Alec Holland

Alec Holland 2
Real Name
Linda Holland (wife, deceased)

First Appearance
Swamp Thing (Volume 1) #1
Quote1 In the ancient stories of our kind... there is mention of a great warrior, a warrior king, who, during the Green's darkest hour, will beat back the forces of darkness and cause the Deadlands to blossom. A leader. The greatest protector the Green has known. It is our belief that the dark hour is upon the world, Dr. Holland. And that the leader spoken of in the ancient stories, is you. Quote2
-- Swamp Thing (Calbraith A.H. Rodgers) [src]


Alec was a botanist and was working on a bio-restorative formula that helped plants grow anywhere. However, when there was an explosion in his laboratory he was killed and his life changed. Sometime later, he woke up alive in a swamp with memories of being a monster, the Swamp Thing.

Trying to get back to his normal life, Alec went back to being a botanist for awhile and created the formula. However, after a vision of the world covered in green he destroyed the formula. He started working as a construction worker to get away from everything.

After strange events of animals dying all over the country, Superman visited Alec to see if he knew anything about it. Alec isn't concerned and tells Superman that he appreciated the visit but would rather not be found. Later after a nightmare of his death and reemergence as the Swamp Thing, he awoke to find his room was covered in plants. He ran out and was about to destroy his formula when he was stopped by the Swamp Thing (Calbraith A.H. Rodgers). Swamp Thing told Alec his story and told him he had come to deliver a message. Alec said that all he wanted was to be left alone and wanted nothing more to do with the Green. Swamp Thing offered Alec a deal, that if he still wanted to be left alone after he heard Swamp Thing's message, he would never be bothered by the Green again. Alec agreed to this and Swamp Thing told him about the creature called Sethe. He warned Alec that the monster was most likely aware of Alec and had probably sent envoys to kill him. Swamp Thing explains that the reason Alec has been targeted is for his connection to the Green. The Parliament believed that Alec was destined to be a great leader, the one to defeat the dark being. Alec insisted that he has already been Swamp Thing and that he was no hero. Swamp Thing explained that those memories were not his, that since he had died he was unable to become Swamp Thing because his body was destroyed and the Green couldn't connect with him. The Parliament decided to try to replicate Alec's consciousness instead of trying to find someone new, since he had so much promise. He then told Alec he must make his own decision whether to become the next Swamp Thing. As he died, Swamp Thing gave a last request, that Alec would stay away from the white-haired woman he saw in his dreams.

When Alec returned to his hotel room, he was attacked by possessed people and almost killed. He was saved by a woman on a motorcycle who then revealed herself to be Abigail Arcane. She proceeded to point her shotgun at him to kill Alec.