Real Name
Current Alias
Dark Knight
Damian Wayne (son), Thomas Wayne (father, deceased), Martha Wayne (mother, deceased), Thomas Wayne, Jr. (brother)
Notable Enemies
Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Riddler, Clayface, Penguin, Bane, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Professor Strange, Mad Hatter, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul
Base Of Operations
Gotham City
Marital Status



Early History

Bruce is the son of Martha and Thomas Wayne. When he was three, he and his parents were in a car accident that caused Thomas Wayne, Jr. to be born too early and apparently die. When Bruce Wayne was only ten years old he witnessed the murder of both his parents one September night. After watching his parents die, Bruce couldn't accept that his parents were killed by a nobody. He investigated the existence of the Court of Owls. Bruce had thought he discovered their hiding place but when he went there he found an empty room and and didn't notice the door close in his shock. Bruce ended up locked in there for a week and was found comatose by Alfred and he had to spend three weeks in a hospital recovering.


Bruce left Gotham and dedicated his life to training so that he would be able to fight crime, training under six men. He trained with some of the Far East's martial arts masters, Chu Chin Li and Tsunetomo. The last man he trained with was Henri Ducard, a master huntsman. He tried to catch Ducard's interest and fought and defeated his son, Morgan Ducard. Henri pointed a gun at Bruce and asked what he wanted, and Bruce replied that he wanted to be trained by him, and he agreed. Bruce and Morgan trained together and they tracked a terrorist named Hassan. They prepared to catch him and Bruce watched as Henri shot the man and Bruce realized Henri was a contract killer and left. Henri sent Morgan to kill Bruce and Bruce nearly beat him to death and threw him on Henri's desk.

When he first arrived back in Gotham, Bruce avoided Wayne Manor and set up a new home and base near Crime Alley. Bruce fought crime as a vigilante and took on the Red Hood Gang. Once he infiltrated the Red Hood Gang as Red Hood #5, but he was found out when their leader saw Bruce using his right hand during a bank robbery while Red Hood #5 was left-handed. Bruce was able to escape on a motorcycle but he realized he was too careless. He decided he needed to be something more and one night a bat crashed through a window in Wayne Manor and Bruce decided to become the Batman.

Justice League

When Darkseid and his Parademons attacked Earth, he had been chasing one of the demons and was joined by Green Lantern, whose ring had informed him of an alien presence in Gotham. The demon set off a Mother Box which caused an explosion and started putting out a signal. The two of them went to Metropolis to ask Superman if he knew anything about this alien and they ended up getting into a fight with Superman. They were soon joined by the Flash and were able to explain that they were not there to fight. Superman knew nothing of the demons and said that one had also attacked Gotham. Soon the Mother Boxes activated and created Boom Tubes that allowed Parademons through. The heroes were joined by Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman in fighting the demons and Darkseid. When Superman was taken by the demons, Batman allowed them to take him to their world where he found Superman and rescued him. They were able to defeat Darkseid and afterwards Batman joined the others in forming the Justice League.

Born to Kill

Batman and Robin Born to Kill

On the anniversary of his parents death, Bruce Wayne told Damian about his parents death and had decided that he would now put the past behind him. Alfred alerted them about a situation at Gotham University and Batman and Robin found men collecting irradiated fuel rods. Robin lept into action, followed by Batman, and Robin (against orders) took off after some men that escaped. The men steal the Gyro and after Robin's actions caused the men to shoot and ignite the irradiated fuel. Batman blasted a hole in a ceiling and the water from a pool filled the reactor, containing the situation and afterwards Batman chastised Robin for not thinking of the consequences of his actions. Another night, Batman and Robin intercepted a weapons shipment and Batman was proud of Robin's restraint. Bruce adopted a Great Dane for Damian and a man named Morgan told Bruce he was disgusted with his activities as Batman, especially by franchising the name through Batman Incorporated. This meeting caused Batman to increase defenses around the Manor and he had Robin stay home on his nightly patrols. Robin went out anyways on the third night and Batman was forced to intervene when Morgan, calling himself NoBody, immobilized Robin. Morgan used ultrasonic waves to incapacitate Batman, who ended up hit by a car. Batman and Robin come to, strapped to a truck, and are forced to watch a film highlighting the insanity they have to fight over and over again. NoBody believes criminals should be killed so they can't commit more crimes, and when Batman refuses to see his ways, NoBody prepares to kill them. Batman had activated a tracking device and Alfred used a remote Batplane to open fire on NoBody, allowing Batman and Robin to escape. In the Batcave, Bruce told Damian that Morgan is the son of Henri Ducard, one of the six men that trained him and Alfred warned Bruce that he should have told the whole story. Bruce found a note from Damian, saying he was leaving, and decided to find Damian and make things right. Batman used security cameras around Gotham to search for Damian's fighting style and discovered he attacked an embassy and he asked Jim Gordon for a couple hours to find Damian. Batman got a signal from Damian and barely arrived to save Robin. Batman beat NoBody in rage and nearly decided to kill him by dunking him in acid and when NoBody threatened that he would return to kill them, Damian killed him. Damian collapsed and Batman took him to the Batcave to heal. When Damian recovered, Batman explained why he didn't kill and Damian decided to make amends. Needing time to recover, Bruce and Damian took time to have some father and son time.

Faces of Death

Detective Comics Faces of Death

Batman had been after the Joker and when he finally tracked him down, Joker used an explosive and Batman chose to save a little girl and let Joker escape. The Gotham police arrived and attacked Batman until Commissioner Gordon told them to help the girl, allowing Batman to escape. Batman met Gordon at the Bat-signal and the Commissioner told him that the girl mentioned that Joker was staying above Roscoe's pharmacy. Batman suspected a trap and when he got there he found the police entering, but a Joker dummy was rigged to explode and it killed the officers. Batman saw Joker leaving the scene and was able to catch him and left him at Arkham Asylum. Later, Hugh Marder met with Wayne and let him know that he would be going with Wayne Enterprises in the bid to control HM Industries. They were interrupted when reporter Charlotte Rivers arrived for a surprise meeting and they made love in his office. As Batman, he met Gordon at Arkham and learned of Joker's escape and that Joker's face was found skinned and on the wall of his cell. Also, the girl he had saved earlier, Olivia Carr, was kidnapped by an old associate of the serial killer Wesley Mathis. An officer made a call about the girl and Batman went to the crime scene, where he found the kidnapper and officer both dead. Batman was attacked by men with masks made of skin and jabbed with an anaesthetic. Batman awoke and met the Dollmaker and was able to overcome the Dollmaker's men and escape out a window. In the Batcave, Batman pieced clues together and discovered that Dollmaker was Mathis' son, Barton, and that he had witnessed the Commissioner shoot down his father. When the Bat-signal was activated, Batman found Olivia and she gave him a note from Gordon to go to Mercy Hospital. When he arrived at the Hospital, Batman was attacked by a thug and knocked out. He awoke in a boxing ring with metal puppet strings attached and was attacked by men looking like the Joker, who he managed to beat. A man named Raju arrived and announced that Penguin was willing to pay for Batman and return the corpse to Dollmaker. Batman discovered the cables were magnetized and of his own design and used a demagnetizer to break free of them and defeat the thugs. Batman found Gordon and then went after Dollmaker, following a car that turned out to be a decoy. Later, Bruce spent the weekend with Charlotte in her cabin in Colorado.

Knight Terrors

Batman The Dark Knight Knight Terrors

After giving a speech for Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne was warned by Lieutenant Forbes that he knows Wayne funds Batman. He was interrupted by Jaina Hudson, who introduced herself and flirted with Bruce. After a breakout in Arkham Asylum, Batman arrived and started taking down those that hadn’t escaped. While inside the Asylum he glimpsed a woman dressed as a white rabbit, but she was too fast. Batman was confronted by a drugged Two-Face, who beat Batman nearly to death before collapsing after suddenly bleeding from his nose. Later, Batman met with Jim Gordon and they discussed the use of drugs in the incident and Jim told Batman that Forbes had been pestering him. After analyzing a sample of the drug, Batman found it had similarities to Scarecrow’s fear toxin and he interrogated Two-Face in a hospital to find out more about the drug but he refused to cooperate. Alfred then informed Batman that Joker had taken over a train and was headed out of Gotham. Also, he informed Batman that the drug illuminated fear and when the rejected the drug it caused bleeding from the eyes or nasal membranes. On the train, Batman found Joker’s men dead and the White Rabbit encouraging him to chase her. After following her, Batman found a drugged Joker and after fighting he discovered the Joker was really Clayface, who collapsed on top of Batman. The white rabbit was about to inject Batman but the Flash arrived and she took off. Later, Forbes found the train empty and Batman dropped Clayface on Forbes’ car and warned him not to mess with his friends. Bruce had dinner with Jaina and though suspicious that she might be the White Rabbit, Alfred informed him that the White Rabbit was spotted elsewhere. Batman discovered that a second compound in the drug came from a cactus and so he and Flash went to visit Poison Ivy. At Ivy’s lab, Flash pricked his finger so Batman told him he had to keep running to keep the toxin from metabolizing. Batman found that the lab was empty and Wonder Woman contacted him and let Batman know that the Justice League couldn’t help as they were dealing with some of the escaped Arkham inmates. Batman discovered an encrypted note left by Ivy that led him to Harmon Island. Batman found a gift box containing a green vial and before he could analyze it he was attacked by a drugged Deathstroke, who threw him out of the plane. Batman grappled onto a tree branch and then entered a cabin, finding Scarecrow waiting for him. Scarecrow throws fear dust at Batman and he resisted it, then Scarecrow injected the toxin that illuminated fear then escaped. Superman arrived and was attacked by Batman, forcing Superman to knock Batman into the ground. This nearly killed Batman; however, because of it Batman discovered that the adrenaline burned the drug out of his system. Again he was taunted by the White Rabbit and he followed her to Scarecrow, who he quickly took out. Suddenly, Batman was attacked by Bane powered by the drug that was actually a new Venom. Batman shocked Bane and escaped, finding Bane’s lab. He found Ivy then freed her and she told him of an antidote to the Venom, that had to be ingested orally. Bane arrived and dragged Batman to the edge of a cliff and Batman dropped the antidote, but Flash arrived and caught it then Batman smashed it into Bane’s mouth. Bane fell off the cliff and disappeared into the water.

Penguin and the Iceberg Casino

Batman had been tracking Axel Bellamy for three days and found him making a deal with Boris Gorky. They were attacked and killed by someone dressed as a clown and when Batman went after the killer, the clown sprayed acid in his face, clowding his lenses. Batman chased after the clown through a crowd of Joker worshippers that slowed him down while the clown escaped in a motorboat. Later, Batman found Raju, penguin's henchman, dead with Snakeskin's fingerprints on his body at a hotel. Checking his phone, Batman discovered that Raju recently made calls to Nicolas Pog as well as Jill Hampton. Interrogating the desk clerk, Batman was informed that a woman with an eye patch was there. Batman followed Smitty, an associate of Pog and convinced him to take Batman to Pog. At an empty bomb-making facility, Smitty suggested that Jill had taken the bombs and showed Batman a trunk she had brought. Inside, they found Pog's body cut up in ice. Bruce contacted Charlotte and told her he would meet her at the Iceberg Casino for its grand opening after all. However, when he arrived he found Snakeskin's boat and decided to investigate as Batman. Batman found Snakeskin stabbing Charlotte and reacted in rage and ran to save her. However, Batman found himself trapped in a service elevator and was then dumped into the river. Batman stopped them from falling into a spinning fan and had Alfred crash the Bat-Sub into the fan. They put Charlotte's body in ice on a raft and called in a bomb threat so that the police arrived. Batman figured out that Jill was the clown from before and returned to the Casino to confront her in the vaults and attached a tracker to her. Penguin's business partners arrived and Jill escaped and Batman told the villains that a bomb was going to go off and he got them safe. Batman went after Jill and saved her from getting shot by the Penguin, who double-crossed her and then delivered her to the police.

Scare Tactics

Detective Comics Scare Tactics

Scarecrow contacted Batman and threatened that a hostage would suffer if he didn't complete three tasks: catch Catwoman stealing his anti-fear toxin, find out who she was taking it to and where, and find them. He caught Catwoman and learned she was to meet Digger Jones at a paper plant. At the plant, he found men holding illegal dogfights and used Digger's own dogs to get him to confess he was going to hand the anti-fear toxin off at a private school. Scarecrow called and congratulated him and let slip he was watching. Batman saw Scarecrow fleeing the scene and caught him; Scarecrow revealed that the victim was at the school and gave him a picture then Batman left Scarecrow tied up for the police. Batman arrived at the school and took out the criminals. He found Eli Strange running the operation and discovered he was the child in the picture and he claimed to be the son of Hugo Strange. Batman turned Eli in, stopping the mass production of fear toxin.

The Madness

Once, Batman and Gordon checked out a subway train where all the inhabitants were murdered, having apparently killed each other. Batman explored the tunnels and found a hidden tunnel and ran into Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who attacked Batman and ran away. Batman flew over the city in a Batplane and caught a brief radio signal that allowed him to find the source. He discovered the Mad Hatter was behind the attacks and the Hatter used a strong radio signal to disorient Batman so the Tweed twins could grab him. When Gordon arrived in a chopper, the pilot lost control due to the signal so Batman threw the Tweeds into the antenna, short-circuiting it. The Hatter prepared to fire at the chopper but Batman threw him off the building and ended the confrontation.

The Court of Owls

Batman The Court of Owls

Batman stopped a mass breakout from Arkham with the help of Nightwing, who used an EMP holographic mask to pose as Joker. Later, Bruce Wayne announced that he would be investing in improving Gotham's infrastructure. Bruce noticed Jim Gordon getting called in to investigate a stabbing and made excuses to leave. Harvey Bullock showed Batman the scene, where a man was stabbed by many knives with owls on them. They found a hidden message that said Bruce Wayne would die the next day and also DNA under the victim's fingernails that belonged to Dick Grayson. While examining the body of the victim at the morgue, Batman and Jim Gordon found an owl marking on his tooth. Nightwing saw the body and explained that he met the man a week ago and he had grabbed his arm and scratched him, explaining the DNA under the fingernails. Bruce Wayne later met Lincoln March, a mayoral candidate, at the Old Wayne Tower and was attacked by a man in a black owl suit. Bruce survived getting pushed outside the window while the owl man fell to his apparent death. Batman figured that the man had to enter the tower by rails and after interrogating each of the five rail gangs he came up with nothing. After remembering Alan Wayne had the thirteenth floor removed from the tower and other buildings, Batman investigated and found a Court of Owls hideout. Batman checked other buildings Alan Wayne built and found hideouts on every missing thirteenth floor. At the most recent, he hit a trip wire and the building exploded with Batman barely getting out alive. Batman went to the sewers where Alan Wayne had been found dead and he was attacked by the Talon from the Tower. He woke up in a labrynth and wandered through the same rooms for 8 days. Batman hallucinated and began to brake when the Talon snuck up on him and stabbed him in the gut. Batman was beaten and tortured until he finally built up the resolve to fight back, knocking the Talon unconscious. Batman had tricked the Court and used potassium chlorate from the filament plates of an ancient camera to blow a hole in the marble floor and escape.

Night of the Owls, City of Owls

Batman Night of the Owls

After escaping from the Court of Owls, Batman had broken through the ice of the river and been picked up by Harper Row. Harper saved Batman with a makeshift defibrillator and he again warned her to stay away from him. He stumbled through the sewers and to a underground entrance to the Batcave. Alfred had picked up the Talon and Batman examined the body and discovered the Court used electrum embedded in the man's tooth that would saturate the body over the years and could be reanimated with a spark after death. Also, the man is Dick Grayson's great-grandfather and Batman shows Dick that he too had been given a tooth with electrum and was chosen as a future Talon.

Wayne Manor was attacked by numberless Talons and Bruce sent Alfred to the Batcave. Bruce fought the Talons on the roof but was forced to retreat down the chimney and into the Batcave, where another Talon had gotten through. Alfred toppled the giant penny on top of the Talon and Bruce acquired a computer chip from his gauntlet. Alfred began lowering the cave's temperature to sub-zero in order to stop the Talons' regenerative functions. Batman attacked the Talons with a heavily armored suit while Alfred decrypted the chip and discovered a list of targets. Alfred put out a call to the entire Bat Family to protect the people on the list and stop the Talons. Batman struggled to hold off the Talons and activated the mechanical T-Rex as a further defense but the Talons still managed to break through his warsuit. Batman takes off the suit, despite the danger, and fought until the Talons were frozen.

With only two more people left on the list left unprotected, Batman first went after Jeremiah Arkham. Arriving at Arkham Asylum, Batman found it under attack and began fighting off the Talons. He warned Jeremiah to escape through on of the Asylum's secret passages and get safe. As one of the Talons wrapped his hand around Batman's throat, the cells opened and the cellmates began attacking the Talons to Batman's surprise. Batman closed off the cell block and then encountered Black Mask. Batman managed to evade his mind attacks and returned Sionis to his cell. Batman then broke into a security room and took Arkham to the Batmobile. Nightwing then called and offered to take Arkham off Batman's hands while he looked for the Birds of Prey.

Later, Batman went to check on Lincoln March and when he arrived he found Lincoln mortally wounded, and Lincoln gave Batman a list of three possible Court members before dying. Then, the Talon that Lincoln shot got back up and attacked. Batman kicked the Talon out of the window and the Talon splattered on the streets. However, Batman knew he wasn't gone and he sent Nightwing, Red Robin, and Robin after him.

Batman The City of Owls

Using the list he was given by Lincoln March, Batman deduced that Joseph Powers was a member of the Court of Owls and visited his home. Batman confronted Maria Powers, who wouldn't reveal where her husband was, and when he left, Mrs. Powers made a call to Joseph. However, after tracking the call Alfred can only place it within a deadzone and Batman realized it was the same place he investigated as a kid. However, when Batman arrived, he found the Court sitting around a table dead. After thinking over the circumstances, Batman realized it was a setup and knew who was behind it. Batman went to the morgue and found a empty drawer with a note reading "Follow me down the rabbit hole?" Batman went to Gotham's only sinkhole, the destroyed Willowwood Home for Children, and was captured in a net by Lincoln March. Lincoln betrayed the Court and had set up his own death. Lincoln said that he was really Thomas Wayne, Jr. and that he hadn't died after the car accident but had been put in Willowwood to heal. After the Wayne's died, funding for the Home dried up and later it was ruined by the sinkhole. The Owls had taken him in and were going to use him to take over the Wayne inheritance until Bruce returned to Gotham. Batman escaped from the net and they fought across Gotham and Thomas was defeated when he blew up a tower on top of them and Batman escaped. In the aftermath, Bruce was unsure of Thomas' story and had no proof of whether it was true or false.


Bruce Wayne gathered with Alfred, Damian, Tim and Dick for a family portrait sitting but it ended with an argument between Tim and Damian about who was the better Robin. A man calling himself Terminus had men brand people all over Gotham with the Bat symbol and Batman and Robin were summoned by Commissioner Gordon to help. Terminus then detonated explosives that blew Bat symbols on many of Gotham’s buildings. Batman went after Terminus as he sent Robin to deal with his followers. Batman hit Terminus with a laser array from the Batmobile and changed into a suit that could handle Terminus. As they fought, Terminus’ timer ran out and he collapsed and told Batman that a warhead containing a toxin was now heading to Gotham. Batman blasted off in his suit and was barely able to redirect the missile into the Harbor and save Gotham. Terminus watched his plan get defeated as he died.

Death of the Family

After Joker attacked the police headquarters, killing all but Jim Gordon, Batman and Gordon found Joker's face, which had been sitting on ice for a year, missing. As Batman's allies called about the attack, Batman confirmed Joker was back and assured them it wouldn't affect them. Joker then appeared on the news, forcing a man to announce Mayor Hady's death at midnight before shooting him. Batman discovered the victim was John Claridge, son of Joker's first murder, announced the same way as Mayor Hady. Batman found no traces of Joker Venom on Mayor Hady but then realized his mistake as all of the police guarding the Mayor died at midnight. After analyzing the toxin, Batman found that one component was on their clothes while the activator was in the floor-cleaner. Also, Batman found three non-active chemicals that with the first letters being A, C, and E led him to A.C.E. Chemicals, the sight of Joker's accident that made him Joker. Batman followed the lead and found Red Hood there, but realizing it wasn't really the Joker he attacked and was hit by a giant mallet into an empty chemical vat. Red Hood revealed herself to be Harley Quinn and Batman demanded to know where Joker was as the vat began filling with acid. Batman was able to blast his way out, though his suit was ruined and he couldn't use his sensors. As he returned to the manor, he warned his allies that Joker might attack them and became worried when Alfred didn't answer him. Entering the Manor, Batman found a present containing a cassette and on it Joker told him he had taken Alfred for a special celebration.

After a long night of looking into Joker, Batman and Robin launched into the atmosphere to check on a cloaked satellite linked to the Batcave during a solar eclipse. Batman taught Robin how to place safeguards for the satellite in case something ever happened to him. During reentry, they saw that the Batsignal was lit and Batman sent Robin back with the Batplane while he went to see Jim Gordon. Batman met Jim Gordon at the Mount Hope Cemetery where the night watchmen had called in a zombie attack. At the cemetery they found many graves that were dug up and the night watchmen and groundskeeper were found dead, their bodies chewed on. Batman collected some tissue from the groundskeeper’s shovel and he called Robin and told him about the situation, telling Robin to return to the Batcave. Robin ignored his order and Batman kept trying to get ahold of him on the comm-link without any response. Batman attacked a horde of the “zombies” attacking a crowd and unleashed tranquilizers at them. He discovered the “zombies” were not really undead and after analysis of the tissue sample he collected, he found it contained a variant of the Joker Venom. After further analysis, he found a special concrete compound that led him to a tunnel where he found Robin in a train, protecting civilians from the “zombies,” which are a part of the Saturnian Club. They defeated the Saturnians and found a set of Joker teeth with a message warning that something big was coming to swallow Batman and Robin. Back at the Batcave, Batman told Robin he was worried that Robin only cared about himself and Robin told Batman it wasn’t true and gave him a pearl from his mother’s necklace that he had found while searching through the sewers. The gesture meant a lot to Batman and he hugged Robin and told him he was proud of him.

Batman went to see Jim Gordon told him about Alfred's kidnapping and that Gordon was on the cassette's label, suggesting he was Joker's next target. Gordon refused to be taken to a safe-house and then began bleeding from his pores. Batman got Gordon to a hospital and met Nightwing, and told him about Alfred and that he wanted it to stay secret to the others. Batman believed Joker would be at the reservoir next, the blood thinner used on Gordon was made by the same company that treated Gotham's water, and he sent Nightwing to the aqueduct. Batman found Joker waiting for him, wanting to talk and having everything already set up everything that would have happened. Joker recalled their first face-to-face meeting and hit his head like he was hit by a Batarang and then pushed the remote to release the poison into the water. Joker then surprised Nightwing by blowing the aqueduct himself and since the poison would still kill those that got water before it reached the aqueduct, he had already drowned them ahead of time. When Batman attacked, Joker trapped him with cables and announced that he knew the identities of Batman and his allies and that all of his allies would be killed in 72 hours by Batman. Harvey Bullock arrived with the police and Joker taunted him then signaled some men that were in hiding to shoot rockets at the cars. Batman broke his bonds and punched Joker, which infected his hand with Venomm and Jokier pushed Batman into the river. Batman awoke inside the Batcave surrounded by his allies, who he reassured that Joker didn't know their identities and that the calling card Joker spoke of was a Joker card he found in the Batcave a long time ago after defeating Joker. However, Batman argued that it would have been impossible for Joker to follow him to the Batcave. Batman then followed a lead on the phone Joker used that was bought by Dylan McDyre and after bursting in on his dinner, McDyre explained that he was a guard at Arkham Asylum and that Joker had been controlling Arkham for weeks. Arriving at the asylum, Batman found the guards dressed as Batman and Joker dancing in cells. There was water on the floor so that if they stopped dancing, Joker would shock them. Batman used an EMP to shut the power off but then an emergency generator kicked in and as Joker was about to shock the guards he realized Batman had used devices to soak up all the water. As Batman went down the corridor, a flaming horse shot past him and then he encountered the inmates dressed as knights. Batman easily defeated them and used one's horse to ride towards Joker's location and saw a tapestry made from living bodies sewn together by the Dollmaker. On the stairs Batman quickly defeated Clayface, Mr. Freeze, and Scarecrow. After blasting a door open, he found Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face and Joker dressed as bishop, strategist, judge and court jester as well as some hostages dressed as the Justice League. Joker encouraged "Superman" to pull a chainsaw from a stone which shocks him to death. As Joker then had "Wonder Woman" do the same, Batman finished breaking through the door and cut the cables with a Batarang. As Batman went for Joker, bars came down from the ceiling and separated them and then showed Batman on tv sets how his allies had been defeated. Joker forced Batman to sit in a electric chair throne and putting on his "crown" he passed out with the voltage. Batman awoke in the dark and saw a skeletal bat flying toward him and then Joker turned on the light and he could see he and his allies were sitting around a table with bags over the others' heads. Batman's allies are covered with gas and if Batman got up he would ignite them with flints under his seat. Joker brought out Alfred, who had been jokerized, and had him pull a rope that lifted the bags off everyone's heads, revealing Batman's allies with bandages wrapped around their faces. Then alfred lifted the covers off the plates and revealed their faces sitting in front of them. After taunting Batman, Joker pulled out a match but Batman then broke his shackles and got up, lighting the table on fire. Batman used an explosive to blast a hole in the cave wall and let water flow in and put out the fire. Joker escaped and Batman uncovered Robin's face; finding it uninjured, Batman went after Joker. Batman caught up with Joker and when Joker tried to attack with an awe and then a crowbar, Batman punched him in the face. Batman beat Joker with the crowbar and then Joker squirted acid into Batman's face. Joker was again cornered when he ran into a waterfall and Batman confronted Joker, telling him that he had turned back all those years ago at this point only because Joker didn't want to know Batman's identity. Batman then said he knew who Joker used to be and as he threatened to tell Joker, Joker threw himself off the waterfall. Batman went back to save the others, who had been poisoned like Alfred. Bruce later told Alfred that he knew Joker didn't know his identity because after he found the card, Bruce visited Joker without his costume and Joker refused to see who he was. Batman then awaited the rest of the Batman family to arrive, but one by one they all cancelled on him. In the Batcave, batman's computer finished analyzing the Joker Gas and found the element dubnium, originally called Hahnium (symbol Ha).

Demon Star

Batman Incorporated Demon Star

Batman and Robin tracked a shipment of Lone Star meat to a slaughterhouse and were attacked by men with goat masks. Robin was nearly shot by a sniper, but was saved by Batman and instead the leader of the gang was killed. Batman and Robin confiscated the only living cow for testing and then went after one of the trucks. Robin attacked a group of mutants while Batman found a sniper, known as Goatboy, that was gunning for Robin. Batman convinced the sniper to report to Leviathan that he had killed Robin to get Leviathan off his trail. Bruce disguised himself as Matches Malone and met with Fry, a former member of the Grimm Brother Syndicate, at the Three Eyed Jack and told him he wanted to meet with Leviathan. Malone helped Lumina Lux with some goons and after he flirted with her, she told him her next job would be singing at the Grimm Brother's wake before she was interrupted by Batman (Grayson). Later in the Batcave, Batman told Nightwing that he believed Leviathan took out the Grimm Brothers so that they could take over their operation. Alfred, revealed that after taking samples from Robin's new pet cow, he found that a hormone that would allow those that ate it to be mind-controlled by Leviathan. Matches returned to the Three Eyed Jack and talked to Goatboy for information. When he returned to his car, Lumina called and asked for help but when Matches got there he was attacked and a plastic bag was put over the top of his head. Goatboy revealed that he had killed Fry and that Matches would be his next victim. Matches was being strangled when he lit a match and a ignited a trail of gunpowder he left. This gave Matches a distraction to free himself as the gunpowder led to an explosion as El Gaucho and The Hood began helping take down the goons and they were then joined by Wingman and Redbird (Damian). Matches then initiated phase 2 and Nightwing, Knight, and Red Robin crashed through the windows as Squire cut the wires to the electricity so they could finish taking out the men. Matches changed into his Batsuit and asked Leviathan how many more men they could afford to lose. In response, she sent in a wave of Man-Bats and Batwing used a sonic cannon to take them all out at once. Batman demanded that Talia put an end to the war and she replied that Wingman should reveal his identity to Damian. Wingman took off his helmet and revealed that he was Jason Todd and Robin became angry. Batman then told Robin he would have to return to his mother because if he didn't, Damien would destroy Gotham. Batman told Damian he had seen the future and that Talia wanted Damian to become Robin so that he would eventually become the new Batman. In this future, Damian would cause events that would lead to all of Gotham going crazy and bring a nuclear strike down on the city. Knight, Squire, Batwing, Freight Train, Looker and Halo called in and reported that they had arrived at the target, a base for Leviathan. However, Batman hadn't been the one to call in the target so he told them to get out and then the building exploded from a bomb. Batman arrived on the scene with his robot soldiers. As Batman made his way up to the exploded floor, Batwing called in and reported that Halo and Looker took the brunt of the force with a force field and were injured. Batman continued up with Talia taunting him, avoided another explosion and took down numerous men. Batman found hostages all roped to a boulder, and a large man with a mask, Heretic, threw the boulder, along with the people, down the stairs. Heretic choked Knight and so Batman attacked and was beat up as Talia taunted that the Batman he had seen in his dream wasn't Damien but this new Batman she had created. Batman was thrown off the building and was carried away by the Man-Bats as Wingman, Red Robin, and Nightwing arrived. Batman gained consciousness and found himself inside a safe, wrapped in chains and running out of oxygen. Talia gloated that she had been testing him and that she knew exactly how long it would take for Batman to escape and that by the time he did, he would be too late. Batman was able to escape after some difficulty, but as Talia predicted he was too late and witnessed Heretic thrust his sword through Damian and kill him.


After Robin's death, Batman became distraught and would go on little sleep and beat even the smallest criminals to a pulp. One night, while breaking up a dog fighting ring, Harper Row decided to help him with her taser. She explained that she had been training and Batman reacted harshly and told her he didn't care and had no desire to take her under his wing and also broke her nose. Later, while Bruce was at Wayne Enterprises, Harper Row showed up and told him that she was concerned over Batman's behavior and wanted to send him a message she felt might help him. Seeing her blueprint, Bruce was touched and he thanked her and agreed to help. Batman met her that night and apologized for his behavior before and Harper told him that she hoped her message would help pull him out of the dark. Batman watched as the word RESOLVE was spelled one letter at a time on the Wayne Enterprises building. As the letter R came up it had a double meaning for Batman as a tribute to Robin.