Quote1 I work hard at my job, Inspector. I won't stop trying to expose the corruption in Metropolis. If that makes me an outsider or a freak, I'm fine with that. Quote2
-- Clark Kent

Appearing in "World Against Superman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Nyxly
  • Inspector Blake
  • Mr. Tide


Synopsis for "World Against Superman"

On Krypton, Lara Lor-Van is attending her sister's party when her husband, Jor-El, warns her to leave Kandor immediately and warn the others. Lara tries to warn the others but they won't listen, as they think Jor-El's belief that the end of the world is coming is ridiculous. Machines begin attacking and only Lara escapes Kandor as it is encased in a bubble.

Clark Kent awakes from this dream when his landlady, Mrs. Nyxly, knocks and the door. Inspector Blake has come to search his apartment. Inspector Blake doesn't like the things Clark's been writing in his column about Mr. Glenmorgan and corruption. The police find nothing important in the apartment and leave. However, after they've left, his landlady reveals that she's found his Superman costume.

Clark talks with his friend Jimmy Olsen at lunch about his frustrations with the way Glenmorgan is using Superman to divert attention from himself. Glenmorgan claims that Superman is an alien invader and that he is a victim. Also, Clark has been offered a job at the Daily Planet but he feels that he owes Mr. Taylor at the Daily Star for taking him seriously in the first place and he knows that Glenmorgan owns the Planet.

Later while sitting on a bench, an old woman comes up to Clark and tells him a ghost is watching over him, a white dog.

Clark talks to an anonymous informer on the phone who encourages him to keep pushing Glenmorgan and then gives him a lead, the Factory for Tomorrow, where Glenmorgan is producing robot trains for the subway.

Superman saves a girl's cat, but is attacked by angry people who want Superman to leave.

At the Factory for Tomorrow, Clark Kent interviews Mr. Tide and meets Jimmy and Lois Lane, who are also there to learn more about the factory. However, the factory is taken over by the same alien intelligence that attacked Krypton and the trains turn into terminauts. They prepare to collect artifacts and destroy Earth.

Meanwhile, John Corben becomes a test subject for the Steel Soldier project and the armor fuses with his body. However, once this happens he is taken over by the alien intelligence and Lex Luthor arrives to greet the alien. Corben demands to know where Superman is.


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