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Beginning of TimeEdit

  • Flashback: The Big Bang occurs and Adam One comes into existence (as seen in StormWatch 2).

18,000 B.C.Edit

  • Flashback: The Neaderthals wage war against the humans and lose. The remnants went into hiding (as seen in Stormwatch 11).

1612 B.C.Edit

  • Flashback: Prince Artus was cast out from the Daem Empire by his mother (as seen in Superman Annual 1).
  • NOTE: Prince Artus spends the next several hundred years amassing an armada through piracy and then conquest.

1312 B.C.Edit

  • Flashback: Prince Artus discovered a blue flame that gave him great power and he became Helspont (as seen in Superman Annual 1).

1,012 B.C.Edit

  • Flashback: Helspont discovered Earth and his leading geneticist, Skugardt, isolated a metagene in the humans that could evolve and become the Daemonites’ salvation and so Helspont left agents behind to mingle among the humans and wait for his return (as seen in Superman Annual 1).

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