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Batgirl== Barbara Gordon was Batgirl for several years, until the Joker shot and paralyzed her, although she regained feeling in her legs three years later. She became Batgirl again. One of her nights back in action as Batgirl has her stopping a trio of crooks attempting to murder a couple. The fight almost turns


Real Name

Barbara Gordon

Current Alias


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First Appearance

Batgirl Vol 4 #1 (November 2011

sour when one of the crooks launches himself and her out the window. Thankfully, the couple rescued the two before they could fall (though Barbara had to correct them as they accidentally called her Batwoman). The next morning, despite James Gordon's parental protests, Barbara moves away from home, moving in with another girl with a more independent streak. However, the settling in had to wait - there was an attack at a hospital where the criminal she had stopped earlier was staying at.

Arriving at the scene, she found herself confronting a murderer known as The Mirror, whose modus operandi was to kill people who survived major accidents. Barbara attempted to stop him from taking the man's life, but she found herself paralyzed when he aimed his gun at her gut, allowing him to launch the man out the window. The police officer there opted to brand her a murderer for not being able to stop him.

Batgirl chases Mirror out the window and then confronts him in a cemetery reserved for the rich and wealthy.He senses her presence and calls out for her.The two go back and forth,Barbara steals his list.However,Mirror manages to get it back,after sirens fill the air,Mirror disappears.

Without anywhere else to go,Barbara changes out of her costume and winds up at her apartment.Her roommate answers the door shocked to find Barbara seconds away from blacking out.She convinces her roommate not to be worried,and then awkwardly ask for something to wear.

The next day,Barbara goes on a date with her physical therapist,who tells her sometimes miracles do happen and they don't always have to come at a price.Later,Barbara goes to the library and gets a cross reference match to Mirror in the form of Johnathan Mills,the sole survivor of a car crash.

Barbara heads to his apartment and finds a large arsenal of weapons.Mirror then appears on a large video monitor in front of her and he shows her a news clipping showing a man who collapsed on some train tracks,but was saved by a stranger.

In response,Mirror places a bomb on the train the man rides to work daily-for a sense of closure.Mirror plans to use whatever means necessary to bring an end to all miracles.