Quote1 We are rot in the Red. We are flesh made sickness. We are your child's true fathers... the Hunters Three. Quote2
-- Hunters Three

Appearing in "The Hunt, Part One: Warning from the Red"

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  • Detective Krenshaw


Synopsis for "The Hunt, Part One: Warning from the Red"

After reading his interview in "The Believer" for acting in an indie film, Buddy Baker worries that he came off arrogant without meaning too. His wife, Ellen, is distracted making dinner and is concerned about whether he will make money off the film. His daughter, Maxine, wants to talk to him but he ignores her. She gets his attention after yelling and tells Buddy she wants to get a pet dog but he explains that they can't because if he gets too close to one animal it messes up his connection to all the others. Ellen notes that he hasn't been using his powers much anyways and that though she used to wish he wouldn't play superhero, he seemed happier when he did. Buddy's son, Cliff, rushes in and reports that he saw a guy has taken an entire floor of a hospital hostage on the news. Ellen tells Buddy to let the police handle it but he decides to go anyway.

Buddy flies off and meets Detective Krenshaw at the crime scene. Krenshaw tells him the man is Lyle Edwin, whose daughter recently died in the children's ward which he is now holding hostage with a gun. Animal Man says he will handle the situation.

Lyle is demanding that he get his daughter back before he will let everyone go. Animal Man arrives and tries to calm the man down but to no avail. Lyle shoots twice and Animal Man quickly reaches to the Red and uses the thick skin of a rhino to deflect the bullets and then uses the strength of an elephant, the reflexes of a fly, the speed of a cheetah and the bark of a dog. He knocks Lyle down with one punch and the police arrive to take him in. Krenshaw notices something wrong with Animal Man's eyes, which are bleeding and they get him a doctor.

After being examined by a doctor, Buddy is told that he is healthy and Buddy is allowed to leave. The doctor wants to run more tests but Buddy just wants to get home.

Buddy gets home really late and everyone is asleep. He wishes he could give Maxine a pet but he knows its not possible. He ponders on a question from the interview about how he stayed married for too long and knows that its because Ellen allows him to be who he wants to be. He realizes that as long as he has Ellen he knows who he is. Buddy is still wired from the experience at the hospital and uses the napping ability of a cat to fall asleep.

Buddy has a nightmare where Cliff is telling him to run before Maxine finds them. He says she did something terrible to Ellen and shows Buddy that he has been disembowelled. Maxine arrive with a giant dog and says they have to go before the Hunters follow them. She wades into a river of blood and Buddy becomes nothing but a neural system. He is confronted by three monsters who call themselves the Hunters Three and are the Rot in the Red and they say they are his child's true fathers.

Buddy wakes up and Ellen tells him to come outside. He joins her to find Maxine sitting around animated corpses of several animals. She apologizes, saying she just wanted a pet of her own.


Pandora Animal Man
  • In a scene after Lyle Edwin is taken away, Pandora makes a cameo appearance in the hospital. She appeared first in Flashpoint #5 and makes an appearance in every #1 issue of the New 52.


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