Quote1 We're never alone, daddy. We're all part of the red place. Quote2
-- Maxine Baker

Appearing in "The Hunt, Part Two: Maps"

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  • Mr. Duffy
  • Reg


Synopsis for "The Hunt, Part Two: Maps"

Buddy Baker has discovered his daughter, Maxine Baker, playing with dead, decaying animals that she has reanimated. When Buddy tells her to put them back, Maxine refuses and insists that she saved them when she heard them calling from "the place." When he asks her what place she means, Maxine points to Buddy's body, which has suddenly developed strange red markings, and says they called from the red place.

Back in their kitchen, Ellen Baker tries to remove the markings on Buddy's body but they seem to be permanent. Buddy tells Cliff to cover up the upturned graves of the reanimated pets before it gets light outside. Maxine tells Buddy not to worry about the markings, reassuring him that they will disappear once they reach the red place. She tells him that the markings are a map and that they have to follow it to the old tree, where they can enter the red place. She says that they need to find it before "they" do or the tree dies along with everything. Cliff cries out and Buddy goes outside to find that Cliff has been caught by their neighbor, Mr. Duffy, digging in his lawn. Buddy tells him to let go of his son and suddenly Mr. Duffy's hand turns into a bird leg by Maxine. Ellen tells her daughter to change his hand back and that it isn't right to do that to other people, no matter how bad they are. She changes his hand back to normal and he runs off calling them all freaks and saying he's going to call the cops. Buddy tells the kids to go back inside and Ellen expresses concern over Maxine's terrifying powers. Buddy reassures her that they will get through it and that he believes that he should listen to Maxine and go with her to the red place she spoke about. He tells Ellen to call Krenshaw to deal with the situation and she reluctantly agrees. Buddy asks Maxine if she knows where to go and she replies that they just need to listen to the animals, they take off and Maxine tells him to follow the birds.

At the San Diego Zoo, the animals are acting strange and a zookeeper notices that the hippos are in labor and informs other zookeepers. Though there are no male hippos, the three zookeepers watch as the bellies of the hippos grow larger and larger and it becomes obvious that it isn't a normal pregnancy. One zookeeper, Reg, suggests running.

As Maxine takes Buddy from San Diego to Los Angeles and beyond, Buddy begins to feel the path to the red place. He begins to realize that what S.T.A.R. Labs called the morphogenetic field is not just energy, but an actual place. They both arrive at the tree that Maxine spoke about and Maxine states they are all part of the red place and that they are able to see it since they are both special. She says that the tree is sick and that they need to help it, then touches the roots and lets the tree take them into the Red.

Back at the zoo, the Hunters Three from Buddy's dream have appeared and they take the forms of the zookeepers. They begin the hunt.


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