Real Name
David Zavimbe
Current Alias
Formerly: One of the Dragonflies (along with Isaac Zavimbe)
Isaac Zavimbe (brother)
Team Affiliations
Notable Enemies
Base Of Operations
Tinasha, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Marital Status
Tinasha police officer, formerly soldier in the Army of Dawn

Place of Birth
Congo, Africa



David’s parents both died of AIDS before he ever got to know them and he grew up with his brother Isaac. Their village was raided by the Army of Dawn and they were taken by General Keita’s men. David and Isaac fought with the Army of Dawn and were known as the Dragonflies because of their speed and agility. They were very good at raiding villages and would kill all the men but they refused to let anyone touch women or children. Once, the Dragonflies beat down their entire squad for trying to punish them. David and Isaac were promoted to General Keita’s elite squad where they continued to excel. The squad discovered the hiding place of Okuru; however, the village was filled with women and children and the Dragonflies wanted to go in quietly and kill Okuru themselves. When Keita decided to blow up the compound, David begged him not to do it and Isaac shot into the air, warning of their attack. Isaac was beaten for betraying Keita and when Isaac tried to kill Keita, he was slashed by a machete and he fell over a cliff. David escaped into the jungle and at night he took Keita and he left him for Okuru. Afterwards, David was taken in by Matu at the Children’s Harbor, where there were many orphans that had fought for Warlords. After fleeing from the Army of Dawn, David suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder that prevented him from sleeping through an evening for over three years. While he was at the Children's Harbor, David befriended Rachel Niamo, who soon left the Harbor full of anger. While he was still at the child soldier rescue compound, he would sneak out at night and go into Tinasha to beat up criminals. When he was older, David joined the Tinasha police department and was appalled by the corruption of the officers. One day, Matu Ba and Rene Diallo were attacked by a superhuman calling himself Death Jack, who ended up killing Rene and leaving Matu in critical condition. David put on a mask and at night he found Death Jack and beat him close to death and then left him tied up in front of the police station. He began fighting crime as a vigilante and was joined by others in the fight. One day, while stopping an arms deal with Blood Tiger’s gang, Batman showed up and told David that he could help. Batman took David and Matu Ba to the Batman Incorporated Armory, inviting David to join Batman Incorporated and gain access to the technology that could help in his battle against crime. Batman also provided an armored suit and David became Batwing.

The Lost Kingdom

Batwing The Lost Kingdom

Batwing attacked a drug cartel run by Blood Tiger and flew off with Blood Tiger to get information and discovered a pile of corpses. At the police station, David discussed the case with Kia Okuru, who found a wallet belonging to Dede Yeboah (left by David for her to find). Back at The Haven, Batwing and Batman discovered a military file identifying Dede as Earth Strike of The Kingdom. Later, David returned to police headquarters and found his fellow officers slaughtered and he was then stabbed from behind with a machete by a man calling himself Massacre. He was barely saved from death by Kia and then he passed out from the blood loss. David woke up two weeks later in the Haven and Matu tried to stop David from going back out but David tranquilized him and using satellite imaging he found Massacre attacking Thunder Fall and went after him. Batwing stopped Massacre from killing Thunder Fall and again he was almost killed, but Thunder Fall saved him by shocking Massacre and Batwing got Thunder Fall to a hospital. Thunder Fall explained that Massacre was killing the members of The Kingdom for some atrocity they committed, for betraying Africa. Nothing happened for two more weeks, at which time Batwing was too late to save Dawnfire from dying in a fire set by Massacre. Later, on the day the Citadel, headquarters of The Kingdom, was opening as a museum, Josiah Kone, scientist for The Kingdom, was going to speak so both David and Batman were prepared for Massacre to make an appearance. Many men dressed like Massacre, though they were different men, attacked and tried to assassinate Kone, but Batwing and Batman took them down. However, they were merely trying to scare the crowd away and then the Citadel was blown up. Batwing interrogated one of the men and with his phone he tracked Massacre to Gaza, Egypt. Batwing arrived in time to stop Massacre from killing Steelback and they fought. After things he said, Batwing believed Massacre could somehow be General Keita. When Massacre went after a bus with Steelback and many others inside, Batwing set him on fire. Massacre slashed the gas tank and set it on fire and while Batwing saved the people inside, Massacre escaped. Steelback revealed that two other members were in Gotham City and that’s where Massacre would go next. In Gotham, Batgirl reported that neither Razorwire nor Staff had been seen for a week and Nightwing and Robin found their residence had been empty at least three days. Steelback revealed that The Kingdom had committed an atrocity when they made a deal with Okuru that they would extract him to safety and let him surrender that he would tell his army to stand down. This left the Warlords to stand against the People’s Army and over 50,000 died that day. Batgirl discovered warehouses owned by Razorwire and Staff under a shell company and when Nightwing and Robin investigated, they found the two heroes dead. They were faced by Massacre and Steelback’s suit (remotely controlled) until Batman and Batwing arrived. While the others took down Steelback’s armor, Batwing faced Massacre and defeated him. However, when he knocked Massacre’s mask off, Batwing discovered it was his brother Isaac. Before he could tell Isaac who he was, the armor self-destructed and Isaac escaped in the confusion. Batwing traced a signal back to Josiah Kone, who was behind the attacks and directing Massacre.

Night of the Owls, In the Shadows of the Ancients

After his battle with Massacre, Batwing made sure his armor would be more proficient against larger antagonists. Once he went to Lucius Fox to acquire aquatic upgrades for his suit, so that he could attack piracy in Somalia. Since the upgrade would take two days, Fox invited David to attend a gala hosted by Batman Incorporated and Matu accepted the invitation for him. While attending the gala, David detected a fire and then discovered it was a distraction after finding several people murdered. Matu received a call from Alfred, declaring that the Court of Owls was attacking several important individuals and asking for help from the Batman Family to stop them. A Talon went after Lucius Fox, but Batwing intervened and saved him. Batwing quickly discovered that the Talon regenerated and Matu told him that the Talon could only be subdued by freezing temperatures or massive tissue loss. The Talon took Ambassador Vanul, a former Warlord, hostage and Lucius stepped forward to save the man’s life. Batwing used explosives to blow the arms off of the Talon, defeating him.

Batwing In the Shadows of the Ancients

Batwing had been after a pirate crew, called the Jackals, for five weeks when he finally caught them taking over a luxury ship. He took the crew down with tranquilizers while one member escaped back onto their ship. Batwing followed him and found a hostage, but right then the Jackal blew up the ship, killing himself and the other man. Using facial recognition software, Batwing discovered the other man was a Chinese nuclear scientist, named Hui Deng. In Beijing, Batwing and Nightwing searched Deng’s residence and Batwing used a device he created to download information on Deng’s computer use. However, they were attacked by Dragon and his men before they could finish and had to hold the men off until the download completed. Matu reported that his entire family, from which he was estranged, was just killed and he would be going to Tundi, ruled by the tyrant Lord Battle. Batwing was able to follow the trail from the information he gathered to Uzbekistan, where he found The Wanton, a group of mercenaries. After he and Nightwing defeated them, Batwing encrypted their e-mail and discovered that the man behind the deals was the Penguin and that he had provided someone with a nuclear bomb. Matu reported to Batwing and told him that he just discovered Lord Battle was drilling for oil and then Matu got shot; Lord Battle warned Batwing to stay out of Tundi. Batman got information from Penguin that he had sold the bomb to Lord Battle and Batwing believed that Lord Battle would use the nuclear bomb to destroy the oil reserves in the Rivers State and eliminate his competition. He brought in Nightwing and the Justice League International to help take on Lord Battle and they split up in three groups to block a signal masking Tundi from satellites so that Batman could find the bomb’s location. They succeeded in blocking the signal and were attacked by Blood Storm, Lord Battle’s men. Batman was able to get the location and when they went to the building, Lord Battle joined the fight. Matu, still alive, was able to relay a message that Lord Battle got his powers from being in Tundi. With their combined strength, the heroes were able to get Lord Battle off the ground and Batwing launched him just outside of Tundi. Once Lord Battle was out of Tundi, he lost his strength and also everything in Tundi began withering without him there. Batwing convinced Lord Battle to save his country by remaining confined in a cement cell.

Father Lost

A man calling himself Father Lost began leading a group called the Finders, with the intent of causing others pain. When General Jordaan stole a jet, Batwing went after him and found that he had been affected by Father Lost. He was forced to redirect the plane from crashing into the city and instead into the desert. Kia had captured one of the Finders and when she accepted bribe money, David was disappointed. Kia explained that she had to so that the officer's trusted her and also that her niece had been missing for two days. David interrogated the prisoner using a holographic imager but he saw through it and grabbed David, making him one of them until Kia knocked the prisoner over the head. Later, Batwing arrived at one of the Finder's rituals that the vigilante Dawn was trying to break up. He helped her free the victims but was then under Father Lost's control. He attacked Dawn and she put an amulet around his neck which brought him back. When the police arrived, Batwing trapped many of the Finders in a net and Dawn disappeared, leaving her knife on the scene. Using the fingerprints on the knife, Batwing discovered Dawn was Rachel Niamo from the Children's Harbor years ago. He found out that she had worked for the government with General Jordaan and went to Ms. Cotalla who had worked with them. She told Batwing that she and 5 others, Rachel one of them, had discovered Father Lost's cult and that he had caused 3 of them to kill themselves. Batwing saved Dawn from another ritual that was a trap for her. However, Father Lost had come personally and he stabbed Rachel and then took over Batwing's mind. The police arrived and Batwing attacked, but Matu overrode his armor was able to shock him back to normal. Father Lost escaped and Batwing got Rachel to the hospital, saving her. Batwing went after Father Lost and defeated him.