This is an approximate chronology of the New 52 DC Universe (DCnU) in the year 2012.


  • Superboy 6-7: Not So Super - January 1, New Year's Day. After kicking the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. truck in the river, Superboy flew off to sit on top of a bridge with newfound feelings of regret and guilt. Supergirl arrived, currious about finding another being with the symbol of the House of El, though Superboy didn't understand her Kryptonese. When Supergirl made contact, Superboy saw clones fighting on Krypton and he gained an understanding of Kryptonese. However, after revealing that he was a clone, Supergirl became distressed calling him Kon-El and then she began to fight him. Superboy was confused and Supergirl explained that the clones on Krypton became mindless killing machines and that would also be his fate. She explained that Kon-El ment abomination of the House of El and then she flew off. Superboy decided to go after Templar and upon arriving at the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. base and ripping the door off, he was confronted by Rose Wilson. Superboy punched her aside and kept on going, defeating Centerhall and his men. Suddenly, a street appeared before Superboy with signs warning him not to continue and then it disappeared. Superboy found the lab where he was created and found out that he was the second clone they had created. Superboy was surprised when Rose came out of nowhere and kicked him and shot him. However, this didn't kill him and Rose told him that it was her plan to make him overconfident and then she threw her sword which went through his stomach and out his back.
  • Teen Titans 6: By the Light... - January 1, New Year's Day. After their defeat at Superboy's hands, the Teen Titans woke in a flood of police light. Red Robin tried to explain that they were the good guys, but Detective Jocelyn Lure wouldn't hear it. However, Skitter arrived and trapped all the police in her webbing and when she turned her attention to the Teen Titans, Bunker stepped forward and was able to get through to her. Kid Flash was in danger from his attack of Superboy and so Red Robin went to S.T.A.R. Labs to ask Virgil Hawkins for help. Grymm, a villain incarcerated in the Lab, sensed the presence of the Teen Titans and realized he could use his mind-control on Skitter. Cassie Sandsmark was talking to Bunker about leaving and he tried to convince her to stay, also revealing that he was gay, then he noticed that Skitter was gone. Virgil performed tests on Kid Flash and had an idea to adjust and contain Bart's speed with some of the advanced technology available in the facility. Cassie and Bunker found Skitter under Grymm's control and when Cassie tried to lasso him, he merely sent her anger back at her and then incapacitated the heroes' bodies with a toxin. However, since Bunker's powers are psionic and used them to knock Grymm unconscious and then they all returned to the others. Virgil gave Kid Flash a new uniform that would keep his molecules aligned and then the team returned home to prepare for war.
  • Stormwatch 1-6: The Dark Side - January 1. In the Eye of the Storm, the Engineer discovered a giant horn in the Himalayas. Martian Manhunter, Jack Hawksmoor, and Projectionist attempted to recruit Apollo in Moscow, but he didn't want anything to do with the team. In the Eye, analysis of the quakes on the moon seemed to suggest it was threatening Earth. On the moon, Harry Tanner was being attacked by the moon itself and fell into a cavern and encountered the Scourge of Worlds, which was responding to the sounding of the Horn. It told Harry that something powerful and malevolent was coming and it is tasked with strengthening the targeted worlds to resist it and attempted to take over Harry's body and use it as a host so it could infiltrate Stormwatch. Adam One and Jenny Quantum teleported to the Himalayas to check out the Horn and Jenny used her powers to teleport themselves and the Horn back to the Eye. Meanwhile, Jack used his powers to make the city confuse Apollo so that he would listen and after Apollo refused to join, Martian Manhunter battled him briefly until Midnighter incapacitated the heroes. Midnighter offered an alliance with Apollo and Martian Manhunter revealed that he was faking unconsciousness and told both of them that they would fit in with their team. Engineer and Jenny teleported to the moon and Harry tried to convince the Scourge of Worlds to give him its knowledge so that he could protect Earth. Adam One went to Moscow to further convince Apollo and Midnighter and told Projectionist to alter the media to convince Justice League International that the Fox was causing the disturbance on the moon so that they wouldn't intervene. Engineer planted a Data Miner in the moon so that it would collect knowledge and this distracted the Scourge so that Harry could absorb its knowledge for himself instead. The Scourge sent meteors toward Earth as well as a creature that landed in Colorado. Jack sensed that there was a city where the creature landed even though it was seemingly in the middle of nowhere, so he consulted Gotham, Paris, and Metropolis and learned that there was an ancient city buried there. Adam One convinced Apollo to destroy the meteors in space. Harry finished taking all the Scourge of Worlds' knowledge and then killed it as Engineer and Jenny arrived to rescue him. Apollo had destroyed the meteors except for one large enough to destroy the planet and put all his effort into destroying it and then fell toward Earth unconscious. Stormwatch all teleported to Colorado and Jack tried to contact the city, but it retaliated in fear. The monster then absorbed all of the team except for Midnighter. Projectionist was in the Eye and offered to teleport Midnighter out of there but he decided to fight. Apollo crashed nearby and Midnighter had Projectionist aim a solar beam at Apollo to strengthen him. Apollo used his energy to crash into the monster and free the team. Harry told Jack that he had learned the city's name was Alba Umbra and Jack used the information to convince it to fight back. The city rose from the ground and Jack told the team that they could use the city's alchemy to fight the monster. They used the alchemy to turn the monster to glass and then they were teleported back to the Eye. They were teleported back by a member of the Stormwatch Shadow Cabinet. The Cabinet member used a Death Pit to kill Adam One for failing to lead the team and told the others he would become of member of the Cabinet. He then proceeded to pick a new leader and chose Projectionist to everyone's surprise. Midnighter and Apollo ran off and headed toward a ship so they could leave. An alarm sounded and Apollo left into hyperspace to fight the threat. Midnighter found Harry stealing data records and confronted him. While fighting, Harry revealed that he was gathering knowledge so that he could rule Earth and protect it from an impending threat. Projectionist arrived to see the fight and Harry grabbed her and then left via a hyperspace chute. A recording from Harry revealed to the team that he had set an explosive in the Horn so that the Eye would be destroyed, killing Stormwatch. The explosion knocked the Eye out of hyperspace and into real space where it was visible to the government. Jenny formed a force field around Marian Manhunter, Jack and the Engineer. Apollo rescued Midnighter from space and brought him into the force field, almost killing Jenny and forced Engineer to create one. Jack contacted the Eye and discovered the Daemonite consciousness of the station had emerged. In order to save everyone, Jack made a deal with the station that if it would save the station, Jack would make sure the consiousness was left on. Stormwatch regrouped and elected Engineer as its leader and discuss that they must stop Harry from getting to the secret caches of data and alien artifacts that Adam One had stored around the world. Meanwhile, Harry forced Projectionist to use her powers and she discovered that an alien force was coming to Earth. [Takes place the same day as Superman 6]
  • Superman 5-6: Menace! - January 1. General Lane prepared to release the K-Squadron against Superman, who had been killing his old enemies. Superman went after Billy McCoy in anger at his anti-Superman broadcasts and lifted him up and dropped him. Somewhere in space, the real Superman woke up after hearing Lois Lane's calls. Supergirl arrived in Metropolis just in time to save McCoy and then the fake Superman began attacking her. Superman was able to use his link to the fake to figure out the imposter was from Jazuur. The people of Jazuur used nanite technology to keep everything in balance and the tech was captured in a jar when the Collector of Worlds collected their imperial city. The Collector was interested in the nanites' ability to reconstruct itself and wanted to incorporate it into his own system. However, the technology was incompatable with the Collector and the jar exploded. When Superman got his suit while attacking the Collector, a nanite that had survived was affixed to the suit and came back with him to Earth. Superman returned to stop the nanite technology from killing Supergirl and dragged it away from Metropolis into the Arctic so that the military jets wouldn't attack. Superman realized the nanites had assimilated his heat vision and had used a host to create the fire creature, his x-ray vision and super-hearing and then used a host to create the invisible creature, and his arctic breath and then used a host to create the ice creature. Superman then destroyed the fake Superman and then Supergirl helped him dispose of the nanites in the sun. Later, Clark Kent went to the hospital to apologize to Heather. [Takes place the same day as Superboy 1]
  • NOTE: A piece of the Storwatch satellite separated when it exploded and made its way to Daemonite Outpost Sol-3, Earth (as seen in Superman 6).
  • Grifter 6: What Goes Up - January 1. Sofia Cordón was determined to find Cole Cash and rescue him from the Deamonites and so she took a plane to go after them. Meanwhile, Carver prepared to sacrifice Cole and welcome the Black Curate. Sofia followed a signal from a bug she had secretly planted on Cole and tracked him to the Himalayas and then jumped out of the plane. The portal for the Black Curate was opened and Cole broke free of his bonds and ran to Gretchen Reese, telling her to believe in him and then he gave her a knife before the Daemonites grabbed him again. Sofia found her way onto the ship and threw some grenades to sabotage it. The Black Curate arrived and after an explosion, Cole got free and grabbed a gun and began attacking the Daemonites as Gretchen used the knife to escape and help. The Black Curate grabbed Carver and killed her in anger and told the Daemonites to kill Cole and Gretchen. However, Sofia arrived and blew them up with another grenade. The portal began to close and one of the Daemonites grabbed Gretchen and took her into the portal. Cole and Sofia were forced to escape and jumped out of the ship and parachuted down to the snow. Cole cringed as he heard something calling for help in his head and something crashed down to Earth. [Takes place the same day as Stormwatch 5]
  • Superboy 7-8, Teen Titans 7-8: The Culling Prelude - Superboy awoke chained up in a lab and unable to use his powers. Considering Superboy a failure and a liability, Templar gave Centerhall the go ahead to dissect him and learn what they could from his insides. Caitlin Fairchild woke up in an unfamiliar place and Jocelyn Lure explained that she had been asked by Superboy to protect her and this only upset Caitlin, who declared she had been working the past 2 years to infiltrate the colony. Red Robin was having Kid Flash test out his speed and a street appeared out of nowhere. Red Robin explained that it was Danny the Street, who was warning them that Superboy was in trouble. Red Robin tried to convince the Teen Titans to help Superboy and when they refused he decided to go alone. Wonder Girl decided to go after him and was followed by the others. However, those that had gone in at different times were all separated by Danny's powers and sent to different spots. Kid Flash freed Superboy just in time to stop Centerhall from dismantling him. Wonder Girl hid and knocked out Rose Wilson and was then faced by Zaniel Templar, who attacked with his monstrous abilities. Red Robin hacked into the complex's records and began downloading them and was confronted by Solstice who wondered why he wasn't helping the others. Wonder Girl explained that she had nothing to do with Wonder Woman and that her lariat drains peoples lives and used it on Templar to defeat him. Red Robin explained that he was getting information about the kids that were kidnapped and Solstice was upset that he hadn't acted earlier when he had known about them. The Teen Titans were about to escape through Danny when Harvest, creator of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., arrived. Harvest had Omen torture the Teen Titans, starting with Red Robin and morphing his body into a bird. The others began fighting among themselves and Solstice warned that they must work together and that the only way past Omen was death. Omen returned Red Robin to his original form and he tried to convincer her to fight against Harvest, but she believed in what Harvest was doing. Omen began working on Cassie and discovered that her powers came from her invisible armor and that she was afraid of the armor controlling her, that she had only taken the armor to save someone she loved. Red Robin found himself strapped to a table and realized that Omen could only attack one person at a time, Harvest appeared and told him that he had gone after him because of his intuitiveness and Red Robin was given a new suit. Omen attacked Skitter next and separated the insect persona from Celine, who warned that the Earth's fate depended on her being reunited with Skitter. Cassie found herself strapped to a table beside Skitter, to weak to break her bonds. Red Robin had gotten free and told Cassie she must stay there and he left to go after Omen. Omen attacked Kid Flash and Omen was surprised to find that someone had woven a tapestry over Bart's mind and then took off his suit to learn more. Kid Flash severed the link and ran off with Bunker and Solstice and was faced by Harvest's army who shot Bunker and Solstice and then he awoke to find himself strapped to a table next to Cassie, who had broken her bonds and then freed Bart. Red Robin went after Omen and demanded that she release Bunker and she told him that they would fail and Red Robin replied that he would stop at nothing to defeat Harvest and used his wings to kill Omen. Red Robin again woke on the table with the others and realized that everything was an illusion. Harvest told him that if he could push Red Robin, their leader, to kill that the others would follow and then had Leash take the Teen Titans to the Colony. Caitlin Fairchild stole a jet from S.T.A.R. Labs to try to get to The Colony. After being caught, Superboy was forced to fight a metahuman named Grunge that had the power to assume the properties of things that he touched, though after help from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. he no longer needed to touch things. Superboy was unable to use his telekinesis on Grunge and the fight seemed hopeless until he notice that Grunge had been given implants that made it possible to use his powers without touching different objects and so he used his telekinesis to rip them out and defeat Grunge, also losing consciousness. Rose was attacked by Solstice, who tried to convince her that she was being manipulated and could be a good person. However, Rose wouldn't listen and took Solstice to Harvest, who sent her and Superboy to The Colony. [Takes place soon after the beggining of Superboy 7]
  • Teen Titans Annual 1, Superboy 9, Legion Lost 9, Teen Titans 9: The Culling - Red Robin woke up with a spear at his throat by a girl calling herself Artemis and she introduced her friends Thunder and Lightening. Red Robin jumped up and disarmed Artemis and explained that he had no intentions to kill them and that if he did they would have been dead already. Artemis explained that they were being prepared for The Culling, where Harvest would pit all of the metahumans against each other in The Crucible. The teens came across Fist Point who tried to demand a toll for crossing his turf and so Artemis knocked him down and warned him not to cross her again. Red Robin reunited with the rest of the Teen Titans and Solstice convinced Superboy to join them. The Legion of Super-Heroes members that were stuck in time found themselves in The Crucible with no way to escape and that it seemed to be utilizing 31st century technology. Harvest told the Ravagers that he had brought the Legionnaires to that time so that he might have a trained paramilitary organization at his disposal. Harvest ordered leash to take the Titans to The Crucible and he followed orders except accidentally grabbing Lightning instead of Skitter. The Titans found themselves faced with the Legionnaires and both teams thought the other to be enemies and began attacking each other. Harvest watched and noting that neither team was using lethal force he revealed that his true goal was to wear both teams down fot The Culling and so he sent Leash to grab the other teens from The Colony. When Leash brought other teens to The Crucible, he manipulated them into wanting to kill and so the Titans and Legionnaires realized they were on the same side and decided to prevent the others from killing each other. The Legionnaires noted that some of the teens were those infected by the Hypertaxis virus and wondered if Harvest had something to do with it. Red Robin noticed that even under the influence of Leash's powers Artemis wasn't trying to kill; however, Fist Point arrived and killed Artemis to Red Robin's dismay. The teens were finally able to stop the killing and Harvest then sent his Ravagers to kill the rest. Superboy identified Warblade and rammed into him separating him from the rest and Tyroc sent Dawnstar after them. Superboy dived with Warblade into the lava and it failed to hurt him. Rose Wilson attacked Red Robin and Tyroc warned him so that he could evade her blade. Red Robin knocked Rose aside and Wildfire nearly dropped Ridge on top of them. Rose warned Red Robin to join them or die and when he refused she stabbed her sword down but Kid Flash whisked him away and Timber Wolf attacked Rose. Red Robin then sent Kid Flash to collect the other kids and search for Skitter since she was missing. Dawnstar saved Superboy by grabbing Warblade and then dropping him from up high. Warblade knocked Dawnstar to the ground by flinging icy rocks at her and was about to slash her throat when Superboy grabbed him and crashed into rocks. Kid Flash was searching for Skitter and was having no luck when he was attacked by Timber Wolf, who wondered how he got to this time period and blamed him for causing many deaths. Tellus stopped Timber Wolf and apologized for his actions and told Bart to worry about the future and not the past. Superboy was stopped from further attacking Warblade by Hunter Bryce, who was angry at Superboy for ruining his life. Warblade then killed Hunter, showing Superboy how easy it was, and then Dawnstar knocked him out with a rock. The teens were finally able to defeat the Ravagers and then Harvest arrived. Tellus connected the teens telepathically so that they could form a plan. Dawnstar, Chameleon Girl, Gates and Bunker were tasked with taking the other teens to safety and finding a way out. Chameleon Girl decided to attack Harvest and was defeated, and Harvest revealed that he knew her real name. Timber Wolf, Wildfire, and Kid Flash were also unsuccessful in attacking. Red Robin suggested telepathically that they attack from all sides and Harvest revealed that he could hear their conversation and also that he had been behind the Legionnaires coming to that time. Thunder and Lightning found Caitlin Fairchild, who had come bace for the teens, and then Rose attacked Caitlin. Bunker and Gates realized that they were missing and went back for them and Gates discovered a Time Bubble. Gates then teleported the teens away from Caitlin and Rose as Ridge arrived and knocked out Rose and joined with Caitlin. Harvest told the Titans and Legionnaires that he had come from the future to form the Ravagers and save the future and the Legionnaires should have realized that the Hypertaxis virus would eventually mutate past being lethal and that it wasn't the true reason they were there. Wildfire decided to attack Harvest and took off his suit so that all his energy blasted Harvest. However, this didn't work and Harvest forced Wildfire back into his containment suit. They all formed a new plan and the Titans all attacked Harvest so that the Legionnaires could go after the central energy supply. Bunker and Dawnstar continued to look for a way out and noticed that Skitter was still missing and now Gates was as well. Caitlin and Ridge joined the teens and they escaped in capsules as Rose and Warblade followed. Harvest told them all that letting the children escape was part of his plan as it would make the public panic and cause the existence of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to become necessary. The Legionnaires found the energy core and were able to sabotage it so that the complex would be destroyed and Gates arrived with a Time Bubble in time for escape. As the complex began falling down on them Harvest escaped and the Titans all grouped together so that Superboy could form wall of stone around them and Wonder Girl used her lasso to drag them all downwards, away from the blast.
  • Grifter 7: Frostbite - January 2. Grifter travelled across the world in search of the source of the voice he'd been hearing in his head and tracked it to Nepal, in the Himalayas. However, shortly after he found a piece of the Eye of the Storm, Midnighter arrived and was surprised that Grifter knew about the Daemonites. Midnighter told Grifter he could not leave alive knowing the secret and so they began battling each other. The piece of ship told Grifter something escaped it and that it would transfer its data before it died and so Grifter came into contact and the data was directly transferred to him, giving him knowledge of Stormwatch. In Bathesda Naval Hospital, Maryland, Max Cash recovered after the accident and the Colonel gave him the mission to kill his brother, Cole. Grifter tried to escape Midnighter and cracked the ice so that he would fall in. However, Midnighter avoided the ice and pushed Grifter in and then destroyed the piece of the Eye before teleporting back to the rest of Stormwatch. Cole survived and escaped with newfound knowledge of the Daemonites. The being that escaped was Helspont, who planned on using Superman to take over Earth. [Takes place the same day as Stormwatch 7]
  • Stormwatch 7-8: Supercritical - January 2. In Pripyat, Ukraine two scientists were investigating strange readings and were killed by an unknown force. On the Eye of the Storm, Martian Manhunter was helping Jenny Quantum learn about her powers while Midnighter and Apollo monitored activity around the world and Engineer talked with "Charlie," the station's Daemonite intelligence. Midnighter and Apollo saw the disturbance in Pripyat and Apollo went down to investigate. Apollo was attacked by a strange energy and Martian Manhunter took Jenny to save him and they also captured one of the creatures that had attacked. Jack talked to the sick Pripyat, who was being cared for by Hiroshima and Nagisaki, and was told that the the creatures came from outside space and that they were all invisible to the creatures. The Eye began to attack the creature, seeing it as a threat, and the creature got out and disappeared with Apollo. Engineer demanded information from Martian Manhunter, who had recognized the being, and he revealed that they were the Gravity Miners and they would destroy the universe in search of gravity particles. He told them that in legend, the Daemonites had sent drones out to explore space using sub-atomic particles and had discovered what they called the Chrszy-rr, or Gravity Miners, and that the creatures almost destroyed the Daemonite Empire. Jenny and Midnighter monitored Pripyat and Jenny told Midnighter that she knew he liked Apollo romantically. Engineer obtained data about the Daemonites current location and threatened "Charlie" to tell her how to defeat the Gravity Miners or she would give them the location, forcing "Charlie" to give her the information. [Takes place the day after Stormwatch 6 and just after Grifter 7]
  • Stormwatch 8: Supercritical - January 4. Jenny and Midnighter went into the portal of the Gravity Miners to rescue Apollo and then Jenny left their bubble to set a bomb to destroy the portal. Afterwards, Jenny told Midnighter to pull her back but he said that he couldn't because he didn't think a 12-year-old should have as much power as she did. Midnighter severed Jenny's connection and teleported back, telling the others that Apollo needed medical attention and that he was forced to leave Jenny behind. However, Jenny had already arrived back unhurt. Martian Manhunter warned Engineer that though the Gravity Miners had been defeated, they existed outside of time and could attack at any point in time, including their past. Jenny confronted Midnighter and told him that she understood his decision but he should have let her make her own choices and told him that she had done something to him and wouldn't reveal what it was. [Takes place on Wednesday]


  • Superman 7-8: To Hel and Back - February 6-7. A robot with alien technology began attacking Metropolis and Superman took it down. Superman flew off as the S.T.A.R. Labs unit arrived to take the robot for study. The robot belonged to Helspont, who decided that he would make Superman serve him. At the Daily Planet, Superman was bombarded by Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White and inadvertently agreed to allow Jimmy to stay at his place and to pick up Lois' sister Lucy in the morning while agreeing to put more Superman material in his article for Perry. At S.T.A.R. Labs, the drone woke up and escaped to attack the Daily Planet and find Superman. Clark changed into his Superman suit and after he pushed the drone out of the Daily Planet, he was teleported to the Himalayas outside a temple. Superman entered the temple and met Helspont, who asked him to join him. Lucy waited at the monorail station and had to call Lois when Clark didn't show up. After Helspont blasted him with something, Superman saw a future where Superman was hunted by the Justice League but then his body realized something was wrong and rejected the creature that Helspont shot into him and then woke up to reality. Helspont said he had given Superman a glimpse of the future and explained that he was once ruler over the Daemonite hordes and had conquered many planets, but was then imprisoned by his own people out of fear. Helspont asked Superman to help him and in exchange he would be allowed to rule Earth. Superman declined and so Helspont began threatening him by showing his power. They fought until finally Superman sent Helspont hurtling into his base and when Superman checked it out he found a crater with no sign of Helspont. Clark returned to his apartment and found Jimmy waiting outside and was informed that he had "forgotten" to pick up Lucy as well. [Clark was supposed to pick up Lucy on the Tuesday before Superman 9]
  • NOTE: Due to the Russians' research, a portal from another dimension opened in the Bering Strait and released an alien pod (as referenced in Superman 11). [Took place a few days before Superman 11]
  • Superman 9-10: Secrets and Lies - Early February. Superman heard a distress signal in the Bering Strait and rescued a Russian submarine. Victor Barnes tried to convince Lois Lane that he had proof of Superman's secret identity. However, Lois was skeptical and refused to run the story without good evidence. Superman returned the sub to Russian waters and was told to leave by the captain. A woman robbed the bank and took only a locket from a safe deposit box. An officer tried to fire on her, and the bullet went right through her and killed an innocent. Clark Kent returned to the Daily Planet and was chastised by Lois for not picking up her sister, Lucy. Clark told her he didn't know he was supposed to and Lois told him that he would have to make up for it by paying for dinner that evening at an expensive restaurant. Clark then saw the girl who robbed the bank on the news and decided he better go after her. Victor decided to talk to Morgan Edge about his story and was told his story would air on a different network. Superman confronted the girl, calling herself Anguish, and found he was unable to touch her or use his heat vision on her and that she can still hit him. On the news, Victor identified a man named Spence Becker as Superman and then Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen barged in on Mr. Edge and warned that he was endangering Spence's life. Anguish tried to explain that the locket was hers and contained the only existing picture of her mother and that her stepfather had taken if from her and locked it away. Superman grabbed the locket, trying to get her to stop, and she smashed him into the pavement and inadvertently smashed the locket too. Hearing the news, Anguish decided to go after Becker's family in revenge. Lois and Jimmy confronted Superman and asked for the truth and he denied the secret identity and flew off to save Becker's family. Becker then arrived and begged them to stop broadcasting the lies. Anguish arrived at Becker's house and Superman arrived to stop her. He gave her the locket, which he had fixed, and that subdued her. Superman tried to convince Anguish to go to S.T.A.R. Labs to seek help, but Anguish just disappeared. Becker arrived to disprove the rumor of his identity.
  • Superman 11-12: Combat - Clark Kent went to dinner to make up for not picking Lucy Lane up and was surprised that Jonathan Carroll was also there as Lois Lane's date. Clark soon learned that Jon was a decent man and that Lucy was very different from her sister. Lois told Clark to show Lucy around the city and Lucy said she wanted to see Bogdanove Bridge and go bungee jumping. Morgan Edge was at the same restaurant and got into an argument with Lois over the ethics of his misinformed broadcast about Superman's identity. All at once, the reporters got a message that Russia had mobilized it's military and that a town with a nuclear facility had lost power. They all left and Clark apologized to Lucy, promising to make up for it and didn't think about the fact that he had left her with the bill. [Takes place the evening after Superman 9] Superman broke into a Russian facility and found many dead Russians and an empty alien pod. Superman watched video records and learned the pod had been picked up by the submarine he had saved earlier and watched as the pod opened and the feed was destroyed. Superman was surrounded by Russian military and when they learned he spoke Russian, an agent named Ivan told him that the Russians had been looking for a rival of Superman that they could control. They had found the creature in the pod after looking into an alternate dimension and it had opened a portal in the Bering Strait. The creature wouldn't agree to work for the Russians and had killed everyone and was attracted to the nuclear facility. Superman explored the town and found all it's citizens dead and was then attacked by an extremely fast alien with strange weapons that soon knocked him unconscious. The next morning, Lucy arrived at Clark's apartment to take him up on his offer of making up for dinner and Jimmy Olsen answered and told her Clark hadn't come home yet. Superman woke up and saw that the alien was opening a portal and so he broke free to stop it from bringing more of its kind. Meanwhile, the Russian government ordered a nuclear missile to be dropped on the town. Superman stopped the portal from opening and ripped the alien's helmet off. The alien wasn't able to breathe and gave Superman a cylinder that allowed him to understand the creature. Superman returned the helmet after learning the alien needed it to breathe and the alien explained that he had opened the portal to return home. Superman refused to let him escape, believing that the alien should answer for his murders, but the alien opened a portal and escaped as Superman was forced to escape the blast of the nuclear missile. Superman then returned to talk with Ivan and told him the alien escaped and that he had found their research facility and that it had been destroyed. Later, Clark went to Lois Lane's apartment and told Lucy he was going to take her bungee jumping and they both jumped off the bridge together. [Superman 1 took place a couple months ago]
  • Grifter 8: Must Come Down - Cole Cash and Sofia Cordón were leaving on a flight from Paris when a Daemonite showed itself and blew the plane up. Cole survived, but he was unable to save Sofia. Max, possessed by Myev, showed up in the wreckage with other Daemonites and attacked Cole. Cole fought them up the Eiffel Tower, trying to avoid killing his possessed brother. Cole lured Myev near an elevator and tried to reach Max. Max was able to get through to him, so Cole pulled Myev into the elevator away from the others and tried to figure out how to kill Myev without killing Max. However, Max told him that he was already gone and only a piece had survived and that Cole would have to kill both of them. Reluctantly Cole killed Myev and escaped, no longer caring about his own life but ready to take as many Daemonites down as he could. Meanwhile, Tsavo was meeting with Ynos in Seattle and revealed that Myev was only supposed to anger Cole and make him willing to die so that he would become unstoppable and ready to defeat the Black Curate and the other Daemonites for him. [Arbitrary placement]
  • Grifter 9: This Means War - In the Swiss Alps, Grifter was running from an elite class of Daemonites and was saved by a girl weilding swords. The Daemonites persisted and Grifter saved the girl, who introduced herself as Niko. Niko took Grifter to a safehouse and explained that she was a part of a group of resistance fighters and told Grifter that he was The Chosen, prophesied to lead a resistance against the Daemonites. They were going to meet the others at a rendezvous point, but they arrived at the safehouse and revealed that the meeting point was full of Daemonites and Deathblow introduced himself. [Takes place about a week before Grifter 10]


  • Grifter 10-11: New Found Power - The Daemonite resistance was headed toward their fifth safehouse in a week when their truck was attacked and blown up. Grifter provided cover fire as Deathblow went to rescue Buck and his path was blocked by a Daemonite. Grifter shot the Daemonite and they all hid behind a rock, pinned down. Grifter began shooting at the Daemonites and revealed that he had telekinetic abilities and threw the Daemonites in the air then hit them with the truck. Grifter, Deathblow, Niko, and Buck made it to the safehouse and weren't there long before a being called Synge broke in and began attacking the group. The team's attacks did little against Synge and then Niko rode a motorbike into Synge, nearly taking out Grifter and Deathblow at the same time. However, Synge wasn't finished and Grifter was forced to use the extend of his telekinesis to pull up an entire forest and bury Synge in it. However, after the battle Niko revealed herself to be a traitor and shot both Grifter and Deathblow and took them to Helspont.
  • Superman Annual 1: Protector of the People - Clark Kent was regretting letting Jimmy Olsen stay at his place as he is a slob and it made hiding his identity as Superman harder. Clark left for work, slamming the door so that Jimmy would wake up and be on time. Clark noticed that everyone was looking upwards and saw a giant alien spaceship and used his x-ray vision to see that it was controlled by Helspont, who knows that he is watching. Clark changes into his Superman suit and was met by Helspont once he was in space. Helspont reminded Superman that though he was Earth's strongest protector he was no match for Helspont's power and hit him into the moon. Superman tried to get up but had received a concussion and collapsed. J'onn J'onzz was going to contact Stormwatch after Superman crashed into the moon and was stopped by a Daemonite, named Salu. J'onn attacked in his alien form and was beaten near unconscious, warned that he should join Helspont. [Takes place one month after Superman 7 and soon after Stormwatch 12]
  • Grifter 12: Last Shot - Synge reported to Helspont that all was going to plan: the Daemonites were making their final preparations for colonization and remained unaware that Helspont planned to take Earth from them after their invasion. Grifter and Deathblow were brought before Helspont and Helspont proposed that they should unite against the Daemonites and Grifter refused. Grifter revealed that he had known Niko was a traitor and that his goal was to be brought to Helspont and then used his powers to attack Helspont and free himself and Deathblow. Grifter and Deathblow grabbed guns and Grifter threw Synge aside so that he could face Helspont. Meanwhile, Deathblow prepared to blow the ship up and get them to safety. Grifter fought Helspont until Deathblow told him he was ready and they both escaped in an escape pod as the ship blew up. However, they didn't realize that the ship repaired itself and Helspont remained unharmed. [Takes place the same day as Superman Annual 1]
  • Superman Annual 1: Protector of the People - Superman awoke in a ship with Grifter and the ship was soon breached by an alien named Biomass. Superman knocked Biomass into space and sealed the hole in Grifter's ship with his heat vision. In Florida, Starfire's relaxation was interrupted by an alien named Quom, who offered that she join Helspont as one of the Thirteen Scions of Salvation and she refused, believing the 13 to be a legend. Superman punched Biomass through Helspont's ship and faced Helspont once again. Helspont mocked him and had his men kill all the Daemonite agents on Earth. Hawkman was attacked by Lord Defile and defeated then told that he should join Helspont and that only the thirteen could save the Universe. Helspont told Superman about his past and how he gained his powers and how he had discovered Earth and a metagen within the humans that could evolve and become the salvation of the Daem. Helspont had returned to gain control over the restless Daemonites and told Superman he had no desire to destroy Earth. Helspont told Superman that he should continue to protect "his" people and after giving hint that he know Jor-El he left. [Takes place just after Grifter 12]

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