Quote1 Your prisons can't hold me. Your weapons can't hurt me. Quote2
-- Superman

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Synopsis for "Superman in Chains"

Superman has been captured and is being studied in a military facility. Dr. Lex Luthor is watching Superman, who is strapped to an electic chair, from behind a two-way mirror and conducting torture on him. Dr. John Henry Irons storms in and demands to know why they are torturing a man on American soil. Luthor says that those laws only apply to humans and Irons resigns.

In another room, General Lane is conducting tests on Superman's cape, which proves to be indestructible. He is interrupted when a soldier informs Lane that his daughter has come to visit him.

Outside the gates, Lois Lane tries to get in when her father arrives. Lois says she knows that Superman is being kept inside and she tries to convince him that Superman is a good person by showing him evidence she's collected. General Lane confiscates the evidence and won't admit that they have Superman.

Back inside, Superman survives exposure to lethal sarin gas and Luthor asks him what the word Krypton means to him. He replies that it is one of the noble gases then uses his x-ray vision to see Luthor throught the mirror. He also fries their equipment using microwaves. Luthor believes that the rocket orbiting Earth has something to do with Superman and that it is an alien weapon, but this only confuses Superman.

General Lane leaves John Corben to watch over Lois. Corben has feelings for Lois, but they are unreciprocated.

Inside, Superman breaks free from the restraints after he's been allowed to recover while Luthor was talking. Superman recovers his cape and hears a Kryptonian voice while making his escape. Following it, he finds the rocket that brought him to Earth. When he touches the rocket, it speaks to him and becomes encased in crystal. When soldiers arrive he tells the rocket he'll come back for it and then overheats the soldiers' weapons with his heat vision. He then breaks into an elevator shaft and starts climbing up it.

Lois has stolen Corben's pass key and entered the facility. When she opens the door to an elevator she finds Superman inside with some unconscious soldiers. Superman makes his escape and leaps into the sky.

Later, Corben goes to Dr. Emmett Vale and convinces him to use him as a test subject for the Steel Soldier project. Vale warns him that the project isn't complete and that there are still flaws but Corben doesn't care and that he wants to stop Superman and impress Lois.

In a limousine, Luthor talks to a mysterious informant and demands to know who he is speaking to. Meanwhile, in space an alien spacecraft orbits Earth.


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