Quote1 You know the deal, Metropolis. Treat people right or expect a visit from me Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "Superman Versus the City of Tomorrow"

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Synopsis for "Superman Versus the City of Tomorrow"

Mr. Glenmorgan finishes making a business deal when Superman breaks in saying he is their worst nightmare. The police surround the building and enter to find the room in a wreck. Superman is holding Glenmorgan over the balcony and threatening him to confess his crimes. When the police threaten to shoot, Superman jumps off with Glenmorgan and lands safely on the ground. The police surround them and Glenmorgan confesses, but one officer shoots and Superman catches the bullet and escapes.

In a government facility, General Sam Lane voices his concerns about Superman's increasing powers since his debut six months ago. He has hired Lex Luthor to capture Superman by 8 PM. Luthor has set a trap my starting the demolition of a building that contains some squatters. Superman hears their crys for help and stops the wrecking ball, allowing them to escape. Military tanks surround him and trap Superman with an electrical net. However, he is able to escape the net and stop the tanks. When he is about to be fired on, the people he saved stand in the way and allow him to escape by launching himself into the sky.

Superman lands on the roof of his apartment building and changes into civilian clothes. Mrs. Nyxly, his landlady, visits and asks about his injuries; he replies by saying that after he wrote a story about Intergang they didn't respond kindly. She asks for his rent and she is surprised that he is able to pay it. After she leaves he calls his friend Jimmy Olsen.

Jimmy and Lois Lane are following a lead on the subway when Clark tells him he needs to get off, as they've been sabotaged by Glenmorgan. Since Clark is working for a rival newspaper, Lois ignores the warning and they tail a criminal named Gus "Guns" Grundig. The train suddenly increases its speed and Grundig pulls his gun on them. Fortunately, Clark realized that they had ignored him and as Superman he arrived to stop the train with his bare hands. The sudden stop also allows the passengers to overwhelm Grundig.

Back at the government facility, General Lane is angry at Luthor for endangering his daughter on the subway. Luthor shrugs it off and shows Lane that he has delivered Superman, who is pinned against a wall by the train.


Pandora Action Comics
  • In a scene on the subway train, the mysterious Pandora makes a cameo appearance. She appeared first in Flashpoint #5 and makes an appearance in every #1 issue of the New 52.


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