sophie, at West Point and was thrown out under Don't Ask Don't Tell. Kate threw herself into a life of alcohol and casual sex. Kate met Batman for the first time after being attacked by a mugger and beating him up. Kate fought crime as a masked vigilante for a few months before her father found out and decided to help her. Jacob had Kate train with men he had worked with and the first two were enjoyable for her. The last 12 months Kate trained were rough; she was tortured, forced through, beat, put through almost impossible situations and was then given a break in Africa, feeding children and administering vaccines. She learned that past year were meant to test her will and that the break was a way to talk her out of fighting crime. That angered Kate, and she then went out and took down warlords herself. Kate was given a final mission, to rescue a family being held hostage. Kate got through every obstacle and found the family with their throats already slit. Angered, Kate fought the man and wrestled the knife from him and held it to his throat but then found she couldn't kill him. The man revealed himself to be Jacob, who explained it was all a set up to see if Kate would ever cross the line and kill someone. Kate then returned to Gotham as Batwoman, taking on the Religion of Crime. When Beth returned as a villain, Kate became angry at her father for not telling her Beth was alive.


Batwoman Hydrology

When a family was being attacked by a ghost called the Weeping Woman, Batwoman broke through the window and while attempting to stop the spirit, the Weeping Woman disappeared with the children. The next day, Kate Kane went to the GCPD to see Detective Maggie Sawyer and was distracted by a picture of Renee Montoya, with whom she had once been in a relationship and then arranged a date with Sawyer. That night, Kate took her cousin Bette on patrol with her and she told Bette she would no longer be Flamebird, but Plebe until she said otherwise. Batwoman and Bette watched Sawyer and Commissioner Gordon investigate a crime scene and learned that the Weeping Woman is an urban legend, a girl that drowned her own kids and then herself and came back as a vengeful spirit. Later, after defeating Q-Ball and the Pool Hall Gang, Batwoman told Bette that she worried Bette wasn’t taking vigilantism seriously. Colonel Jake Kane, Kate’s father, comes to visit and Kate angrily threw him out. Later, while examining the crime scene, Batwoman was visited by Batman and offered a position in Batman, Incorporated. Kate discussed the invitation with Bette, who thought it would be a great opportunity, though Kate was wary of taking orders from Batman. Kate met Maggie at a club and she told Kate that an Agent Cameron Chase was investigating her because Chase thought Maggie could be Batwoman. They left and Kate declined an invitation to go into Maggie’s house, but Kate told her she would like to see her again soon. Later, Batwoman met Batman and asked him for information on Agent Chase. Batman explained that the D.E.O. were keeping tabs on vigilantes and that Chase was there to unmask Batwoman. Batwoman broke into Sawyer’s office and found a picture of a boathouse in Gotham Harbor and when Maggie came in and tried to arrest her, Batwoman got away and went to investigate the boathouse. While at the boathouse, the water rose and Batwoman was drug underwater by the Weeping Woman, who sensed the pain in Batwoman’s past. She was able to break free and struggled to the surface, where she was almost captured by Chase. Batwoman escaped on her motorcycle and when she returned home, she told Bette she wouldn’t train her anymore, causing Bette to storm off. Maggie arrived and demanded an explanation for standing her up and all Kate could do was cry. Maggie comforted and they kissed and then made love for the first time. The next night, Batwoman interrogated a woman running an illegal medical clinic and revealed that she knew the woman was at the morgue when two drowned children had been brought there. Batwoman told her she wouldn’t bust her if she gave information on the children and the doctor revealed the children drowned while playing in a boathouse and the mother came drunk to identify the children. The doctor said the mother’s name was Maria Salvaje and one of the patients burst out that Maria was the risen dead. Batwoman broke into Maria’s apartment and found Maria’s drunken father and he told her that Maria was dead. Batwoman determined she needed fire to defeat the Weeping Woman and returned to the boathouse. She demanded to know where the children were and the Weeping Woman appeared. Batwoman broke free of the Weeping Woman’s visions and condemned her for the deaths of her children and then lit the boathouse on fire. As Maria began evaporating she explained that she was made this vengeful spirit by Medusa, who had the children. Back at her apartment, Kate was confronted by Chase and Director Bones, who revealed that Bette had been injured and revealed Kate’s identity and that they want Batwoman to help them defeat Medusa. She accepted the offer and when visiting Bette and told her she was joining the D.E.O. instead of Batman. Batman stepped out of the shadows and told her it was a mistake and that the decision would put them at odds and one day she would be forced to make an impossible decision.

To Drown the World

Batwoman To Drown the World

Kate continued to see Maggie Sawyer, and when Maggie asked about a bruise, she replied that she had been taking up boxing and that her dad had taught her how. When Maggie asked about Kate's father, she would shut down and she refused to talk about her family and past. A week later, Batwoman continued taking down Medusa members with the help of Cameron Chase, employing her new bullet-proof suit made of nano-tubes that the D.E.O. provided. When Kate was on a date with Maggie, she saw Kyle Abbott watching her and went outside to confront him. Abbott explained he had come for help and that Medusa had been attacking the Religion of Crime because of their magic. He explained that the Medusa leader, Falchion, commanded arcane power but Kate told Abbott to keep his cult away from her. The next week, Chase gave Batwoman some new gear and when she was hesitant to use it, Chase threatened prison for Kate's father. Chase also assigned Kate to an extraction mission, retrieving Sune from Detective Sawyer. Chase showed Kate pictures of Maggie being flirtatious with a waitress and told Kate that she couldn't let their relationship end and told Kate to fish for information on the case from Maggie. The next night, Batwoman intercepted Sune's transfer on a boat and accidentally tranquilized Maggie. Chase and Batwoman successfully extracted Sune and Chase offered Sune immunity in exchange for her cooperation. A couple of nights later, Sune told Batwoman and Chase that Falchion's secret lair had a secret entrance and that the secret was on Falchion's yacht. Batwoman mentioned that she had been invited to a party on the yacht the next day and would take Sune. The next night, Kate took Maggie with her to the party and then met up with Sune to find the secret. There was no information on Falchion's laptop, but then Kate was able to pick the lock of a chest, which contained a map of Falchion's lair. Kate reunited with Maggie, but Maggie was then called away by Harvey Bullock. Three days later, while looking for the secret lair, Batwoman, Sune and Chase had found Killer Croc in the sewers and Chase used explosives that caused the street above to fall on them and injure one of Chase's men. Batwoman followed a passage that Killer Croc escaped through and then headed to the Falchion's lair. Batwoman found the hideout and encountered the man with a hook that had harmed Bette a month before. Batwoman's suit protected her from being harmed by the hook and she then grabbed it and in revenge for putting Bette in a coma, she ripped the hook out and was surprised when the hook began talking and the man returned to his normal form, Rush, who Batwoman had promised to protect. Falchion then arrived with the rest of his monsters and commanded them to attack Batwoman. Batwoman used a weapon that the D.E.O. provided to attack each of the monsters with specific attacks that targeted their weaknesses. Falchion used the life of a child to force Batwoman to deactivate the device, and used his sword to pierce Batwoman's suit. Before Falchion could kill Batwoman, Sune shot him with arrows and then used blackout bombs that absorbed light before he could attack back. Falchion disappeared in the darkness and then suddenly leapt out and slashed Sune in the gut, causing Batwoman to use a device to blow up Falchion's head (which reformed with magic) and then she went to Sune's side and they shared a kiss. Batwoman then recoiled and told Sune she didn't have feelings for her and Sune went to finish Falchion off. Batwoman tried to stop her but was too late and then realized Sune had never been helping them, but merely wanted to take Falchion's place and revealed herself to be Maro, Medusa's shape-shifter. As Maro began his escape with the kidnapped children through a portal, Chase leapt out and tried to shoot him before she was stopped by Batwoman's electrified gloves. As the weeping woman flooded the place, Batwoman made her escape with Chase. The next day, Kate admitted to Maggie that she had kissed another woman but that it had felt wrong. Kate shared her past with Maggie, showing her through photos, and Maggie showed Kate a picture of her daughter.

World's Finest

Batwoman continued to look for the lost children 9 months after they had been taken. Batwoman teamed up with Kyle Abbott, trailing Bloody Mary and while in a mirror maze she attacked Abbott and Batwoman shot Bloody Mary, causing her to shatter. Batwoman interrogated the shards of Mary, who told her that Medusa wasn't an organization but the Queen of Monsters and then Batwoman crushed the glass under her foot. Batwoman returned to Chase and Director Bones, who made Falchion's yacht their base, and convinced Bones to let her get help from Wonder Woman on the condition that she record everything with a camera on her mask. When Kate told Maggie she was leaving, this upset her and she wanted to know where Kate had been the night they first made love. When Kate said she couldn't, to avoid revealing her identity, Maggie told her not to come back until she could. Batwoman found Wonder Woman and told her about the cituation, asking for her help. Wonder Woman took Batwoman to a prison below the ocean where Medusa was supposed to be kept prisoner, but as they entered they found the sentries missing and the corpses of guards. Deeper in the labyrinth, they found a minotaur guard that explained the death was caused by Nyx. Batwoman and Wonder Woman were then attacked and burried by giant black worms. Batwoman was able to free herself and then rescued Wonder Woman and used a blinding light to escape Nyx and the prison. They went to the desert to find Pegasus, the son of Medusa, whom Nyx mentioned Medusa was going to kill. They found Pegasus with severe wounds inflicted by Falchion when he refused to help free Medusa. Pegasus agreed to tell them where Medusa was in exchange for killing him; after Wonder Woman agreed, he revealed that Medusa was in Gotham and then Wonder Woman cut his head off as payment. When Batwoman and Wonder Woman made it to Gotham they found Medusa and the Hydra causing massive destruction. Wonder Woman told Batwoman to go after Medusa and the children while she handled the Hydra. Batwoman fought through Medusa cultists in her search for the children and was joined by Abbott. When Batwoman found Medusa she was overwhelmed and begged the Weeping Woman to help, the Weeping Woman then turned on Maro for drowning her children and drowned him and his followers. However, Maro's rituals had been completed as Ceto, the Mother of all monsters arose from the ocean. Wonder Woman joined the battle and Abbott attacked Medusa and was turned to stone and killed. Bette also joined the battle as Hawkfire and she helped Batwoman and Wonder Woman shatter Bloody Mary. Batwoman used a shard of the mirror to reflect Medusa's image back at her and turned her to stone and then smashed her. The monster Ceto then dissipated into a nude woman who explained that she didn't have the same agenda as Medusa and wanted to rewrite her history. Wonder Woman didn't believe Ceto could change but Batwoman kept her from killing Ceto and convinced her to help the woman instead. Batwoman then told Wonder Woman that the D.E.O. had forced her to record Wonder Woman with a camera and gave it to Wonder Woman, who smashed it. Chase was angry to find out the camera was ruined and then Batwoman led the children to Maggie and then ran to Maggie and kissed her, asking Maggie to marry her.


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