Batman, Incorporated

Official Team Name
Batman, Incorporated
Team Aliases
Batman, Inc.
Base of Operations
Team Leader(s)
Former Members
Batman of Moscow (deceased), Knight I (deceased), Robin (deceased)



Bruce Wayne set up Batman, Incorporated and presented the idea to the board members of Wayne Enterprises to publicly fund the group. Bruce planned to build and support a network of international crime-fighting agents. When a Mr. Treadwell resisted, Batman and Robin arrived and had him arrested for embezzlement, accepting bribes and falsifying records. The other members gave their support and Batman, Incorporated was founded. Batman, Incorporated began with building machine soldiers to support the organization and then Batman began recruiting vigilantes. In England, Batman helped Knight and Squire catch Jack the Smasher in only 15 minutes and then asked them to join Batman, Incorporated. After agreeing, Batman sent Knight to Australia and attacked Johnny Riley in the Dark Ranger's costume to test him. Riley beat him and pointed a gun at Dark Ranger's head, asking who he was since Dark Ranger was dead. Knight took off the mask and told Riley that Batman wanted him to join Batman, Incorporated but Riley said he had given up his role as Scout. Knight gave Riley a phone and told him to consider the offer. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin traveled to Russia and recruited Ravil, the Batman of Moscow. Batman traveled to France and talked to Jean-Marie, who had decided to retire and let Nightrunner keep Paris safe. Man-of-Bats and Raven also joined Batman, Incorporated. Batman gave Jiro Osamu a 3 month probationary period as Batman Japan before offering him membership. At first, El Gaucho refused to work with Batman, wanting to work on his own, but Batman Batman was able to convince him to join. Johnny Riley decided to join Batman, Incorporated and took up his new role as Dark Ranger. Batman later recruited David Zavimbe and gave him a new role as Batwing.

Demon Star

Batman Incorporated Demon Star

Batman and Robin tracked a shipment of Lone Star meat to a slaughterhouse and were attacked by men with goat masks. Robin was nearly shot by a sniper, but was saved by Batman and instead the leader of the gang was killed. Batman and Robin confiscated the only living cow for testing and then went after one of the trucks. Robin attacked a group of mutants while Batman found a sniper, known as Goatboy, that was gunning for Robin. Batman convinced the sniper to report to Leviathan that he had killed Robin to get Leviathan off his trail. Meanwhile at Batcave West located in San Francisco, the "Dead Heroes Club" consisting of Batwing, the Hood, the Outsiders, El Gaucho, and Wingman; who were all thought to be dead met, joining Batman's secret army. Bruce disguised himself as Matches Malone and met with Fry, a former member of the Grimm Brother Syndicate, at the Three Eyed Jack and told him he wanted to meet with Leviathan. Malone helped Lumina Lux with some goons and after he flirted with her, she told him her next job would be singing at the Grimm Brother's wake before she was interrupted by Batman (Grayson). Later in the Batcave, Batman told Nightwing that he believed Leviathan took out the Grimm Brothers so that they could take over their operation. Alfred, revealed that after taking samples from Robin's new pet cow, he found that a hormone that would allow those that ate it to be mind-controlled by Leviathan. Matches returned to the Three Eyed Jack and talked to Goatboy for information. When he returned to his car, Lumina called and asked for help but when Matches got there he was attacked and a plastic bag was put over the top of his head. Goatboy revealed that he had killed Fry and that Matches would be his next victim. Damian used gas to knock Alfred unconscious and then left as Redbird and took out the guards at the wake. Matches was being strangled when he lit a match and a ignited a trail of gunpowder he left. This gave Matches a distraction to free himself as the gunpowder led to an explosion as El Gaucho and The Hood began helping take down the goons. Redbird grappled to the top of the building and joined Wingman in the battle. Matches then initiated phase 2 and Nightwing, Knight, and Red Robin crashed through the windows as Squire cut the wires to the electricity so they could finish taking out the men. Matches changed into his Batsuit and asked Leviathan how many more men they could afford to lose. In response, she sent in a wave of Man-Bats and Batwing used a sonic cannon to take them all out at once. Batman demanded that Talia put an end to the war and she replied that Wingman should reveal his identity to Damian. Wingman took off his helmet and revealed that he was Jason Todd and Robin became angry. Batman then told Robin he would have to return to his mother because if he didn't, Damian would destroy Gotham. Batman told Damian he had seen the future and that Talia wanted Damian to become Robin so that he would eventually become the new Batman. In this future, Damian would cause events that would lead to all of Gotham going crazy and bring a nuclear strike down on the city. Knight, Squire, Batwing, Freight Train, Looker and Halo called in and reported that they had arrived at the target, a base for Leviathan. However, Batman hadn't been the one to call in the target so he told them to get out and then the building exploded from a bomb. Batman arrived on the scene with his robot soldiers. As Batman made his way up to the exploded floor, Batwing called in and reported that Halo and Looker took the brunt of the force with a force field and were injured. Batman continued up with Talia taunting him, he avoided another explosion and took down numerous men. Squire had no heartbeat, and Freight Train was dying. Batman found hostages all roped to a boulder, and a large man with a mask, Heretic, threw the boulder, along with the people, down the stairs. Knight used a stun gun to restart Squire's heart successfully, but then Knight was grabbed by Heretic and choked. Batman attacked and was beat up as Talia taunted that the Batman he had seen in his dream wasn't Damian but this new Batman she had created. Batman was thrown off the building and was carried away by the Man-Bats as Wingman, Red Robin, and Nightwing arrived.

The injured members of Batman, Incorporated were taken to the hospital and Traktir and Spidra reported that they had found a whale carcass in a bio-factory in Yemen that had been used to give birth to the Heretic. Wingman returned to Batcave East to wait for Batman, Incorporated to meet there but was attacked by the Hood, who declared allegiance to Spyral. Red Robin tracked Batman's signal but when he arrived he found a trap and the building exploded. Nightwing and the Commissioner were attacked by kids under Leviathan's control. Batman gained consciousness and found himself inside a safe, wrapped in chains and running out of oxygen. Talia gloated that she had been testing him and that she knew exactly how long it would take for Batman to escape and that by the time he did, he would be too late. Damian decided he needed to go back and help, and Alfred handed him his Robin suit in agreement. Robin used a jetpack and headed towards Wayne Enterprises, passing Nightwing on his way. Red Robin entered Wayne Enterprises and found it under Leviathan's control and was joined by Robin. Nightwing also arrived at the building to join Robin and they took out the thugs. However, Heretic was more than a match for them and easily threw Nightwing aside. Damien fought Heretic and demanded that his mother called everything off, but he was overpowered and Heretic thrust a sword through Robin. Batman had escaped, but as Talia predicted he was too late. Batman angrily attacked the Heretic and snapped his sword in two and then jabbed his hand through his visor. Then when Batman started getting pummeled, Nightwing attacked and was also beat up. Heretic threw Batman out the doors of Wayne Enterprises and Red Robin blasted him with a tank. Nightwing grabbed Robin and they all escaped. After threats from Leviathan, the mayor banned anything Batman related from the streets and issued a warrant for Bruce Wayne's arrest. Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Dick Grayson, and Tim Drake buried Damian in a cemetary and shared a sorrowful moment and Bruce told Alfred to take a vacation. A funeral service was held for the Knight in England and Beryl decided to become the new Knight and work alongside Dark Ranger. Jason Todd found himself tied to a chair and surrounded by some sort of cult.

Later at the cemetary, Bruce Wayne told Alfred that Batman, Incorporated was finished as the police arrived and arrested him.


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Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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